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Its been almost a month since I moved in with Ken. He is very attentive, but says we should wait another month before we think about babies.

Yesterday Simon bought a new lady friend to see us, they had arrived early. I knew he would find someone and she was beautiful. She had long hair in two plats, and wore a miniskirt and tight top. 

We had introductions over wine in the little bedroom. I leaned in and whispered to Simon. "Are you using condoms with Emily?"

"No, am I using them with you?"

"No, I'm still on the pill." I kissed him on the cheek.

Emily moved on Ken. She put a hand around the back of his head and pulled him to her. Ken let himself be kissed and grabbed her buttocks. He collected the hem of her top in his hands and she released him, raising her hands. Ken pulled her top over her head revealing perfect breasts. As she bent over helping Ken pull the top off I noticed she was not wearing knickers. I felt her warm pussy. Emily turned to me and almost ripped my robe off. She did not kiss me but my pussy was a purple smudge of lipstick as she attacked it. I was flat on the bed with Emily laying almost 69 with me. I wrestled her leg over me and attacked her pussy with equal vigor. I lifted my legs and I felt hands pulling my buttocks apart. Emily's energetic tongue moved to my anus. I pulled her buttocks apart and tongued her anus. I could just see Ken with his hands on Emily and knew it was Simon who had invited Emily to my bum. Emily came to my tongue and I moved back to her pussy. Emily followed my example and began work on my pussy. I came still working to give her her second cum. It was not to be, she broke away and demanded "now cock". Her face was a mess of purple lipstick and smudged makeup, but I did not get a chance to see it.

Ken did not let her move and I saw his cock shoving in and out of her pussy. He was excited and came long before she did, but that didn't stop him, he continued pumping and cum dripped onto my face. She came, then he did, and this time he left her. I pulled Emily's pussy to my face and began work. I was drowning in cum but I moved us on our sides and continued till she came as she started at my pussy again. I came and we fell apart.

I was not safe, Simon was above me and I felt his hard cock sink into my savaged pussy. Ken's sperm was on my lips and face and Simon licked at my face as he pumped my pussy and filled it.

Emily lifted my legs and descended on my pussy once more. Simon was behind her, I did not know where he had put his cock but I felt his energy transmitted though Emily to my pussy. I came, Emily lifted her head and I saw what a mess her perfect makeup had become. She braced herself against Simon's continued assault as Ken offered his hard cock to her mouth. She took it, it must have been bouncing on her tonsils as Simon hammered at her.

They all came but it was not over. Simon lifted but legs high and took my anus. Ken took Emily on her back next to me. At that moment I knew Emily was the most exciting woman I had ever known. We drained our men and they moved off us. I rolled towards Emily and kissed her for the first time. It was not sex or affection, it was recognition. Recognition of what we had done and would become. We hugged each other softly and tenderly, sated and incapable of more. I have no idea how long we were there, I know we whispered but can't remember what about, I know Simon and Ken were talking but they were not part of this embrace. It was just Emily and myself.

Eventually we parted, Emily went to clean her face, I went with her.

"You can visit me whenever you like, you can bring Ken or not as you wish." Emily told me.

"I would like that."

"Simon said you were living with him?"

"Yes, I was. He did not want babies. Ken does, I like them both."

"They both fuck well. So do you."

"I like the way you fuck."

"So you do say fuck?"

"O yes. Lol. I fuck and shag and eat cunt."

"Do you think it makes sex more intense?"

"Saying fuck?"

"Yes, being crude."

"At the right time."

"Shall we see if they are hard?"

"Fit to fuck?"

"Yes, fit to fuck."

It was a good night and I do plan to see Emily, without Ken. She is going to be a good friend I think.

Written by Jane

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