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Going steady

3 times before dinner

After discovering each other at the club things were never the same and as much as we both tried to hide it, the shift noticed. “We need to go steady.” May suggested. “For them?” “How many times have we had each other?” “I've not counted.” “You will be a...

A stag do all to myself

Filthy fun at an all male stag do

Hi not had a party as such for some time as to difficult to organise but was invited to be the entertainment at an all male stag do a few weeks ago by a guy we met at a swingers club and he promised that having watched me having fun in the glory hole room...

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Not so long before covid I fitted a bathroom for a lady in portsmouth. It wasn't actually at her house but at her late mother's house, done in order to make the house easier to sell. We hit it off straight away but only met once as she lived somewhere nea...

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Amy story continued

Amy's slutty desire continued

Since I got positive feedback about my first story with Amy and Ross, I thought I would tell some more stories of experiences we had after that. After our first experience with Ross, I was constantly going over the night in my head. I never thought Amy wo...

Wham bam thank you Sam

Straight in there....finally

I'd been messaging Sam on and off for a few years about trying to turn his missus. As I do home improvements the plans we'd worked out involved me doing some odd jobs for Sam and his wife Petra, to get to know her in their home where her guard is down. Th...

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and a cocktail received

“You look devine Emily.” “Thank you.” “All you have to do is walk around, chat and mingle.” “Is that all?” “If you are noticed so much the better, but just mingle.” “Yes sir.” “Adam.” We walked into the reception. It was not big, just a few people from th...

Being pregnant doesn't stop the fun.

How to get a slippery bump in 4 lessons

By 1983 we were trying to increase our family, so we stopped our party going and meet ups and Penny came off the pill. She fell pretty quickly and soon had a nice bump out front and her normal small tits started to get a bit bigger. Penny, like a lot of w...

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The affair

A shock, but horny

I have always enjoyed wanking ,when I was very young looking at a magazine with topless girls with nice tits got me hard and I would wank ,things progressed to remembering seeing a pretty girl while out ,but I used to get turned on looking at cocks , it w...

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out on date night for a meal but did not want to go home so hit the adult cinema

Diane and her husband, John had gone out to dinner at Lilies and decided to take in a movie as it was still early. The movies now playing didn't sound too good and they couldn't pick one that they both wanted to see. Seeing the movies listed that were pla...


Grenada vacation part 2

This the follow up from part 1

Please read part one first . The horse man had waited for my husband to catch up as he had to walk back to the hotel and was slower than myself on the horse . We made arrangements to meet with him the following late afternoon, this was his idea so that he...

Its Thursday and I had a work day. I am as horny as I could be. I received a text off of the lad I enjoyed and was invited down to his place for an over night stay. How could I refuse? I did wonder if I would survive though because of the stamina he posse...

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As I run into the lobby to get out of the pouring rain I’m pleased I wore the long leather coat instead of the fur. I turn to look at my reflection in the glass door, the wet and wind have made a wreck of my styling and I need to be looking my best. I put...

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It was Thursday which meant pool night. This was the highlight of my week because the guy that worked at the pool hall was gorgeous. His name was Dave and he was tall and broad with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and a hint of stubble. He always w...

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I arrive at the building my sat nav has directed me to and my nerves make themselves known. I tell myself to breath and I close eyes for a minute to calm myself. I look in the rear view mirror and put on my lipstick, well that will have to do this is it,...

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I get out of bed and open the curtains, outside there is bright blue sky and sunshine. A perfect day for exploring the forest I think to myself. Some fresh air and exercise will do me the world of good. I pull on my army camouflage hot pants and cropped w...

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