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The swinging lifestyle engages singles and partners in relationships to engage in sexual practices with a variety of other partners. Many people choose this lifestyle who have a sexual drive that requires different fulfilment than what they currently have.

Swinging is seen as a healthy outlet that can help increase the quality, quantity and variety of sex. Swinging can take place in the privacy of many homes, hotels, swinging clubs and safe private outdoor areas like dogging locations.

Having friends with benefits, experiencing life-changing encounters, or finally relishing a long-standing curiosity - let other readers enjoy your swinging story.


The game becomes increasingly dangerous

We left our horny players in a possible bind but what will occur next? Well…you’re just about to find out so let’s crack on. FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS EXCEPT WHEN THEY’RE NOT. BHWANG! The note echoed ominously throughout the house. Every time the gong or wh...


Juicy Lusy

One got away, Lucy fucked

Lucy was not her real name, but only her parents used her real name and while Jane told me that much no one would tell me her real name, but Lucy happened the following day. The pre-hen party was the day of our arrival, and I was invited. We used three ta...


Anya Returned

Irina went out for sugar and I got Anna's honey pot

Anya had joined us early January but she had avoided us or talking with Irina about what happened. The next time I saw her to talk to was when she came to our home. Irina invited her in and seeing she was nervous I went out to buy sugar which we never nee...

This chapter follows for our passionate night of fun in Chapter 4, published on 13th February The early morning light was filtering through into the caravan as I woke, my eyes adjusted to the new day. It was about 7.30. Helen, totally naked next to me, la...

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French Beaches from the Past Pt 3, Chapter 4

Things hot up with a full swap

This part follows on from part 3, published on 5th Feb, so worth reading the earlier parts if this is your first time to this part 3 of my French beach stories. . All characters are real, location real, events real but names changed. 'Now where were we?'...

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French Beaches from the Past Pt 3, Chapter 3 (long)

Follow on from Chapter 2, 16th Nov '23

Story involves me and my partner Gee, Chris and Helen, who have been going through a rough patch and wanted to try out sex with others, and Paul and Meg, shy newly weds. See previous chapters for the full story to date. Saturday.... another hot sparkling...

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As we all remember we left our couples trapped in the house but also trapped on the board, unable to move. What gives, man? Well all the answers are here now in the next scintillating chapter of our latest sprawling saga. WOULD ALL THE PLAYERS PLEASE STAN...


Valentines Party

Expectations of Valentine’s 2024. My wife and I are booked to go to a swingers event in central London on 14 February 2024. This is the build up and my expectations of the evening. Enjoy.

My wife, decided that we would go to a swingers ball on Valentine’s Evening. In preparation for the event we organised lingerie for her. Push up bra, stockings and suspender belt. No knickers. She had lost so many pairs from previous full swaps I stopped...

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Our second full swap

Wife gets more adventurous and takes things to the next level

My wife secretly organised a couple for us to meet. A bisexual lady and her husband - a tall blonde and athletic man. I tell the story from my perspective. You and I met for dinner at a restaurant bar in London and I thought it was a regular date night. O...

HORNMANJI: The game for couples continues

The next three turns in this saucy game

Welcome, welcome, welcome back to the second part of this big adventure. We left our game explorers trapped in the house of Art and Amy and locked into playing the game, down to their underwear. Will they manage to get out of their predicament in one piec...

HORNMANJI: a game for adventurous couples - part 1

The adventure begins for three unsuspecting couples

So, the clue is in the title as to what inspired this one. Needless to say we’re in for a magical, fun-filled, sex-even-more-filled adventure, although that said it may feel like more of a slow-burn compared with previous stories. Let me know what you thi...

Sharing my wife with strangers.

Some of our hottest experiences came by total surprise.

We'd been married for three years and had been swingers for most of that time. Lynn was an avid exhibitionist and exposed herself to my friends when we were at home, and everyone possible when we were out of town. We had gone to a convention out of town a...


It only took a moment

but Paul was loverly

I don't recall if I told you when I opened an account here, but I will tell you when I first met from the site. It was after the visit to the club. I looked for a man close to us. It took a long time to find someone I liked, then I told Paul. “Do you want...


Paul took me to a club. He told me it was where I could find random men, but there were none I liked, they were all too full on or weak. We did meet June and Keith. “What are you looking for?” Keith asked. “We were looking for a cock.” Paul told him. “......