Stella's gangbang in Paris Groups

My wife was preparing for a business trip to France with her boss. She was staying overnight and was packing a small case. Some revealing outfits and a couple of pairs of sexy hold-ups, as she put them in and skimpy underwear she gave me a grin.
She had been fucking her boss for a couple of years and had recently cuckolded me by letting him fuck her in front of me in our bed. He took my wife anally and culminated in him nutting in her pussy and… Read more

Going with the flow 2 Groups

Ok after writing briefly about a meeting we had a few weeks ago and the positive responses I received, last night we meet the couple again.
Things are still rather fresh and mixed up a little, but I'll try and give as many details as I can.
I wrote primarily to get some opinions to help me get my head around the situation because we had already arranged last nights meeting! My wife had been so keen to arrange another meeting with the other coup… Read more

Milly & Andi Part Two - Further Adventures Groups

Milly and Andi, A night out on holiday

After the evening when I had shaved both of the girls pubes down to nothing and we had spent some time fucking together, this being the very first time for Andi having sex with another man other than her husband Derick, we did spend a second night together in my and Milly’s bed. Andi was telling Milly how she had learnt the trick of using her pussy muscles to grip hard onto my cock when being fucked and… Read more

Going with the flow Groups

Hey we're a early 40's couple who are very new to swapping/sharing and have certainly never written about it, so please excuse any errors.
Brief intro I guess, I'm 43 dark hair 5'11", pretty average build and around 8". My wife is 40, a redhead with a fantastic curvy size 8/10 figure and 32f boobs.
Anyway the fantasies have been going for years, but we've only recently moved forward. Our first time meeting another couple went perfectly (apart f… Read more

Solo female dogging Groups

My first story had a few comments on what part of Yorkshire I go dogging. So thought I would tell you about the time I visited the car park near the brodsworth pit. Like always I chose a outfit I could expose myself easily in or take off with out fast. I chose a press stood denim dress black hold ups and a red glossy mesh underwear set. I drove to the car park and was gutted to see no other cars there. So set off on a walk round the paths to see… Read more

I had split with my boyfriend but needed sex so try dogging on my own Groups

I suppose I needed to start by saying I have always loved public sex and exposing myself. I had just split with my boyfriend of 2 years and had always enjoyed dogging with him and sex in public. and one night was sat on my own gagging for a bit of attention and thought sod it im going solo. I headed up stairs picked out my outfit a short wrap dress stockings and my favourite black knickers and bra. I was a little nervous about heading out with ou… Read more

The first time I took on a group Groups

Me and my fella did this thing around once a month where he would shave my pussy pick out my clothes and then tell me to drive to a random pub and then send him the details when I had got my first drink. He always said he liked wondering what I was up to when he was making his way there. Sometimes a man would come over and buy me a drink and he would sit and watch me flirt from the bar. Then one time he was stood outside the toilets when I came o… Read more

first times sexy experience Groups

We go to a gay bar and have a chat with a gay couple the talk turns to sex and they say they have always fantasised about women and bi sexual men and so we get kinky sharing thoughts and we end up going home together. We are all very nervous and things are a bit awkward at first but I kiss u and take of your clothes and I say ...shall we go to bedroom ?. You are naked and it's not long before the guys are too , we talk a bit about sex and what tu… Read more

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We accidentally go dogging Groups

This all took place after a friends wedding. Ben was driving and i told him to pull into the next lay by has i needed a pee. He pulled into the car park for a country park and i jumped straight leaving the car door open and took a pee. I could see ben smiling at me and has i stood up he said why dont you leave your knickers off and we will have a play about in the car. I pulled my knickers off my feet and chucked them at him in the car calling h… Read more

my two coworkers Groups

i went to an office function recently. my hubby was called away on business,so couldnt join me. i was feeling really horny too...perhaps had too much drink..danced a lot..danced with a young guy form work..he is soo cute..danced with his room mate too..the party broke up , they invited me to go clubbing..i thought hell why about 2 am i was ready to leave .i got into my puffy coat and headed for the door..they intercepted me..asked if i wa… Read more

Claire the reluctant slut. Groups

The past few weeks with Claire have been interesting still reluctant still a little shy but learning to do as shes told, brings out the best in her. The initial date broke the ice getting her used to the idea that if she wants adventure and an escape from pathetic boyfriends fucking her missionary then apologising as they cum too quickly the alternative was risky dates with a biker and one or two of his friends. She had heard the tails read the … Read more

The Caravan Groups

This story took place a long time ago my wife is now fifty. At the time of this story she was twenty two and a real stunner.My mother and father had a caravan In Millisle Co Down. It was the July fortnight and we went down to stay just my wife and I.
We were young just married and very randy. Back in the day the caravans did not have electric, no tv and sex was the main entertainment.
In Northern Ireland we light bone fires on the night of 1… Read more

No need to be polite just use her hard! Would be rude not to. Groups

The title says it all once people know what your into or read one or two of your stories they occasionally contact you and request strange or unusual scenarios. Brian had read some of our adventures and knew where to find us on a Saturday night so introduced himself and asked if I could bring a friend and pop round to his house the following Saturday evening. Gail his partner was a rather attractive girl in her late 30s always well dressed and po… Read more

Lodge Holiday Groups

This is a true account with a little bit of imagination added.

We all went down to Cornwall for a weeks holiday in a lodge on a well known resort park.

I could only stay for four days as I needed to return to work on the Wednesday. Well the week was good and lots of fun was had by the whole family, Wednesday came and I needed to leave & that's when the real fun began...

Thursday afternoon Liz rang me and said the washing machine was le… Read more

Last gang-bang Groups

Mari and I have been together for 10 years last Monday and married for almost 3 of those. We had a fantastic day on Monday. It started off early in the morning, with me licking her amazing cunt to orgasm. Then she sucked me off, sucking me hard and squeezing my balls so I didn’t come too quickly. After that we 69’d and both came together. She squirted and I filled her mouth with creamy, white spunk. We kissed and cuddled for a while and both … Read more

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A Saturday to remember for a few of the Lads and a slut with a pasion for group sex Groups

Carrie Anne was working late at the old folks home but told me she would be showered and ready to go by 9 o'clock at the latest. Her boy friend was posted overseas and not due back for another six weeks she was getting fucked by one of the lads that had a horse beside hers but this was not what she craved she had been around the biker community before and had been used to getting well used by the lads prior to meeting her latest boyfriend. Hes no… Read more

Gang bang at swingers club - true story Groups

As we wallowed naked in the Jacuzzi. I was conscious that I wasn't the only one gazing on her gorgeous body. She climbed and spread her legs across mine so her pussy rubbed against ny diddy cock. It wasn't long before a good looking guy sidle up behind her and began to stroke her arse.

As she didn't object his hands crept round and massaged her rigid nipples and her opening cunt. She began to moan audible attracting the attention of other si… Read more

Cycling has its benefits Groups

June time I like to go for a weeks holiday to Mallorca and spend some time bike riding.

In common with most cyclists I'll shave my legs but for the holiday I'll shave all over.

Anyway my days are normally the same. Get up early, go for a ride and then find a nude beach to sunbathe in the afternoon. Over the week I'd try different beaches.

On this day I finish my ride, get in the car and drive to one of the beaches that requires a longer … Read more

First time Groups

Always found myself incredibly turned on by the thought of watching another couple have sex close up. I've checked a few websites and finally got up the courage to visit a site this week.

I drove up to the Wisley site and parked up next to a couple in a car. So horny, but equally hesitant, they smiled at me and I smiled back.

I spent a bit of time looking at my phone, trying to decide what to do when I noticed a guy from another car wande… Read more

Fun in the Sauna (part 2) Groups

Part 1 of my story was a factual meet with Mr D. Now we have arranged to meet at the sauna, part 2 is fiction and based on what could or maybe what I'd like to happen when I meet Mr D for the second time....

I was in Sainsbury's when my phone bleeped for an email. Maybe Mr D has read my story detailing our meet. He has! 'Loved your story, and I need to fuck you soon. We'll meet at Pleasuredrome waterlooo east and we can hire a private room the… Read more

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Strip Poke Her Groups

I was 19 and had only had sex with 2 different men, the latter of which was a bit older than me and quite adventurous. Richard had invited his friend Mark out with us one night and after a few drinks at the local bar we all went back to his place. A game of strip poker was suggested and I was surprisingly very up for it, up until we wete all completely naked and I began to feel self-concious. I was trying miserably to keep my bits as concealed as… Read more

Sturgis bike week and our own private slut. Groups

Enjoying the sun been out on the bikes most of the afternoon we returned to the club house in need of a cold beer and a seat.
The local lads had been looking after us really well all week a few parties a couple of late nights strippers a floor show or two with a couple of the hang around making sure bears were cool and balls were empty.
Around 4 pm in walks one of the lads with a young mid twenties long dark hair and a really short dress legs t… Read more

I cock sucker part 4 Groups

Party Time…

I arrived at the address on the paper. My heart was in my mouth when I rang the doorbell.
Ken answers the door “Come in “I’m shown into a front room my costume is on a table.
“The other guests will be here in 90 minutes or so. Please change into the clothing on the table”
“If you need any help please call me or Heather”
The whole outfit is leather. One of my favorite materials. I strip and put my stuff on a sideboard
I pick u… Read more

The Party Groups

We had been invited by Sians favourite fb to a party. So we got to this house with a hot tub, snooker room loads of other rooms to play in.we got there and went to the kitchen to drop our drinks of and make ourselves a drink. The host makes the best punch we grabbed a couple and started talking to the other guests. It was obvious that Sian was probably only going to play with Steve as the majority of the me were old and not that good looking. N… Read more

Imagination Groups

Well where to start, I was invited to a bloke’s house he said he was just having some friend over. So I turned up a little after the time he said, not wanting to be the first.
When I went in there were about 10 blokes and a couple of women. A couple of drinks later I was talking to a bloke and was talking about what we like to do with other people.
He said he enjoyed being naked and enjoyed the freedom of letting his cock hang loose.
I sai… Read more

Edinburgh Bike Show a few white wines and a slut eager to please. Groups

It can be the greatest feeling on earth watching your wife tease the fuck out of someone bending a little too far showing a bit of leg or a flash of her knickers when she wares them. Always makes guys do a double take when you tell them you don't mind in fact its a turn on cause at some point during the evening she will suck or fuck me to the most amazing orgasm. Last Saturday was no exception but instead of the usual wait till we get back to th… Read more

Rita-Her first all male group Groups

Rita - her first all male group

My story begins in 1989 when I had started my company offering photographic workshops to other enthusiasts. They generally ran over weekends starting on Friday evenings and finishing on Sundays in the afternoon. Our most popular workshops were the glamour based one’s where we often had as many as eight models available for the photographers to work with.

Rita came to work with me as a glamour model in 198… Read more

Jayne-their photographic model Groups

This story about Jayne and me began in early 1979, we had been married for just over 10yrs, if you have read my previous stories you will know that we have had a very varied sex life. Jayne has gone from being a fairly innocent 18yr old when we first married to a multi-orgasmic woman of 29yrs. She enjoys being the center of attention when around men, and has very few inhibitions about her body and her want’s as a women. (Please read Jayne-Innoc… Read more

Use her as you like shes a slut! Groups

Standing at the side of my bike on the phone I was aware of a lady hovering waiting to speak to me she looked friendly enough but a little agitated. I finished my call and she walked over asked if I was busy and proceeded to tell me she had been sent over by her boyfriend. I was a little surprised but curious so asked what I could do for her. We read your posts saw your add and wanted to have some fun if your up for it( I always am) She had been … Read more

Management Update Groups

After what happened a couple of months ago, it was difficult to not mentally undress both Kelly and Michelle when we were working. Looking at them, I would remember the night we had together. The difference now was that I knew what they had under their clothes. My cock had been inside both those wet, shiny and moist cunt’s. Both their lips had been wrapped around my cock, their soft hands wrapped around it, wanking me, softly playing with m… Read more

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