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New sexual experiences for couples, old or young, can start expectedly. Quite often even the most faithful relationships can take a new direction during a regular night out with friends, a weekend away, or when bumping into an attractive stranger. Swinging can start a new life or improve an existing relationship.

There's plenty of arousing encounters that have been discovered by swingers and confessed below for others in a similar situation to enjoy.

Experienced a sexual exchange that has brought out a naughty side? Submit your own encounter for others to admire.

Our start in Cap D'Adge Part 3

Our Dutch freind joins in

Covid came to us all so no trips away in 2020. 2021 we went to cap D`Adge for a week but didn`t do much because we didn`t want to catch covid. september 2022 we went to Cap D`Adge but our usual appartment wasn`t available so we had to book a different app...

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I've got to tell you about something I saw yesterday morning that got me incredibly horny and wonder if I should feel bad about it? It's just a short one but here goes, I'd appreciate any feedback or messages to expand on what you think was going on or wh...

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Chris turned up I was made up and dressed, nice dress, thank-you, take it off and put these on, what’s wrong with this, just do it Chris said he seemed angry so I took my dress off , what is this he said skirt and blouse, I started to pull the skirt up, k...

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She posed so sweetly

After my wank session with Sam and Paul we agreed that I would pop round the following Sat. I refrained from wanking that week hoping she might give me another one on Sat. I was horny all week and constantly trying to get my cock to go limp. The day arriv...

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We’d enjoyed nudist beaches on several islands, but never had a proper sexual encounter on one. A favourite of mine was in the Caribbean. We were staying in a resort that was next to the nudist beach. It was just a beach, no facilities, I liked it for tha...

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Meeting in a pub

My bi interest is taken a step further

In the last few years I have been increasingly interested in bisexual sex. I have met a couple of men for very basic sucking and wanking but every time after I felt really guilty and ashamed of myself. I was recently in a pub with my wife and there was an...

I saw there van pull into the drive so took off my dress, and opened the door, Jon came toward me he had a bag in his hand , on your own I asked, for now he said, put your dress on we’re going for a walk today, where to I asked , the woods. I got dressed...

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Escort Pt2

The plot thickened

Sam had become my wank material now, I bought another mag that she was in and always shot my load looking at her. I thought the cum she had helped me with would be for ever in my memory and nothing more would happen. However this was not to be the case. T...

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Punishment Session

Sunday Morning Surprise Fun

If you have read my initial introduction stories about my wife wanting help to be more of a slut ( her fantasy) search "Wife group training" and read the recent story "Wife forgot to tell me" . Basically she had a session with my Area Manager & Director a...

Our start in Cap D'Adge Part 2

From shy girl to cannot wait to get back girl

We booked our flights & accomodation as soon as we got home & counted down the weeks until we go back to Cap D`Adge. September 2019 we arrived in the village but the weather was bad so coudn`t go to the beach for 2 days. on the Monday the sun was shining...

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The first time

It was unplanned

At the time of this ‘event’, back in 1990, my wife Jo and I were living in a quiet village in Suffolk, about 10 miles from Bury St Edmunds. We’d moved in with our two youngsters to a nice rented 2 up 2 down semi detached. I was in the Forces at the time,...

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Following on fro part one, - the boys came after there next round, I was expecting them to arrive first thing in the morning and nobody arrived, through the day I got more and more nervous that they had posted the pics through my neighbours doors and know...

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Our start in Cap D'Adge Part 1

is all started on the beach

My wife Jane & myself Jay 1st went to Cap D`Adge in 2016 & went to the naturist village for 1 day. Jane at the time was 50 years old 5`9 tall slim build with 36dd breasts & a smooth shaved pussy, she has only ever had 2 boyfreinds before we met 32 years b...

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At the age of 19 I was a very horny lad who’s cock would go hard if the wind blew. I had just split form my gf, so feeling horny I popped in to the newsagents to buy a porn mag to relieve my self that afternoon. Parents were away so I could have a slow wa...

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Window cleaners part 1

They took advantage

Got a knock on the door one morning , window cleaners , two guys early twenties collecting money , or I thought. Hello Karen we have something for you, can we go to the back garden please, no reason to doubt so of course they could, I went through the hou...

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