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Gay Stories

Gay erotic stories explore the homosexual attraction between men. These include males who are gay, bisexual or those who have want to settle a long term curiosity.

Planned gay meets or spontaneous encounters; homosexual adventures can start in a variety of casual situations or even unexpectedly during an MMF threesome. Delve into the erotic gay tales and explore the testosterone attraction.

New to gay sex or experienced it before? Share your own behind closed doors confessions with other readers.

A Summer Sailing Trip

An enjoyable introduction to gay sex whilst sailing the western isles.

At the end of sixth form after finishing exams I had a long summer wait for the results. In the local harbour where my dad kept his recreational fishing boat I heard there was a guy with a big, 38ft yacht looking for crew to sail up to the western isles f...

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Tasty surprise!

Felt properly used!

I'm not actually into anything I'd call kinky - no bondage or pain! - but a couple of years back I had an experience which really turned me on. I had started to blow a guy in the woods when he said "Ah, yes, I'm going to piss." and without any more warnin...


I was out one afternoon helping my mum with her weekly shop ( not something many 18 yo lads do ) . when i really needed a piss so as we passed the public loo i put down the bags and dived in , to find an old guy at the stalls , i walked up pulled my cock...

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Tight Small and white

Starting our journey

Although being 58 I keep active and ive remained slim, 32 waist on a good day, not very hairy, and no bum to speak of. I would have liked a little more bulk on my shoulders and arms but I'm not into gym's preferring running over open fields. The day had c...

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Follow up to my first Time

Second time experience

Hi, This is a story of a follow up visit that happened about two months ago when my first and only lover(so far?), came to visit, It was a long awaited return to my former location in a Buckinghamshire town where my lover Gary first took me into the full...

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First time topping

Married but love to play both sides of the fence and bed

I should have been working, but well the “work from home” self-discipline slipped! I started browsing online on a few hook up sites, I guess like many of you, there are always lots of waste of timers. Then my wife said she was away earlier that I had thou...

Another sauna visit

Getting hot in the steam room

It's been a while since I wrote here but wanted to recount my last visit to the Covent Garden sauna a few weeks ago. I was in London with a few hours to kill and felt the desire for some hot cock action, it had been a while since I had had some fun so dec...

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The first meeting

He was hungry

You might have read about the a recent visit to see Bob that ended in some passionate sex. This is my very first meeting with Bob to set the scene. I'd cycled over to Bobs address in shorts having arranged our morning first meeting. I was nervous, you kno...

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I was worried

Doggie style in his living room

True and honest. He, bob, is my gay friend I found by chance on a one off trip to gaydar who lives lucky for me locally. We communicate by email as it's easiest as I'm married to a menopausal wife who I love but just is not interested in anything intimate...

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Return for more

Audition for more

My thoughts continue to remind me of my inner secret desire to continually exploring my bi side further. This is my fourth recall of a visit to a sauna club. It starts the day before as I secretly plan to visit the sauna I begin by preparing myself. By en...

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I am Cathy, A mature TV from Cambridge, Not a story but a recollection, I have shared my experiences on here several times and have made several friends, My situation is that i am still married to Pam, We share the same house but have entirely seperate li...

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My first Gay Interaction

How i was sucked and fucked

Hello, I’m going to tell you a story about the night I sucked another man’s cock. It happened quite a few years ago when we were on holiday with a few couples and after our wives had gone to bed I’ve been talking into the night with a guy I accused of bei...

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On the way back home I decided to pay a visit to a sauna that I had heard about but never tried. I showered and wrapped a towel around my waist and took a look around, The cinema was occupied by two guys who were wanking each other off and the sauna and s...


Brad sank back on the couch next to me, stretching his big arm over the back of the cushion behind me. "I think you'll enjoy this."

In the 70s I was working in the PR department of a record company and part of my job involved running the company's private VIP room at gigs. Some of our VIPs were company executives and some of them were actual pop stars so we always had a security man o...

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Returning to Steven with extras

Great to be back but complicated

After baling out on Steven I had started seeing a married guy called garry I'd met him on a night out and as luck had it his wife was away , so back to mine I was . He was typical married guy a bit over weight usual story wife wasn't giving him what he de...

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