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Sex party Stories

sex party
Happy John

Step brothers wife

I was fucking Kirsty and fingering Selina and then I swapped over.

I need to give you just a little background before I tell you about last weekends fun. I was a single child until my father married my step mum. She moved in an brought Jules her horrible son with her. I was eight and he was nine and he bullied me. At nin...


Introduction to swinging

Nigel was a mummy's boy and I needed to wake him up.

I had barely been married to Nigel for three months when I realized what a mistake I had made. Not only was he a mummy's boy, having to go home for his tea at least once a week, but he had settled into married life and taken to an arm chair like a little...


Rosie's First Party

My first party while still very new to the scene

My name is Rosie and I recently wrote about the first time my husband, Dave and I went to a club. It was the first time another man, well men had fucked me since I’d met Dave over ten years earlier. Since we are still stuck in this awful lockdown and sinc...


Wife got hurt

Big cock hurt my wife's pussy

My wife and I had been into swapping for quite some time and had probably hooked up with about twenty different couples. We had also attended two parties one of which was more of an orgy. It was my first time with more that one woman. Grace my wife had a...


Next holiday

All the way

It's mid January 2021. Lin has started to talk about Anna and Adam again. She goes from guilty to excitement sometimes in the space of a sentence.   The week before our holiday she shaved her pussy. I knew that was for Adam.  The original plan was to go b...

Happy Larry

Not getting any pussy

I was not getting any pussy when a mate invited me to a sex party.

This happened two years ago. I was sat in the canteen at work talking to a mate about sex. He had just told me about him and his wife swinging with another couple that previous weekend. I was telling him that I hadn't had any for over ten months and not t...

Gaz the Gimp and me the Fluffer

I was cock fluffed and spunk licker / swallower

Positioned on the floor I could see the cocks going in and out of his arse

I was invited to serve 6 to 8 men , well my friend Gaz was the gimp to be gang banged I was the suck “fluffed” making sure all were hard and ready , I was to be involved in the spunk clean up . The cocks were all sizes all bareback and the rules were to f...

Sofie D

Earned a promotion

Attended a party and got promoted

Hi, my name is Sofie, I am 5'8" tall, long blond hair and a 34D. This started four years ago two days before my 22nd birthday. I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and I slung his arse out of my house. He was trying desperately to get back with me,...

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