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Gay Stories

Gay erotic stories explore the homosexual attraction between men. These include males who are gay, bisexual or those who have want to settle a long term curiosity.

Planned gay meets or spontaneous encounters; homosexual adventures can start in a variety of casual situations or even unexpectedly during an MMF threesome. Delve into the erotic gay tales and explore the testosterone attraction.

New to gay sex or experienced it before? Share your own behind closed doors confessions with other readers.

Brokeback shower

Playing with another guys cock

Some years ago I was working away in London building an exhibition for an exhibition company. They put us up in a small hotel near the venue. We worked pretty long hours to hit the deadline. One evening after a particularly sweaty day at work and after a...

My mate John and I were going through a lean time with women and we were sitting in the pub with him bemoaning about it over a couple of pints of beer. I was living in a hetrosexual world and he had no idea about the other side of my life as a bisexual ma...

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So, I have been writing about my wife of late having sex with our neighbour Ian. Today though, I felt horny after finishing work early, went on to a hook up site and a chap local to me just wanted to suck a cock and go meet. I text to say I would be there...

The Boys Upstairs

Further adventures after the charity shop manager

I had just left college after yet another change of direction career wise and had landed a job in another town in Lancashire which prompted another move. The flat that I acquired was a one bedroom affair and above me was a two bedroomed flat occupied by J...

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My very first time

The night that I discovered that I am Bi.

My name is Will and with my partner Mal have enjoyed many interesting adventures. We are both bi and open in our relationship. This is a pretty accurate account of my first timer with another fella. 10 years after leaving the army I met up with one of my...

This story is a continuation of my previous story “ I Confess” My brief career in shop work ended in my early twenties in another town. Shop management was all glory and low pay. I took a job in a local factory with much better wages. I was also living In...

Used by a trucker

I just let him have his way with me!

I’d parked up at Smiley’s late one night, hoping for some action. Nice warm summer night, so I wandered into the loo, but it was empty. There were three big artics parked in the truck area, and I noticed one of them had his cab light on. As I walked back...

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Lay-by gay BJ

I sucked off a stranger, but now want more.

It was an early evening in September I was driving home and I pulled into a lay by on the A36 near Steeple Langford in Wiltshire. I had seen cars parked up there before with men sat there, I wanted some action myself so was going for it. I was excited at...

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Adventures of a married man

The urge that cannot be denied!

I have written stories on here before but had to delete for reasons to protect certain people. Last week I was just at home on a few days off, Wife at work, Kids at school, college etc so decided to go for a drive then walk in the woods a few miles from o...

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My night as a slut

I was used by 3 guys

Thought it was time to write about another of my encounters. I was supposed to be having a threesome with one of the regular guys I met after my last story but this never materialised, it was disappointing. I was not getting very much fun at all, but I go...

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After Dark Holiday Fun

A bit pent up on holiday, but not for long.

I was away with extended family and he was too, but with his wife as well, I was on my own in that sense. As often is the way we bumped into each other a few times at the buffet for breakfast, the snack bar and the pool, but my lot spent more time on the...

I confess In the late sixties in a working class town in the north of England there was little to do on a Tuesday afternoon when it was half day closing. I worked in a food shop and Saturday was usually very busy so all shopkeepers closed up on what they...

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First black cock I’m 47 and only had a little bi experience over the years . In the last few months I got chatting to an Indian guy hes 54 , vwe and very kinky . While chatting we got kinkier and I started to feel more and more slutty , wearing hold ups a...