Topless barmaid Fact

student slut gets blacked…

I had an amazing time as a student; I worked at a pub which employed topless barmaids, and most of the girls were students. I was and am a real black cock slut; the pub was in South East London and I worked there three nights a week. I am now 43, so this was twenty-four years ago, I had shoulder length strawberry blond hair, size ten, 38d2536, I was also smooth, I have been smooth since I was sixteen years old.

Anyway, I was told about the pu… Read more

An erotic dream! Fact

A vivid experience!…

Last night I had one of the horniest dreams I have ever experienced, it was so vivid I could feel and taste every moment!

About 15 years ago my former sister in law persuaded me to sign up as a sperm doner on the IVF programme at our local hospital which I did. Something must have triggered in my subconcious because this is what my dream was all about although I can assure you the real experience was a lot more prosaic!

“As I walked from … Read more

My friend Gay

I have a lovely friend there is a huge age difference…

I met Barry in a bar we both knew it was a pick up joint but Barry didn't seem the run of the mill sort of guy you tend to fine in places like that, okay he approached me and yes I did use the chat up lines but his approach was different none of what are you into or things on them line when he saw I could be interested it went to a normal conversation

I did think Barry was younger than sixty two making him something like forty five years old… Read more

Hmm is this what I wanted? Lesbian

At least the wife is happy…

I guess I’m similar to many, been married for a number of years, what was a varied, exciting sex life dwindled to nothing much at all after kids and mortgages. In our early 40s my wife and I were going through the motions. I still remembered the wild nights in Prague with lap dancers and watching her getting off with the touch of other women, sadly, it seemed, she did not. At 5ft 6 and training hard in the gym and running 4-5 times a week, my w… Read more

So this is what we've been missing! Threesome

How sex with my husband became wonderfully exciting again, when a stranger joined us one night…

I'm writing this on commission as it were, by one of the participants who wanted to record it for posterity, but didn't have the confidence to write it all herself. Well, you be the judge. The names have been changed to protect the guilty of course, and I may have been a little creative where my memory let me down on detail, but overall it's all true. Anyway, over to her...

"One of the loveliest things about being long married is the way thing… Read more

3some Fun Cuckold

Make me a cuckold hot wife…

I posted earlier about how my now wife DJ and I started enjoying regular 3some fun with a friend S; i had captured some of these on video and regularly would watch them wanking whilst my wife enjoyed S's big fat cock

One weekend we decided that we should do things 'properly' and rather than post pub fun we would have dinner together at home; during the day DJ had bought some new underwear, I remember is was expensive - sheer purple material, j… Read more

My horny wife Cuckold

Hot wife…

My wife DJ is highly sexed, dark haired - good sized tits with fantastic nipples, lovely tight pussy usually clean shaved or with a small tuft of hair at the top of her slit and a fantastic round ass that when youre behind it you want to pump for longer than youre able to; DJ emits a kind of sex scent that is just seems to have men thrusting thier cocks at her - she has a great story of a mixed sauna where a guy from nowhere started to kiss her w… Read more

First fuck with friend Cuckold

Hot wife...…

as posted earlier, my wife DJ and I realised a 3some fantasy that started a long relationship that was filled with a lot of fun

it was a warm Sunday afternoon, we were sat in the back garden having a drink and reading the Sunday papers when S called round and sat with us for the afternoon - nothing untoward happened and when I asked S one time about that Sunday he said he had no sexual thoughts about what might have happened... later that nigh… Read more

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CFNM Changing room Fact

Cleaner saw my dick!…

My friend invited me as a guest to check out his new spa and swimming pool that he had just joined at a local hotel. It was lush and I was impressed. After a swim and sauna he had a call from his girlfriend and said he had to go but it was fine for me to stay and he would pick me up in an hour or so. There was not many members left so I decided to chill out on a bed. Next thing I knew I had fallen asleep and had a tap on my shoulder from a girl… Read more


The delights of sharing sensual sexual friendships…

I am a 30 year old blonde, of dual nationality Swedish/Dutch parents. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall with a slim, gym fit figure with very firm 34B breasts. I am single and have a highly remunerated, responsible career in financial services in London. I own a stylish New York style loft apartment overlooking the Regents Canal in Islington. Within the huge accommodation I have developed what I call my “fun space” which has its own wet room divided … Read more

Wet Sex Erotic

A mostly factual encounter...…

He is lying naked on a rug, she is on top of him. She is also naked except for an old mid-length skirt which is spread out around her over his abdomen and thighs, warming the air as she rides slowly up and down his erect penis.

Smiling wickedly, gazing directly into his eyes, she rises up the length of his shaft until the tip passes between her labia and leaves her body. Rising slightly she slides backwards then presses down. Hidden beneath t… Read more

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My own fault Fact

He was better than me…

It was all my own fault.

We had been married for three years, back in the 1970s when free love was all around, but had passed us by and so we were both virgins when we got together. Sex was fun, but I knew, from reading Penthouse and other magazines, that we weren’t doing it right. Janice didn’t seem concerned, but she agreed to read a few articles and said she thought they were made up.

We were both working, and had a fair bit of dispo… Read more

A helping hand Fact

First time anal…

This story goes back about twenty five years when I was working nights in a car depot. It was in and around this time that I was trying to get my wife lets call her Eileen to spice our sex life up I kept asking her to bring some man of her chose into our life to have fun with us she always would laugh it of. One Sunday we went for lunch in a near by town and after lunch we took a stroll into the local park i asked her to sit on a bench and I wou… Read more

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It Started with a text Fact

Connie's Lost Knickers in Spain…

It started with a text
Connie is on a short break in Spain

My phone went off with a message from Connie
Been invited to a roof top party tonight will tell you all about it when I get home, This is what she told me.
We were on the beach messing about in the sea when our beach ball floated next to a group of lads when she went to get the ball the lads started talking to he and asked if her and her friends wanted to go to a rooftop party (the… Read more

Valerie and the Old Gits - Part 1 Fact

Girlfriend realises she is submissive and with a weakness for older men…

As for the previous episode (Valerie's First Flash) the original story is drafted by an acquaintance, with editing and polishing by me, and with his permission.

I am assured it is all true, and can say I have seen photos of Valerie, including nude photos, which confirm her physique as mentioned in the story. So now read on...

In the 1980s, my girlfriend Valerie and I had been together for about a year, and had enjoyed an erotic episode whe… Read more

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Valerie's First Flash Fact

Girlfriend discovers she enjoys exposing herself to strangers...…

This a true story drafted by an acquaintance, with editing and polishing by me, and with his permission.

This is a true story about a trip to London with my girlfriend. I’ll try to tell it as it happened and as I remember the day as, it was very unexpected. It was the start of a sort of freedom for us which we developed between us over time.

This took place on the late 1980’s.

Valerie and I had departed Bristol for a trip to London, … Read more

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More about Carly my wife Fact

amazed at Carly , a Vicars daughter finding she loved being shared…

Best read my story my 6th May story, then this one which is a continuation. After Richy left for Canada , my wife Carly seemed slightly addicted to a few weeks of cock off Richy because she loved excitement and teasing two horny men . After about a month I said we'll start going for a drink and she'll soon attract another fella. We didn't need to cos at work the next afternoon just before finish I got a phonecall off Richy saying he loves C… Read more

Surprise encounter continued Fact

Following on from Lisa and Dave’s dogging revelation…

Following on from Thursday night.....

The time leading up to the pre-arranged phone call on Sunday morning had dragged like nothing I’ve ever known, my excitement and anticipation had gone into overdrive, my head was full of the images I’d seen on Thursday night, my cock was in a constant state of semi erectness, leaking precum almost non stop, I’d started to have a wank on the Friday morning, but decided restrain myself until Sunday whe… Read more

It's a start Gay

Away from home…

Hi what you can say when your working away from home, the lows and the highs just wanting to be back at home with your loved one. I am just normal married guy over 50 nothing special really, just another boring Hotel room I just go to another bar on my travels. Its just Bar so I thought it doesn't look any different tables and chairs, just having a quiet beer a guy starts chatting to me no big deal I suppose.
The scene is set so to speak just … Read more

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Another Friday Night Fact

Cum Slut with Strangers…

This happened a few months ago...
At 4pm, my hubby starts pestering me and asking if I am going out tonight to “look for fun” as he calls it. I have already arranged to meet a friend out but wind him up by saying I am undecided. At 6 I jump in the bath for a nice relaxing bath with a glass of wine.
At 7, with hubby following me around like a lapdog, I tell him that yes, I am going soon and not to wait up.
After getting ready in a nice kn… Read more

It is not as bad as it seems Fact

The position I am in had developed slowly…

Where we are today started with my wife getting involved with someone else a long time ago, when it all came out my reaction was not at all like I expected after the shock of being told which by the way it was Sue that told me before someone else did which after all it wouldn't of happened so she made a mistake if she had keep quiet I most likely wouldn't of never known

It was out my reaction was not anger, we ended up talking about it, first… Read more

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The Japanese couple. Fact

Japanese couple at a party.…

This is my story about a couple at an adults only party, I know that there have been quite a few others on the same subject over the past few months and it was reading those that convinced me to put pen to paper. This party was more than ten years ago but I still have vivid memories about what occurred.
The party was held at a flat in West London, not long after the party was under way a Japanese couple arrived, at first they remained fully dr… Read more

Very Nasty Minds Fact

Meeting men who do not hate posh women like me.…

Very nasty minds.

Between ten and twelve years ago I met twenty or thirty men a week at various outdoor sites. I travelled in my large motorhome, which meant I was able to make sure my lingerie, outer clothing, make up and perfume were perfect. It also meant that I could invite the most beastly men to attend to me, doing their worst in total privacy.

I have posted a picture from this period. It is me wearing my favourite blue Yves St Lauren… Read more

Surprise dogging encounter Fact

I never anticipated who I would cum across on that eventful Thursday night…

I’ve been going to the same Midlands dogging spot for around 3 years now, it’s a 45 minute drive, but it’s the best way to guarantee my wife not finding out. Saying she wouldn’t approve is an understatement, my marriage would be over in a flash, but she’s just not into sex as much as I am, and at the ripe young age of 28 I have needs. I have a job where I do emergency call outs, so getting out isn’t a problem.
Anyway, the place I go … Read more

Helping a couple - part 4 Meetings

A follow up from the first three parts…

This is the fourth part of the story I’m telling on behalf of Peter.

I’m sitting in the corner waiting to see what Ann will do to please David. I’m completely free now, so if I want to stop it at any time I can do. But I just sit there waiting.

Ann has already gone further than I expected ..... but is it further than I’d hoped. I honestly don’t know. Do I want her to suck him until he cums ..... and maybe swallow it? Surely s… Read more

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Tiler and Indian wife Fact

Naughty Indian wife plays with tiler…

Hi, I just thought I’d share an old experience with you all,

I'm a normal married Indian girl, considered sexy and highly sexed. During the last few years my husband has gone off sex and we made love once a week if that. This left me feeling constantly horny and led us to start using swinging sites where I enjoyed chatting on the chat rooms and reading the horny stories people posted. All the time hoping I could have an experience worth post… Read more

Found the Right Bull Fact

Our first time with a bull…

My wife Stacy and I had never discussed opening our marriage, sharing, voyeurism or dare I say it, cuckolding. We have a pretty regular, fun sex life. I have realized that I get turned on at nightclubs with Stacy when I catch other men looking at her, trying to hit on her and dance with her. Stacy has a great body but doesn’t openly try to get others to look at her but she always gets stares wherever we are. I drunkenly told her one night how… Read more

Friday Night Fact

I met a stranger…

We live in a small, conservative town on the coast. It is populated mainly by older, retired people or holiday makers. Being a small, recreational fishing town, there are a fair number of people visiting the town most weeks. During peak season, the town is jam packed with people.
My hubby and I have enjoyed a swinging/swopping/hot-wife relationship since we first met over 20 years ago.
In the last two years, rather than trying to find couples… Read more

The older man Fact

its true, young women love to fuck old men…

I don’t usually write in to sites like this because what I do is my business, but I has read a few stories about younger women who love sex with older men and I feel the need to tell you my story because it’s a bigger thing than you might expect.
My name is Anthony and I am 80 year of age this month and I regularly fuck a 24-year-old beauty. In fact, I know of 4 other guys ranging in age from 65 to my age who have what is referred to as … Read more

Helping a couple - part3 Meetings

A follow up from parts 1 and 2…

This is the third episode that I’m publishing on behalf of Peter. It’s best if you read the other two parts first.

David’s asking Ann what next.

But before I continue with the story I’d like to give you a quick resume and reflect on what’s happened so far.

David has visited my wife Ann and I. I chatted to him before the visit and he asked whether I wanted it to be a Dom/sub relationship or merely involving some corporal p… Read more

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