Holidays Always Do It Fact

wife loves the sun making her horny…

The holiday season always perks me up as we scan ideas for destinations abroad. Our favourites are Italy and islands in the Med. last year we decided on Sardinia and got some tourism booklets and facts about the island. At first glance you see it as a small island traversed in a day. In reality it would take a month to get round it in reasonable detail. We decided on a small place in the north looking towards Corsica. Our villa had its own … Read more

Meeting my new girlfriend Fact

The next chapter in my life…

This is the story of how I met my new lover Sarah. I’m sorry but there’s no sex involved in this story. It’s just the build up to the start of our relationship.

I love it when Ed talks dirty to me when we’re having sex and one of the things that turns me on the most (and often pushes me over the edge) is when he talks about me with another woman. One morning after we were lying there recovering from another intense session he said I… Read more

An Awakening Fiction

How you never know what you are missing till you find it…

Like a lot of men hubby had often fantasised about me being fucked by another man but out turns out he got more than he bargained for. We talked it through and decided on a few ground rules. Hubby would be there, it would only happen if we both agreed and condoms must be used and that’s as far as it went.
A month or so later a colleague from work was leaving and we all went for drinks after work. During the evening we all had a good time and a… Read more

Girl friends first Fact

A sexy holiday put my shy girlfrind int he mood for a threesome…

My GF Clair is 24 and fucking hot. She has long strawberry blond hair, a great body with an amazing ass and big but firm tits. We met in a club and there was a spark immediately but as hot as she is she is quite shy and it was about two weeks before we went to bed and a bot longer before I convinced her to stand in front of me naked. So, after a few months she told me about her ex and how he was boring and hence ex, but she opened up and start… Read more

My first threesum Fact

Cuckold Feelings…

My wife's always slept with other men, never made any secret of the fact, never apologies for it and never made any attempt to be discrete about it in front of other people.

The fact she's nearing 50 hasn't altered her attitude one bit or her ability to pull men almost on a whim.

The jealousy is excruciating and has caused me to be physically sick on more than one occasion. The last time catching in the back of my car in pub car park wher… Read more

Something New First Time

First time…

We made our decision to search for the right party to join us for some fun we were undecided whether we should go for the two men or the lone man but we so wanted it to be extra exciting we chose the two guys route and we started to search on line. Eventually we made our choice and made contact with two black men. They certainly had the right equpment, looked young and good looking too. We wanted to play at home and so we invited them down to o… Read more

Divorce is such a hard time but it can lead to new beginnings Fact

How my divorce opened up my sex life…

I was a mid 30s guy who had been in a loveless marriage for over 12 years. I had been faithful but found that she had not. The last 4 years of our marriage I had taken to marking on the calendar when we had sex. Pathetically it was once every 6 weeks... I found that she had been much more active.

I was hurt and after the divorce started exploring all the usual electronic site to get some satisfaction. I came across an ad from a coupl… Read more

My Girlfriends First Time First Time

We know it will happen again ... soon…

My gorgeous best friend Dominique knows I play with couples and men that I meet through sites like this. Recently she booted out her boring husband and had started to take an interest in what I get up to. I showed her my profile on here and the profiles of some of the couples and men I’ve met and she asked me what I’d actually done with them. I could see she was more than curious, in fact quite excited.
A few weeks later she brought up the… Read more

Meeting after horny text Erotic

Tongue exploration…

My desire is heating up again reading all our horny messages they are so hot I can feel my pussy aching to be filled by you after all the amazing foreplay we have talked about. My knickers are lace and very sticky with juices that have been flowing all day long. I keep sliding my hand into them to taste and smell my sex juices imagining your hands playing with my pussy through my panties. The idea of you moving them to one side to finger me dee… Read more

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Top to thinking about dom play Gay

My first time to play as a top, leads me to find I quite like being a littel bossy !…

I should have been working, but well the “work from home” self--discipline slipped! I started browsing online on a few hook up sites, I guess like many of you, there are always lots of waste of timers. Then my wife said she was away earlier that I had thought, boom suddenly Friday could be a full on “not work from home, but play from home “. So that afternoon/evening was looking for some fun.
So I started trying to line up a play. (My pr… Read more

Soft swing gone hard Swinging

Never too old to swap .…

I’m Joe I am 57 .
My wife Moira is 52 yr old redhead
We always had a very good sex life and now that the kids have flown the nest we have become more adventurers and enjoy porn , and a little BDSM .

We have often talked about swapping but never took it any further !
A couple of months ago Moire told me that her friend at work Barbara
had told her she and her partner Tony had tried it a couple of times and enjoyed it.
Barbara had sugg… Read more

My first time fun with another man Fact

Marriage fantasies turn to reality on holiday in the Canary Islands with a younger man.…

Our married life has been good, but like many the sex had gone stale and infrequent. My sexual needs as an early 40’s woman had risen, so I was more and more unsatisfied and although I turned to self pleasure daily, and had a variety of fun toys to use, it still wasn’t enough.

So I told my husband Phil I needed more sex from him. To cut a long story short we ended up discussing fantasies and our sex life picked up. He confessed he loved sh… Read more

Mallorca surprise Threesome

Hotel fun…

I was working for a week in Mallorca and thought I would look throught the meet section to see if anyone was around. I found a couple who were there at the same time and dropped them a line. To my delight I got a reply!
They were going to be in a neighbouring hotel so we agreed to meet for a drink and see what happened. As I was waiting in the bar a couple walked past, him English and she was asian, quite short and a really nice curvy body, she … Read more

cup final challenge Fact

first time dogging on my own…

I have been dogging outdoors with my husband for many years. We have met fetishists, straight, bisexuals, TV's, subs, doms, from all walks of life. We have had some great times and have many stories we could tell. One springs to mind, we were staying in Northants and it was cup final day. Knowing I wasn't much interested in football, my fella set me a task, to go out on my own and bring him a photo back of what I had been up to. So armed with a P… Read more

Single man to meet woman Fact

Meet at a park…

Well I thought why not try one of those dating sites you know lady seeks male for fun. There I was wondering was this for real or some such rubbish that would be a waste of time.
I wrote down my profile not expecting a huge reply after all I was at an age to know that it was me an older man, not realising
That some women like older men. I do know now though..
After a couple of days there it was a message in my in box I was hesitant in opening … Read more

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Secret fantasy Threesome

Didn’t see that coming…

For a while now I’ve had a fantasy of being watched by another couple whilst I give my hubby oral. We were hot and horny one summers night and went for a drive out. I’d had a few drinks in the house and gently teased my hubbys cock in the car. I got him so hard he was begging me to take it out and suck on it. So me bring me I did and he had to slow down and pull over. I loved licking and sucking his hatd cock as he tried to get at my ass. He… Read more

The ex that prefers woman Fact

My BI ex opens my eyes…

My wife and I had been married for 5 years before we divorced because I found out she preferred women to men. Amy is attractive, a little too skinny and flat chested but to begin with was great fun to be with and we lived each other. Pretty soon after we met I noticed that she had certain ideas as far as sex was concerned. We went on holiday a couple of times a year and each time she would befriend some woman, either single or the wife of a … Read more

The Reluctant Wife Fact

An orgasm on a train for my shy wife…

Unlike many stories on the site that I enjoy this story doesn’t have any huge cocks or squirting wife’s but it is true and it is hopefully the start of something new for my wife.
Firstly a little about Elle she is a trim size 10 with great 34c breasts with very sensitive nipples that love to be sucked and pinched.
Elle was brought up by very conservative parents so when we married she had very reserved views on sex, over the years I have t… Read more

something new Fact

first time…

sex was great in the early days but after 12 years it was getting stale and unexciting. We had gone through the stages of sex toys and sexy knickers and we wanted something new. I decided to take a trip into town to a local sex store and browse around, I told Moira that I would look in the shop and see what was on offer. There was the usual stuff nothingreally exciting except a very large dido that took my eye. I carried on looking around and… Read more

Hubbys best friend pt2 Fact

Fantasy come true… I grasped Lee's cock in my hand and began to massage his balls in the other hand I could feel his cock throbbing. I started to gently stroke his cock up and down while looking at him. His eyes were fixed on mine and I could hear him starting to breath heavier as he was enjoying it. After a couple of minutes I leant in towards his cock ready to suck on it. As I ran my tongue up and down his hard shaft and gave his bulging purple head a li… Read more

Self Service Cuckold

Wife organises her own fun…

I was back home after work when my phone rang. I am delighted to hear my wife at the other end. She sounded very excited and I was amused, intrigued as to the cause of an unexpected contact and her doubtless excitement, you could tell by the rapid barrage as she spilled the news that she had been chatted up by a really nice looking guy who was in town working as a shop fitter in the new complex. They met as she ordered coffee at a nearby stall… Read more

First time threesome with a milf Swinging

A threesome…

MmIt’s Friday night a hot dry summers evening. The guests have arrived and are settled in the bar. A glass of wine for her and a beer for him

Business has been slow so we have closed the bar but they will enjoy the evening with the hotel to themselves and her wish is his command. The reservation had been for two and we had met in the drive as he parked his daka 990 off road mean bike in my driveway. Martin is his name and I introduced myself… Read more

it finally happend part 2 Cuckold

old family friend comes to stay…

Part 2
It finally happened
Old Fred

now I know my wife likes to be fucked, but I'm not allowed to talk to her about it, and she still blames me for what happened in Florida, which is driving me crazy, it has been nearly 3 years since Florida and she has shown no signs of doing it again much to my disappointment, but all that changed about 4 months ago. I had just got in from work when our house phone rang, it was my aunt pat, she told me my… Read more

Centre of Attention BDSM

From dream to reality...…

Her trust in her lover was beyond question.

She loved losing herself in his intoxicating imagination and unabashed sexuality. Her needs were never forgotten, her limits always explored and the memories lasted long beyond the morning after the night before... tonight was another of those nights.

His hands caressed her back, tracing her spine from her neck to the v of her buttocks, as she arched herself akin to a cat being stroked.… Read more

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Celebration Fact

I ended up in a sticky situation…

I work at a secondary school (on reception) and have got myself into a sticky (but lovely) situation.

Over the recent half term I was in covering the office whilst a few teachers came in and out, running revision sessions and the such. I didn’t really have much to do so ended up just looking at my phone most of the day. I’m single (divorced) and have been for 3 years. I’m 45 now. I date quite a lot and have loved exploring my sexualit… Read more

Diary of s sex addict2 Swinging

A simple fantasy…

I have wanted to share a fantasy with you for sometime but never found the right opportunity so by posting this story makes it all the more possible

Many years ago I was a guest at an orgy in a hotel in sandton. It was organized by a couple for her benefit and was very well attended although not everyone was able to perform under the spotlight so I never did find out if she broke her record . I know that I fucked her and also managed to fuck … Read more

Meeting Elizabeth and Steve Pt2 Erotic

Part 2…

Meeting Elizabeth and Steve Pt2
A Younger guy got up from a group sat opposite and came across to where Elizabeth and I were seated, Sorry he said, Do I know you? I said no I don’t think so. To which Elizabeth said “maybe, I come to Brighton quite a lot”. That sent my mind swirling with the idea that the two of them do this quite a bit. The guy smiled and went back to his group. There was a lot of staring and a few giggles that would’ve … Read more

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My new life TV

I start a new life as a girl with a man I have only just met.…

This was it, I stood shaking and wondered if I was finally mad, that said I guess all dates start with a first meeting of some description, nor was it like I had moved to another continent like you read about, with some internet relationships. No i was just going from Derby to Rugby no more than 60 miles the long way. this is at least what I told myself, that and the fact i would get to live as I had wanted for so long.

Well I bet you are won… Read more

The Unlikely Stud 2 Fact

35 years ago…

Thanks for the comments I hope you enjoy this part as well

Once again I posted this story years ago under another user name. As before the action happened about 35 years ago so some of the details are for the narrative and of course the names etc. have been changed. However, the content is substantially true

One afternoon Annie said “Simon I have a friend who would like to see your ring and. well you know feel it too”
Annie was refe… Read more

71 year old ruins wife Fact

Old guy fucks the wife but always have rules.…

I’m Phil, I’m 55 and married to Nicola who’s 45. I retired a little while ago and live with my wife in a very nice apartment in an old Victorian manor house, the relevance of this will become apparent.
My wife and I are the youngest people living in the building, the next age up to us are Joan and Arthur, Joan is 60 and Arthur is 71 and he is a classic ‘dirty old man’.
My wife and I have only ever ‘swapped’ once before when we … Read more

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