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Fucked Stories


Turned Jill into a slut

The lad continued to plow Jill's pussy for a further few minutes before he groaned and buried his cum in Jill's pussy.

I had always fantasized about seeing Jill being fucked by another man but had no idea how to ask her for it. Even though we had been married for eight years it felt like a taboo subject. Then we were watching a film on TV where the man sent his wife out t...


Hypnotized and fucked.

Rosanna bet that I couldn't hynotize her, and if I could I still couldn't get in her panties.

After a lot of training I became a qualified hypnosis working in the health service. Instead of lots of drugs, it is used to control pain and to help people stop smoking and has several other uses. As I was training, I would attend the nurses parties. To...


Horsing around

Valeria rode the horse around my workshop

I was in my workshop when my daughter yelled at me that there was someone at the front door for me. The visitor was quite an elegant looking woman in her early forties at a guess. I asked what she wanted and she answered, "Darren tells me that you can man...


Amazing things come in all sizes

We had our 1st 3some I was being fucked from behind as I was licking on a pussy

I am Chrissie 31 and i have dwarfism , yes i had challenges growing up , this isn’t the time to get the violins out and tell you all how my life as been , I get on with it , lucky for me i have a great personality ( well thats what my friends say ) , i di...

Shusssh mums the word

Tales of a doorman

I’m bi and I’ve dabbled with men & woman : ( anything goes )

A few years ago I worked as a doorman , working for a agency in the North West , merseyside , Lancashire , Manchester , hardwork , I also did security work in the 02 , great working with professionals, but it was the sex that blew my mind , the later into...

Can’t get enough

Cruising for big cock

Sometimes you get what you wish for

This happened a year or so ago but still makes me so horny i cant stop thinking about it... and i've since lost contact with the guys involved so i'm hoping that aswell as turning on you HORNY guys out there it will also be read by them and they might wan...

Paul D

So after my previous update My successful wife in which my wife Wendy had finally turned into a slut after we had a foursome with a thug called Dan and his girlfriend Emily, so my story ended with Dan and Emily leaving and as they did Dan invited W to a l...

Mother & Daughter

Controlling mother gets put in her place

On camera I watched her mother get fucked by Juan

My fiancé has a controlling family , they have no idea about privacy and they use our home like a hotel , so start with I should have grown a pair of balls and told them straight , I didn’t but I did put my foot down. One time my mum had sent flowers , Li...

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Wife and girlfriend turn into spunky sluts

Took wife and girlfriend dogging just to suck cock and regretted it

I was stood in the kitchen with Gemma sucking my cock. I was almost ready to cum, when my wife walked in. At first all she could see was me as Gemma was hidden behind the breakfast bar. As Ann walked to the fridge , Gemma came into her sight. "Hi Gemma, l...