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My First & Only MM Experience

As I looked through the magazine I felt his hand on my thigh

One afternoon I was helping a friend (Mike) prepare his bike for a race at rhe weekend and as it was a hot day we stopped for a cool drink and went indoors. I noticed some magazines that he had put on the table, which contained photos of nude couples. Thi...

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Following on from our first encounter with John, B and I were left so bemused as to what had happened, we didn't really know how to deal with it. My wife (B) had wanked and sucked off my close friend and myself and then allowed me to fuck her in front of...

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The holiday gite

Meeting new friends

This takes place when we first moved to France . To have some money coming in we built a gite at the back of our home . It had its own entrance, small pool in a private court yard, Stairs up to a sun terrace and 2 bedrooms . Most bookings were in the summ...

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A Hotwife, finally

Another true story, as always, comments welcomed.

We have always had an interesting fantasy sex life. However, one thing we have never truly explored was the hotwife scenario. However that was to change. Initially, I wasn’t overly a fan of the idea, seeing another man with my gorgeous wife however as tim...

Trip home

A pleasant car journey home

It was a a day we was to travel back from Middlesbrough Had gad a week down visiting family so we got up early and decide we would embark on our journey home so knowing we had a 5 hour drive in front of us we decided to dress with loose clothing to make j...

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Before we had kids B (my wife) and I used to hang around with a friend of mine from college, John, at weekends for drinks and watching TV. John didn't have a girlfriend at the time and was quite shy (I thought he might be gay) Anyway one evening he and I...

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Bartender found my wives phone unlocked

The clubs security team shared her naked pictures

It was over the Christmas period over 5 years ago! A night I will always remember, me and my wife (34) decided to go into London for a night out . I always looked forward to a rare night out with my wife as she has a stunning body and fake breasts, that s...

East meets West part 2!

It happended again this week

Where to begin...So from me getting an unexpected fuck from Ivan in the back of my car after football a month ago. We had exchanged numbers, I did think that there was no way he would get in touch, he had tried fun with a man and probably felt guilty, as...

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Our fantasy

Sex with her old boss

We had talked about this fantasy so many times to the point that we often think of it in detail while in bed and naked imagining all the naughty details. The pinnacle was when you began fantasising about Jamie going down on you and making you cum licking...

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After effects

After we were caught

Abby had discovered me in bed with Jane and surprised me. She had joined us. It was just after Jane went back to work. “Jane has a good body.” Abby commented. “You both do.” “I know.” She was not being anything but honest, she was a model. “Would you like...

First time dogging

Night at camperdown

We had spoken about doing a spot of dogging to see what it was all about so we thought the next nice Saturday we would set off to camperdown and see all for our selves So the Saturday arrived and we got ready and she decided to put a dress on that buttone...

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Bumping into a friend leads in the sun

Amazing who you find in the dunes

I wasn't sure about recounting this true story , till a good friend told me how his wife had been to a work conference and recognised a man she'd had sex with in the 70s on a nudist beach with her first husband - some 40 years ago.!!! As I said before I o...

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🚿 80

Black Mountain adventure

Monday Anna and I are on a business trip to Montenegro for a week, just the two of us. We are leaving Fria and Clare behind. We found our contact waiting as we walked out of customs holding our names high. She was an attractive blonde. “Can I help you wit...

The young ones get into it - part 2

Another youngster enters the party

Stood naked , wanking my cock to get hard as I'm about to enter Ruby " in any hole " her boyfriend now stood next to my naked wife and Claire . This wasn't what I had in mind. I really feel nervous, embarrassed even . Before he has time to speak Ruby utte...

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"You'll have to come around soon Lewis, I've finally got my bedroom sorted" A local company had fitted a large mirror the whole length of her wall at the foot of Claire's bed, opposite her hidden silhouette mural. It was an expensive purchase, very heavy,...

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