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  • By Princeoftarts 9 Jan 2017 10:11
  • Fiction

The music had got to the slow end of things, and the beer had taken its effect. My mates had disappeared in a taxi, and I drained my glass and contemplated the walk home. Thankfully short. Hopefully dry.
As I turned away from the bar, a bright eyed blonde was looking up at me.
"Hey - you'll do. I need a dance"
Not overly impressed by the "you'll do" line, but those eyes were rather nice, and as she turned towards the dance floor, pulling me b… Read more...

Im mid 40s my partner of 3 years is 10 years younger and enjoys sex , very horny woman who will give almost anything a try ,she is a curvy size 14 shoulder length very white blonde hair ,beautiful blue eyes ,nice round bum and shapely gorgeous legs .
This saturday night we manageg to geta sitter and decided on a meal and few drinks in the town centre ,first time in months so h went out that day got hairand nails done and spray tan ,when i got … Read more...

  • By Tymeagain2004 5 Jan 2017 22:50
  • Fiction

I was just looking in the newsagents window when I saw an ad for a cleaner required, I got out my phone and called the number. This was my first chat with George, it seems he was in the services, about 70ish and wanted someone to do a bit of cleaning once a week. I arranged to go and meet George the following day. Although I do have a thing for older men I was just expecting a cuppa and a chat.

We met at his house in a reasonably quiet villag… Read more...

  • By Charlie Smith 8 Dec 2016 13:00
  • Fiction

It was my birthday on Saturday and you said you a special present for me and you would give me it Saturday night, Saturday night soon came round, the kids were out all night you said to have a shower and get ready, you did the same when we were ready you shouted me upstairs got a bag of sniff out and I said ahh baby thanks is this my special prez, you said no I would have to wait for that, I asked you where we were going you said just wait and se… Read more...

I see many want to try the hotwife or sharing scene and there is plenty advice on how to make it happen which is good and I hope some of it works. I just thought I would tell you about my circumstances and how it happened.
Firstly, my wife having sex with others and me with other ladies is normal and where we are at.
I lived with my girlfriend for 2 years. We were both early 20’s. She was good to live with, gave me heaps of sex but she was sh… Read more...

  • By Countrylad81 21 Nov 2016 08:26
  • Fiction

'I'd really love some feedback on both new and old stories. Please leave comments to help guide my future writing. I know some of them are long but I'm really proud of them.'

Stephen lay with his back propped up against the pillows of his hospital bed. Although he was getting better at it, he was still struggling to work his laptop with his good arm in a cast. His whole right hand was suspended in a contraption holding the bones of his hand … Read more...

It was just a throwaway comment, but looking back, it must have been the catalyst that started the chain of events.

I had returned home from one of my overnight away business trips. I arrived home at about half past three, and noticed that my wife’s car was in the drive way. Letting myself in, I called out to her that I was home.

“I’m up here” she called back from what sounded like our bedroom.
“Come straight up” she added.


Fun & frolics before the fireworks display
My husband, Bob, was supposed to help his mate Phil prepare the firework display for their fishing club near their boatyard. Unfortunately Bob had put his back out playing squash and was laid up on the couch. I was bringing him a cup of coffee when I heard him on the phone. He said “Phil I am sorry but I can hardly move mate.. do you think so ..? she’s never done it before.. I know she has watche… Read more...

Last winter my wife and I had gone away for a long weekend to Center Parcs with two friends of ours, Tony and his girlfriend Leanne. We are both in our early 40’s, fit, and have been completely faithful to each other for the 20 years we have been married. My wife is 5ft tall with a great size 10 figure and beautiful 34D breasts. Tony is 21 years old, 6ft 2, and Leanne had just turned 19 and is probably a size 12 or 14 with lovely breasts much b… Read more...

This is my second fiction story for Stories – if you want to read the other one or my true accounts use the search section above and put in my username.

This never happened, but I wish it had.

I grew up in the 1950s in Bournemouth. In those days teenagers were still kids to many people. Most of us knew little about sex, indeed many people were virgins until they married, or so we were told. Anyway, as a teenager, thirsting for knowledge,… Read more...

  • By Countrylad81 1 Nov 2016 11:53
  • Fiction

I apologise for the confusion that part 2 is called 'the morning after' but please read my stories in their proper sequence. This is part 4
1. Unexpected encounter.
2. The Morning after.
3. Unexpected encounter, Part 3: The Big goodbye
4. Unexpected encounter, Part 4: Once last chance

"Ready to go again?" She then asked him. Louisa hadn't clocked his reaction and was already moving further down the bed. She grabbed his hands and began to… Read more...

  • By Countrylad81 1 Nov 2016 11:50
  • Fiction

I apologise for the confusion that part 2 is called 'the morning after' but please read my stories in their proper sequence. This is part 3.
1. Unexpected encounter.
2. The Morning after.
3. Unexpected encounter, Part 3: The Big goodbye
4. Unexpected encounter, Part 4: Once last chance

The moment she heard the sound of the door locking Louisa's body sprung into action. Jack wouldn’t be long getting his things and coming back. This wou… Read more...

  • By Trouble71 31 Oct 2016 20:14
  • Fiction

This was written last Halloween as part of a challenge in one of the writers groups somewhere else. Hope you enjoy.

A white flash outside the window drew my attention from the computer screen. The Williams son, dressed as a skeleton heading home from trick or treating. I slumped back in my chair, another year Karen had taken the kids out by herself. Yet another Halloween spent buried in PowerPoint.

“Trick or treat.” The voice soft and …

Bikini or not to Bikini….
My husband was out for the day and it was a glorious sunny Saturday. I decided to finish my chores, shower and put on my new skimpy thong bikini and go and sunbathe in our back garden on a lounger for an hour. I put my sun cream on around my bikini and over my bum cheeks, got a towel, a book and a cold glass of water and went outside. I was laying my towel down on the lounger bending over only slightly when I heard… Read more...

When they left the pub, they drove to a secluded picnic spot that they knew well. parking the car, then spreading a travelling rug before stretching out on the grass protected from any onlooker by a clump of bushes. Katie lay on the rug in the sun by Ian’s side. Her long brown legs lay apart. Ian’s finger tips, traced teasingly up her insides of her thighs. Caressing her lower belly over the fabric of her white… Read more...

The third part of my fantasy about Katie 18. I would describe Katie as about 5 4" tall, size 8/10, long wavy auburn hair, pert tits and very flirty. All the above is true the rest of these stories are my dirty fantasties about her.

I was at home when l received a message on my phone it was from Katie, 3 words 'I want you' l texted back 'l want you too'. 'On my way' came her reply. 10 minutes later and there she was at my front door looking ab… Read more...

  • By oldgeezer46 22 Oct 2016 00:26
  • Fiction

please excuse my grammar and spelling i will do my best.

it all started some years ago i was going through the wifes underwear draw looking for something i dont remember
now what it was, anyway looking at all the sexy gear that she liked to wear i thought why not try it on.

well to cut along story short i have been wearing ever since met a few very nice guys for play time dressing up
together and all the while keeping this from the othe… Read more...

Following on with my recent story about my fantasy of my daughters friend Katie. After what happened last time l thought it would be a one off. It was a Wednesday night bout 8, l was relaxing watching TV in my flat, when the intercom buzzed. 'Hi Mark it's Katie' l let her in. 'What are you doing here?' I asked her. 'I can't stop thinking about you' she said. 'Katie you're 18 and my daughters friend, I'm 44, what happened between us was wrong' l t… Read more...

I'm just a simple girl. I'm short at 5'2" in stocking feet, with long dirty blonde hair. I have a decent figure, wearing size 10-12 clothes. But I have something. I don't know what you'd call it, sex appeal? Maybe. I'm not unattractive but no raving beauty either.
Men like me and some women too. I don't know what they see, I don't know what I do to turn them on but apparently I do, sometimes with just a look. Or a pout. Or a lick of my lips.… Read more...

This is a dream/fantasy l had about my daughters friend Katie, who is 18. I was walking home from town after a night out and met Katie who was walking home alone after being separated from her friends. I offered to walk with her to keep her company, we chatted on the way general small talk, when Katie suddenly said 'I hope l don't regret doing this' and kissed me, a small light kiss on the lips, l was taken aback, but couldn't resist and responde… Read more...

Back in the early 80's I was a bit wild. I've always been a bit promiscuous treating sex like food. You need it to keep you going.
The time I'm going to tell you about was when I was at my most sexually active. I was seeing someone and we had sex every
day, but he was a bit of a control freak and to be honest I was getting fed up with him.

One night we went to a party, I didn't know anyone there and was feeling a bit left out. The boyfrien… Read more...


You come home from work, opening the door, you step inside and see my coming down the stairs my tie undone and hanging around my neck, still wearing my white work shirt and suit trousers i come to meet you at the door. I just stare into your eyes, intertwine your fingers in mine and kiss you softly. My body opushes into yours and as we kiss, I push you against the door shutting it. My hands start to raise yours above your head as I bite your lip,… Read more...

  • By peter_perv 19 Sep 2016 13:30
  • Fiction

As with most men once they realize what they could have they become putty in a woman's hand. We wanted our loft converting so had him give us a quote. We sat down in the evening and looked at it and the price was just outside our budget. I looked at her and said I wonder if you could get a discount ? What do you mean she asked. You've teased him with the goods so why not barter with them for a discount.
I got a txt in work the next day to say … Read more...

  • By TP Cougar 17 Sep 2016 23:07
  • Fiction

For the last two weeks we'd had air-conditioning contractors working on the roof outside our office and around the building. They were quite a laugh and had a young lad Jake with them, he was their dogs body, making tea and clearing up after them. The women in the office including me felt sorry for him. Jake was a good looking lad, about twenty, polite and looked after himself. Any mother would be proud of him and we were old enough to be mother.… Read more...

Sorry for the delay to my previous post,i did post but it seems to have gone astray.Any way I was now waiting at the door for my wife Judys bf to visit to see me in my wifes new red high heels,a present from Mark,her new beau.As instructed I was naked except for the lovely heels,my wife came down after getting ready for Mark,she looked fantastic,dressed in black patent high heel ankle boots,red stockings,a really short black leather skirt,no top,… Read more...

  • By peret_perv 16 Sep 2016 15:06
  • Fiction

Our neighbors were having a loft conversion done along with a ground floor extension. Because of adjoing walls the builder spoke with me about the plans and work and how it would affect our property . We chatted about the local area and how he had gone to school locally etc . I gave it no thought about him going to the same school as my wife. A few days in to their work my wife went to work later in the day one day and happened to meet the builde… Read more...

In the morning at breakfast my wife Judy came into the kitchen,morning David ,did you sleep well she asked,yes I said,she had on pair of red panties and long satin gown which was open showing her breasts with lots of lovebites,on her feet she was wearing shoes I had not seen before,they were red patent with high platform soles and very high heels,do you like my shoes she asked,beautiful I said,really beautiful,my cock was hard again just looking … Read more...

I waited up for my 51yr old wife who was out with a young guy from her office,she came home by taxi at exactly 0347 I had been clockwatching since before midnight.I opened the door for her,hi darling she said,have you missed me?yes I said and kissed her on her cheek.Did you have a nice date I asked,she smiled,oh yes it was lovely she replied,Mark ,my date did so much to me I don't know what to tell you,we had so much sex my pussy is raw and so w… Read more...

I am 62 yr old male married to my wife for 27yrs,she is 51.Last Friday she went out with work colleagues for a retirement do,she came home just after 11 o clock quite tipsy and untidy,hi I said ,did you have a nice evening ?Yes thank you she said and gave me a kiss,it was lovely she said.Youve had a bit to drink I said,she giggled and said and I had fun.she the said look at my neck,i did,on her neck were four lovebites.a young guy from the offi… Read more...

A lovely length of long brown thigh was on show as we sped north in my Alfa Spyder. Rubber necking truckers, coaching pensioners and rowdy football supporters peered down as we passed. The Treat of the Day. Her panties were not on show But only just. How many cocks stirred? Mine had done nothing but stir since a 'phone call out of the blue. Anticipation. I fondled the gear stick as I drove, thinking of her fondling my stick.

It had been "Hi. …