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The swinging lifestyle engages singles and partners in relationships to engage in sexual practices with a variety of other partners. Many people choose this lifestyle who have a sexual drive that requires different fulfilment than what they currently have.

Swinging is seen as a healthy outlet that can help increase the quality, quantity and variety of sex. Swinging can take place in the privacy of many homes, hotels, swinging clubs and safe private outdoor areas like dogging locations.

Having friends with benefits, experiencing life-changing encounters, or finally relishing a long-standing curiosity - let other readers enjoy your swinging story.


Lewis Doppelgänger lifestyle finally catches up with him

Have we got to the end of this short story about mistaken identity quite so quickly? It appears so…but what of the invite Lewis received at the end of the last chapter? Let’s rejoin our dim but diligent hero in this final part. IF I’M EVERYWHERE, WHERE AM...

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The follow up to my true story How it Began

I knocked on her door at 9 -10 pm Jane or Jan as as everyone called her over her love of Janis Joplin opened the door “Hi glad you came, you must have liked what you saw, I did get inside before your seen” I followed her down the hall into the living room...

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Back in Anya

She said don't tell her sister

Having taken my punishment I was feeling a lot less than guilty about fucking Anya. I went around to check the tap was still OK. “Yes it's fine thank you. Would you like tea?” “I would, thank you.” First step, in the flat, second fuck her. “Do you like Uk...


Cleaning up a spilled drink.

My wife and I paid a return visit to Ray's house for a foursome this time and after a brief time chatting with he and his wife Pauline, the drinks started to flow but horror of horrors they didn't have a particular mixer that my wife liked and without any...

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This story is a follow on from "13th October?", so for a bit of scene setting we are in the south of France and staying in a site based caravan, and have made friends with Paul & Megan and Helen & Chris on our journey from England. I.m Mark, my girlfriend...

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Lewis feels the repercussions of impersonating others

So here we are again with another instalment of this short series (probably another 5-parter. They seem to be my thing). Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is precisely the point of this story…Duh! TRICK OR TREAT? TREAT AND TRICK. There at my door w...


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Dinner and fuck

Anna and I left baby Claire with Fria for the night. It was a company dinner and we were staying a few streets away in a hotel. We were sat at a table Anna was sitting away from me on the far side of the table. The woman on my right was talkative. I vague...


Private house party and my first DVP

1st time I take two cocks in my pussy at the same time

We went to a swingers' party held at a private house. This was the second party at this house that we had been to. Iain had bought a few sexy outfits for me and we thought this was a great chance to show off some of these outfits. All those who are fans o...

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An amazing new adventure

Whilst experienced with MFM threesomes and comfortable performing in front of a husband I’d new been part of a group of men looking to satisfy one special lady

I was early, nothing new there, and the anticipation was intense. I’d never experienced a gathering of a group of men who were going to pleasure a single lady before. Lots of lovely MFM threesomes where typically the wife of those I met would be the centr...

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First time swinging Playa del Ingles Club

Our first time swinging and what great time we had with a fabulous Irish Couple

Our 1st time swap Playa Del Ingles club This is my memories of our first experience of swinging in November 2017. We had been going to Gran Canaria for a number of years and enjoyed our times there, we had even ventured as far as the naturist beach at Mas...



We have had a good year with the both of us exploring other people . We usually are home together 3 nights if not 4 of the week , this is when we exchange notes on our experiences. We are happy that our relationship has reached a place where we are no lon...

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More fun with Mike and Ann

Ann takes it further

We didn’t really talk about what happened so one night while I was licking my wife’s lips I asked if she would like it if Mike was there pushing his cock into her mouth almost like a switch her juices really started flowing. I pulled her hood back and fli...

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You will not see it on TV

It was Sunday morning and we had woken up in bed with Holly and Rob. "We have a fryup for you this morning to get you on your way." Rob informed us as we entered the dining room. "You make it sound like we want to get rid of them. You're terrible Rob." Ho...


A couple of weekends ago when it was still bright and warm we decided to go to our local village pub. We only live a 15 minute walk away. Janice my wife, is 52, still has a very shapely figure. She swims and goes to a gym twice a week. She has 38DD breast...

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Helping a Family Member - Tailpiece

Sometimes there are unexpected benefits

After my Mother-In-Law Rose's diary had revealed she masterbated thinking about my body, I had cultivated her interest by buying her sexy dresses, and adding shaving foam and razors to her grocery order, telling her these would make her feel super sexy in...

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