older woman Erotic

two weeks of love part 1…

i left school in 1975,was a virgin until i was 18.two fucks later i started going steady with a girl same age.
thats when we started experimenting, ya know all the first time stuff like her sucking me off, me licking her pussy.
her swallowing my cum and me licking her ass.
my parents were going away mid june for 2 weeks, YES 2 weeks of non stop fucking.being able to sleep together all night,fuck in the morning afternoon and night.yipeeeee
the… Read more

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First crossdresser Cross Dressing

Not what you would expect in a tight white dress.…

When I was in my twenties we used to go to a club in Soho called Madame Jo Jo’s. The first time I went I thought the waitresses looked so tall and glamorous. I was with a lovely long haired girl and we had swapped jeans as she liked the rips in mine. Hers were indigo and I liked them and as she was very tall so they fitted fine. We were dancing and I felt someone touch my bum. I looked round and it was a petite blonde girl in a tight white dres… Read more

My wonderful wife Fact

My wife changes my life in a horny dirt way.…

I’m going to tell you how my beautiful and wonderful wife has changed my life and made sex so exciting.
I’m 45, my wife who I’ll call Clair is 35. She is beautiful and sexy and funny and so confident it scares me. We had a great sex life but there was something missing. We both wanted to do something naughty and exciting but never did anything about it until Clair just did.
Clair loved Anal sex but because I have a thick cock, she ha… Read more

school fun Fact

Sheer filth…

Way back when I first started teaching, I worked with a colleague that had that glint in her eye. We kind of flirted and yapped for years without me really thinking much of it. It took until a few years after she'd married, then her marriage hit the skids, for us to get onto the topic of fucking. My colleague then was to the point and said she wished she'd not married her bastard husband and that I was far more her type. Far more east going, good… Read more

My sexual experience enhanced Part 2 Fact

My Husband gets his wish…

I Kissed Mike goodnight outside the Hotel and had to stop him biting my neck . I made my way to the lifts and went up to my room I tried to open the door quietly and as I entered I could see the bedside lights were on I looked around the corner and saw that Emily was lying on her back on the bed stark naked but fast asleep. She had the patio windows wide open but it was still really hot. I turned and went into the bathroom As I got undressed I co… Read more

Train2 Fact

Moving on…

My adventure on the train had left me with a different out look on sex, I Wan ked many times thinking of them, I wanted more,but I fear this was a one off, where do you go?
We met at her station and took a short bus ride to the pub, we sat in the garden, And I gave her a kiss, while running my hand up her skirt, something I'd never done before in a public place.
She didn't seem to mind, I passed her stockings and found her knickers,I rubbed her… Read more

Wife brings her friend home Fact

True story when the wife went bi…

My wife Sara and I along with our two children live in a small town just outside of Sheffield. On a weekend all the local pubs are packed and it is a really good night.

Last Friday our kids were at their grand parents as I was out in chesterfield with a couple of friends and the wife was out with her friend Erica who’s divorce had just come through and found herself living alone in a flat in Sheffield.

Anyway I got home just after midnig… Read more

Voluptuous woman i love Fact

I have to be politically correct but plus women do it for me…

Im sure other men can relate to my story but as a fit early 30s professional man and i can have the pick of women and i have , stunning , fit with muscles , small and big boobs , blonde , red , black even bald, tattooed, body piercings, small , tall , coloured i have dabbled but i have always had a big thing about plus sized women , they do it for me .
Years ago we paid for a “kissogram” for a mates birthday , i didnt know they had booked … Read more

Soon to be Ex-Wife brings home a lover Fact

Hot Ex-Wife…

After reading the recent great posting from RetReg, “Turned on by Sounds of Sex”, I found myself in the same position, after 35 years of marriage we had very amicably decided to separate and live together until our house was sold, which was taking a lot longer that we had anticipated.

During this time, I had the feeling that Angela was becoming very close to a guy she kept bumping into at her gym, as it was George did this and said this an… Read more

My Cuck Life Cuckold

My wife has never been satisfied with my cock…

My life as a cuckold started before I married. I met my wife when we had a blind date set up by a work friend. She was beautiful and I really fell hard for her. She would never allow me to fuck her but would let me go down on her and jerk me off when she had enough. This made me want he even more. She wasn't a virgin. She told me she had had sex with other men before me. I wasn't sure why she refused me intercourse. She always said it would ru… Read more

A strange request .............. but i was game Fact

Luckly im not shy…

Mine is a unusual story but an exciting one , my mother always said i was a good catch “ a keeper” for the right girl.
I am 20 into lots of sports , rugby and basic intense gymn training are my favourites.
Then on a night out with the lads i bumped into Chloe and her mates , she was very pretty , a great sense of humor with a lot of witt .
The more drink the more merry and vocal she became.
We hit it off and exchanged mobile numbers a few… Read more

A chance meeting turned into a FF bicurious moment : Part2 Erotic

I wanted more and by god i got it…

Firstly thank you to all your comments and advice -
after my 1st time girl/girl moment with Sharron , i got a message from her saying she was in the area and did i fancy a meet up on Monday, i said ok but ive got things to do , we arranged to meet in the multi story car park , she said message her when your close , she had a red BMW, i message her and she left a voice message , it said its my turn for pleasure open the car back door and you wi… Read more

Vibrating panties dare Fact

I thought the sensation would be nice and mild .........how wrong i was…

I am lucky i have a gorgeous girlfriend shes 29 and “a head turner” she oozes confidence and sexuality, being a modern more assertive woman she was up for anything in the bedroom department, we had tried 3somes FMM and FFM with a professional agency.
Katie is fun to be with and we have discussed our fantasies many times, but one funny experience i brought Katie pair of vibrating panties that were controlled with a app on your mobile.
The ch… Read more

shocking cuckhold Fact

Spanish lad decides when I can fuck my wife.…

I’m 57 and married to the beautiful Carol who is 55. Despite being 55 and having had 3 kids ( all grown up now) Carol has a great body. She goes to the gym 3 times a week and is very careful what she eats so has the figure of a woman 20 years younger. Our story starts 3 years ago when we went to Spain to live due to my work for just over 12 months. Carol and I had never even considered swapping or anything like it so what happened was sh… Read more

End Of The Road 2 cont. Swinging

More than we planned…

In the car Jan poured us some coffee from the flask, and we put a motown tape on, both still excited over recent events.
Getting dark now and the few cars that were there were gradually being driven off.
I said what a turn on it was when she exposed herself to the guy who was watching and I thought it odd when she suddenly decided we should move on. She told me she was getting really horny and wanted to see how things panned out, but something … Read more

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A chance encounter - which may lead to more...? BDSM

How do I end up going from shopping for groceries to talking about school spankings with a stranger in a car park ?!…

I like to think - and am often told by others, that I am a friendly, outgoing, gregarious person by nature.

Sometimes, my willingness to talk to pretty much anyone does lead me to some strange places.

I was shopping last night ... Just a few things needed from my local Waitrose store, and upon leaving to go to my car, I saw a young woman, with an young girl - maybe nine or ten years old crossing towards her own car.
The Child was obviously… Read more

My Saturday Afternoon’s Fact

Myself and my lover and his two friends.…

We are a 40’s couple. It’s been a good marriage, very happy but I suspect like many others we both got a little bored. It wasn’t that bad that we wanted to separate and end it. We just wanted something more and some thrill.

I won’t bother to explain how it happened but we were both honest. I met someone and he became my lover. My husband knew from the start and supported me. I have had the same lover for over a year now and it wo… Read more

My sexual experience enhanced Fact

My husband gets his wish…

I am Gemma and have just turned 25 my husband of 5 years is Tim who is 28 and we have a 3 year old daughter . We have been together for 10 years now and I lost my virginity to him on my 19th Birthday But he had at least 3 other girlfriends before me. I am 5'7" tall with Black hair and green eyes . I have upset him quite a lot as I will not wear the sexy undies he keeps buying me and only wear M&S full knickers mainly white but Black when its my t… Read more

Hackney park oral fun with a labourer Fact

I do like a manual worker…

It's been a while since I've been to London fields years ago it used to be a great place for cruising and the park toilets were good for glory hole fun but that has all changed , but I was in Hackney I went for a walk around the park but nothing happening so I decided to have a pint in the Pub on the park.

The weather was a little chilly so I sat outside any way 2 pints later I went to the gents as I entered there was a middle aged man there I… Read more

Feeling Flushed Gay


I have just been out dogging in the usual spot. I sucked and wanked a guy in a camper van nice ! I had taken a 100 mg blue tablet and was as hard as nails. 6 and 3/4 inches with huge bell end ready to fuck who ever came along. 2 guys drove in, one with bald head and wearing a kilt. he was shaved and well hung and shaved. they wasted no time, the one clothed guy was hitting the others cock and he stood showing his erection , twitchi… Read more

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ON THE BEACH Threesome

Fun in the sun…

I had been exchanging messages with Steve and Julie for some time before they came on holiday to the Greek island where I live. Nothing looked too promising, they were asking about nudist beaches and the like. They had a couple of different threads on the go and I had replied on each one.

Then out of the blue I got a message from them, they had a car for a few days and had travelled down to the south coast where nearly all the nudist beaches a… Read more

Nipple play is my thing Erotic

I can orgasm just with playing with my nipples…

I am in my mid 30s i am bi when the moment arrives but my thing is i get my arousal fix just by playing with my nipples , i have sensitive nipples and without touching my pussy i can come.
When i am having sex with my boyfriend he things he is a fucking me good but its the tweaking of my nips that gets me to the “alleluia” moment.
Some of my lover male and female i have told then to concentrate on my boobs , alone i do like to put my pussy … Read more

Not all experiences are orgasmic moments Fact

Some stories paint a rose tinted moments to remember .....…

I cant lie some of the stories are very erotic and get the juices flowing , wether its a man with a 10” cock or a woman that gets used in all holes on their first date - the stories are titalation for the reader and that is ok if you click the fiction button .
Yes ive had some horny moments are are kept in my brain “wank bank” but my story's of when things happen that you have to erase from any moment ( and im sure we have all has them )
Read more

Son's best mate Fact

Sexy josh…

This happened last year and was a wonderful, if very. Aughts time. I was forty four years old, married (still am) to an older guy who encourages me to fuck other guys. I have looked after myself, still do some part time modelling, toned 36d2435 body and very very highly sexed. We are lucky enough to live in a lovely five bedroomed house in Wimbledon. Work as a public relations advisor and work a lot from home.

Last year our son was going to un… Read more

Am i the only one Erotic

I am a 29 girl and i love watching porn…

Everyone has their little kinks , turn ons mine is porn , i was introduced to it because my brother left a movie on pause on his laptop after a drunken night out.
I was mesmerized by the super gorgeous girls and the hunky big dicked hunks.
The girls are so damn sexy , big boobs and stunning bodies.
My porn choices have changed the older im getting , first it was MF , then 3somes then more somes.
Then orgies , then girl on girl , then bondage … Read more

Whilst Michelle is fucking Tim Fact

Michelle's first black cock…

Whilst Tim is destroying my wife upstairs and I am playing with my cock, just come again!
Its 2am I thought I would share a party we went to towards s the end of 1980 when Michelle ended up fucking her first BBC.
The party had been going all night and we had been in the kitchen enjoying some drinks, Michelle had took her knickers off and I was sat on the floor at her feet and she had her legs open and I was licking her cunt.
We had heard nois… Read more

Just gets better Gay

Where from here…

It had been 3 months since my last experience with Roger. I was hoping he would phone but he knew I was married and so I thought he wasn’t interested in a repeat. Then I bumped into him and his new partner at a garden party. We exchanged pleasantries and he introduced me to Richard who was in his early fifties slim and tall. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Roger on his own so ended up leaving the party thinking “ oh well that’s that “… Read more

If wanking was an Olympic sport Fact

Just historic, I'd probably represent the UK.…

When I was much younger, one could find a regular supply of porn mags in amongst the bushes in local parks, occasionally on the back seat of a bus sometimes in toilets. The stories used to amaze me, always getting an erection and immediately cracking one off.
Fast forward several decades and I have discovered my new source of wanking material in the pages of swinging heaven.
I'd like to thank the people who help me release my man juice on a fai… Read more

Dilemma friend with benefits........but i want more Gay

I know hes married and i knew the consequences....but…

I am Brendan which i hate my close friends call me “ brizzee” anyway i am in a friends with benefits relationship with Rob ( for the story not his real name ) his persona to his friends is he is a mans man , rugby , sweaty , rugged caveman type , i am gay and as a big group , we have plenty of laughs then after a crazy weekend i had a hissy fall out with my then boy friend and i asked could i stay at Robs on his couch , with more alcohol, Rob… Read more

A chance meeting turned into a FF bicurious moment Erotic

I knew she was trying to seduce me but i wanted her…

This is a short story, last Monday i dropped my daughter off at school , the normal eye contact with other mums & dads saying hello , i had to go to shopping in town , i had a bit of time on my hands so i thought get a coffee and catch up with friends on facebook . Then in walked one of the Mums from school , i remembered her face but not her name , she got her coffee then she said hi , she asked could she join me , we chatted about nothing , tal… Read more

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