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Spit roasted Stories

spit roasted

Didn't know my girlfriend is a slut

Helen told me that she lost count but had probably sucked more that a dozen men.

Helen had no idea that it was an orgy that I was taking her to. She just thought it was another party. I had been going out with Helen for almost a year and was getting bored, and to be honest was scared to ask her to be a bit wilder in our lovemaking. He...


My wife was called a tart

"Her arse is still just as tight as it used to be," the man behind her claimed.

I had been married to Nina for almost five years. I guess you never really know someone, even the one you marry. I knew she had several men before me, but she never talked about it, even though I had told her a fair bit about my previous lovers. When I go...

Brian H

A worthy Cause

I looked at her arse sticking out as she was bent over secured in the stockade

Denise insisted that we do something to help the fund for a young girl in our neighborhood who needed an operation that only a team of doctors in Switzerland was prepared to do. They, the family needed to raise £45,000 for the operation. There had been an...


Our first party

Loretta said she slept with nine, or was it ten men.

My wife Loretta and I had gone in for swapping and up till then had very good experiences. Then Stella and Frank suggested that we might like parties and that there was one coming up shortly, They had attended this group a few times. Frank said that the m...