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  • By peter_perv 26 Apr 2017 11:20
  • Fiction

Some of this is based on fact and some on fiction.
My wife passed away last year and following that I got into a cycle club to raise money for a local charity. The ride was a 100k tour of the area so it involved a lot of training to get up to the required fitness.
Following the ride just before Easter this year I kept up with the cycling partly to get myself out of the house and I also enjoyed it.
Normally we have a group of 5 or more for … Read more...

  • By someotherblokesback 19 Apr 2017 18:40
  • Fiction

Me and Polly are no longer playmates, but I'm happy to say, still friends.
Yesterday, she asked me to write a story starring herself and gave me free rein to use my imagination, so I am, this is a work of fiction, it hasn't happened.

Once again I found myself pulling up outside Pollys house at the arranged time and once again, she grinned that grin and opened her coat to reveal my favourite outfit of fishnet body (no bra), short, tight and sh… Read more...

  • By cd dreamer 13 Apr 2017 22:41
  • Fiction

David arrived as arranged,i opened the door to him,hi he said,you look fantastic,we went to the lounge and I poured us some red wine.We sat together on the sofa,and he put his hand on my leg,,he leaned over and kissed me on the lips,mmm it was so nice for me,I responded to him,we really kissed a lot,his hand moved up my leg to my panties,stroking my hardening cock,imoved my hand to his groin feeling his hardness,he was big.take it out he said,i u… Read more...

Hi guys.

I've never written on a site like this and I've never told anyone about what I'm about to tell you all.

First of all, I'll let you know a little bit about myself.

My name is Katie and I'm 20 years old. I live in Lancashire and I'm currently single.
I work in a well-known hotel, which is totally mundane, but it's better than sitting around doing nothing I guess.

I work different shift patterns, so I do nights, which gets pre… Read more...

  • By cd dreamer 12 Apr 2017 09:11
  • Fiction

haven't written since last year,just to recap am now 71,still love to crossdress and still shop in chariy shops a lot.Have become a regular at a local charity shop and got friendly with a guy who works there,he is called David aged about 60,he is over weight with a large beer belly,i am skinny.was in the shop last week and bought a really lovely pair of black patent ankle boots,platform soles and 4in chunky heels.whilst paying for them David said… Read more...

  • By A Feminist Manhood 10 Apr 2017 13:51
  • Fiction

These Hands

You reach up to take off your earrings.
“No, please, don’t do that” I say with unintended urgency.
You turn your head and look at me oddly, as if gauging my intentions. Recovering my poise I hold your shoulders and steer you to face forward.

“I do need you to take off your robe, however.”

Your neck stiffens slightly but with a movement the robe falls to the floor, leaving your sleek back facing me. I take a deep b… Read more...

  • By Jacques Jill 3 Apr 2017 13:40
  • Fiction

In my hazy world of sleep, I became aware of the conversation between my two amazing mates gazing at my nude body.
“…or when she is lounging in the bath tub, waiting for us the bathe her…”
“…her soft, smooth skin with the fragrance of her scented bath oils…”
“…I love to watch her just like this, simply sleeping, offering us all her intimate nudity uncovered and laid bare for us to enjoy …the sensuous curves of her sleek f… Read more...

It was while I had business on the south coast that I had occasion to stay for a week at a certain Bed and Breakfast Guest House in Eastbourne, Sussex.
After the third day I got chatting to the owner after coffee following breakfast. She was a Mrs Cook - a middle aged lady with a curvaceous figure and all well proportioned. She started by asking me about what brought me to Eastbourne, my line of business, and more about myself and my life. I d… Read more...

  • By Anonymous 29 Mar 2017 18:53
  • Fiction

One weekend my wife and I organized a family holiday to wales. We found a nice cottage and booked for us, plus my wife's mum, and her cousin and niece.
It was great the first 2 days we had a look round the shops, went to the beach and had a pub meal out on Saturday night.
Sunday was our last night there and my wife wanted to take our niece to a Cinema down the road to watch the minions movie. As kids films are not really my cup of tea I manag… Read more...

  • By HornyNorfolk 28 Mar 2017 22:33
  • Fiction

We had been invited by Sians favourite fb to a party. So we got to this house with a hot tub, snooker room loads of other rooms to play in.we got there and went to the kitchen to drop our drinks of and make ourselves a drink. The host makes the best punch we grabbed a couple and started talking to the other guests. It was obvious that Sian was probably only going to play with Steve as the majority of the me were old and not that good looking. N… Read more...

  • By Maturelover24 20 Mar 2017 16:42
  • Fiction

I'm in my bedroom in my parents house watching my 50 yr old next door neighbour hanging out her washing in the shared back yard below. She is sexy curvy big titted mature who makes my cock hard. She is hanging out her sexy knickers and bras as usual, wearing a tight black skirt and a very low cut top showing a lot of tit. I get my cock out and start wanking watching as she bends over her skirt clinging to her massive arse, she has been my wanking… Read more...

Last Friday evening was my husband Paul’s school reunion at a nearby hotel but I didn’t want to go and listen to all the boring schoolboy stuff and have all the girls from his class eying me up and down. So I stayed in to have a quiet pamper session on my own. 8 o’clock came and off he went all excited in a taxi, I started with my indulgence. First I put a slightly darker shade of red in my hair and got in the bath with a bomb and some nice… Read more...


Last Friday evening was my husband Paul’s school reunion at a nearby hotel but I didn’t want to go and listen to all the boring schoolboy stuff and have all the girls from his class eying me up and down. So I stayed in to have a quiet pamper session on my own. 8 o’clock came and off he went all excited in a taxi, I started with my indulgence. First I put a slightly darker shade of red in my hair and got in the bath with a bomb and some nice… Read more...

  • By Brian ( Bab n Bri ) 10 Mar 2017 14:01
  • Fiction

Isn't it strange how most males seem to lose there inhibitions when in a public house toilet ? It could have been either Thursday or Sunday because the Bridge Inn had karaoke on both evenings. Although I think Charlie only came on a Sunday, yes, it must have been Sunday. I was standing in front of the urinal admiring the perfectly shape of an elm tree my urine had traced in the condensation on its stainless steel back panel, when in comes Char… Read more...

Hi all. Not going to give names for obv reasons but I have to share our story so think what you will. My wife 'T' and I have been married for 2 years, we're both 29. I'm 6'2" and T is around 5'8". She has a fantastic body, she's slim with a hard ass and nice firm tits. Her mother is Italian so she has a fiery personality, dark tanned skin and jet black hair. her eyes are so dark brown they almost look black so all in all sexy as fuck.
When we…

  • By Countrygal 28 Feb 2017 16:16
  • Fiction

It was one of her fantasies, one of many, but she hadn't tried this one out yet so she put the idea to the man she was about to meet for the first time. He seemed game, and well up for the fun that would follow this role play game.

She had always wanted to dress up as a naughty maid, but this time the setting would be all the more real as Rob was stopping in a hotel. Her plan and thoughts on how the night would pan out were as follows:
His in…

  • By Brian ( Bab n Bri ) 28 Feb 2017 15:36
  • Fiction

She burst into our kitchen diner from the basement stairway with all the aplomb of a close friend, not the stranger she then was. The sudden uninvited appearance of this devastatingly attractive and bubbly person left me rather fazed for a moment before an incredulously discordant brummie accent emanated from this symphony of sophistication explaining she was Shirley just moved into number 11 and wanting to introduce herself had been directed fro… Read more...

Enough of my bulk time to lose it so I joined a local health club that offered membership to suit my work pattern. I went to the main gym and used various machines then decided to have a swim. The pool is not massive or deep but enough to swim up and down getting some strokes in. For mid morning it was busy but not in such a way it would stop any swimming. The age group was mainly 50/60 most of us all carrying extra weight then we should do.

  • By Countrylad81 20 Feb 2017 14:00
  • Fiction

'I'd really love some feedback on both new and old stories. Please leave comments to help guide my future writing. I know some of them are long but I'm really proud of them.'

This is the follow up to my story 'My hospital stay: Monday'

Nina guided Stephen to the washroom for his shower. Unless required for medical reasons, a shower every three days was fine, while for the other two days a bed bath sufficient.
Stephen's hand was still in…


As Matt pulled up in his van, he double checked the address. He paused for a moment. It was a sunny day, he really didn’t feel like working, he would much have rather chilled out with some drinks. He didn’t really have the choice, he needed the money, so with a sigh, Matt grabbed his tool box and approached the door.. ringing the bell.

After a moment, Jane answered the door. Matt’s woes about working, quickly disappear as Jane catches … Read more...


Dreamed of you standing in front of me in your PJs, braless with your nipples pressing against your top, as I take a few photos of you. You move and lie on the bed as we try a couple of different poses.

To be fair I strip down to my boxer shorts. My own excitement clearly visible as my hardening cock presses against them.

You leave the room and return in a white one piece swimming costume, we take some more pics of you again in differing po… Read more...

She stood up again and wiggled as she removed her thong. It dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. She then turned around and leant over the couch. I remained in my place, at her feet. She reached around and placed a hand on each of her cheeks and parted them to reveal her wonderful hole.
'Lick me!' she ordered.
I buried my face into her. My tongue was frantically exploring. I found her tight opening and probed it with the tip of my … Read more...

She sat before me looking down at me. She pointed her foot in my direction and said 'kiss it now!'
Eager to please, i reached out and took hold of her foot, scratching the back of my hand against the tip of her 6 inch heel. I leant forward and pressed my lips against her. I could smell the thin, black leather straps of her shoe. my kisses covered her foot and i looked up to make sure I was pleasing her.

The night had started well, an old fr…


Whilst standing in the kitchen we begin to gently remove our clothing, firstly removing your top, and then sliding down your body to remove your skirt / trousers. I then stand and allow you to remove my shirt and trousers. You then move to allow me to remove your bra, uncovering each breast in turn, slowly kissing and licking them, gently caressing each one in my hands, playing with your nipples until they are erect. I gently caress them in my ha… Read more...

This fantasy made my husband cum.....HARD. I hope you enjoy it.

Today is a special day. Will and I will be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary. We have plans for a special evening: a nice dinner in town followed by a night of amorous love making whilst our kids stay the night with Will's parents. But for now, today has begun as any usual day. I dropped the kids off at school and have run by the gym for my daily work out.

Out of the …

Rachel was late - again. Still zipping up her skirt hurriedly over her milky hips, she grabbed her keys and skipped out the door with one shoe only partly covering her petite feet. As soon as she arrived on the doorstep she realised with a shock that the day was promising to be much chillier than she had first thought - an icy northerly wind sent shards of cold circling her behind; the frosty cold sent a shiver spasm shimmering down her neck and … Read more...

My wife of more than a decade and mother of our small children has always been conservative. She shys away from anything containing fantasies and sex. One evening we were at a garden party of a very attractive single neighbor which started at about 4pm. We live about a 5 minute walk from the neighbour and it was getting late and I felt I had to go and check on the kids (playing on their IPADS).

Well needless to say after a couple of beers an… Read more...

I have belonged to a camera club for about two years. I'm mostly interested in landscapes but have done the occasional portraits for friends. I am one of few women at the club and most people there seem to be a bit nerdy but it is useful to get tips and someone has a good contact to get equipment at cost price.
As I am quite curvy. with large nipples, one of the older men was always trying to get me to do a photo session for him but I always ref… Read more...

  • By Princeoftarts 9 Jan 2017 10:11
  • Fiction

The music had got to the slow end of things, and the beer had taken its effect. My mates had disappeared in a taxi, and I drained my glass and contemplated the walk home. Thankfully short. Hopefully dry.
As I turned away from the bar, a bright eyed blonde was looking up at me.
"Hey - you'll do. I need a dance"
Not overly impressed by the "you'll do" line, but those eyes were rather nice, and as she turned towards the dance floor, pulling me b… Read more...

Im mid 40s my partner of 3 years is 10 years younger and enjoys sex , very horny woman who will give almost anything a try ,she is a curvy size 14 shoulder length very white blonde hair ,beautiful blue eyes ,nice round bum and shapely gorgeous legs .
This saturday night we manageg to geta sitter and decided on a meal and few drinks in the town centre ,first time in months so h went out that day got hairand nails done and spray tan ,when i got … Read more...