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Secret Welsh Guy

The holiday that ruined my wife

My wife was seduced by another couple (lots of times)

I’d like to add my story to the list of weird shit sex that’s going on. There’s no way I’m going to give any personal details because after you’ve read this, you’ll understand why it has to stay a secret. I’m 36, my wife is 34. When I first met her, I was...

Danny boy

Amazing pregnant sex.

fucking a pregnant women with her husband and my wifes blessing.

Thanks Welsh bull for your story and I agree, weird shot goes on out there because I’ve experienced it. My swinging lifestyle started and ended over a 5 weeks period at the beginning of the year and was a total surprise. My mate’s wife was pregnant and ab...

The Welsh bull

one guys stories.

Some weird stuff goes on out there.

Some of you make comments about how some of the stories are bullshit but I can tell you, there are some weird people out there and they want to do weird things so some of the weirdest stories are probably true and I can tell you that because I’m asked to...

The secret slut

The secret slut

From a naïve wife to a sex addict slut.

Thanks for sharing some of your stories, it encouraged me to share mine. I’m not going to give my name because no one who knows me knows my secret. My first foray into extramarital sex came about in the most ridiculous way you can imagine. And when I tell...

Craig and Shellie.

wife prefers women

How our swingin started with a girl on girl shag.

Our swinging lifestyle started around two years ago and was totally unexpected. My wife and I had sort of hinted to each other that we wanted to have fun in the bedroom and had even hinted at bringing someone else in as well but what actually happened was...

Paul and Tania

from a wank to a pregnant fuck

GF and I start early.

This is a story about my girlfriend and me and our sort of swinging lifestyle with a difference, in that there is no penetrative sex for quite some time but just some weird relationships that we have with people that started after one of those conversatio...

Bobby big dick.

A weird relationship

How an ugly fuck like me gets to fuck a stunner

This is going to sound weird, but I have to tell my story. I’m 58 and I get to fuck an amazing woman, sometimes three or four times a month, depending on how her husband feels but this is the weird thing about it. She is amazing and he is madly in lover w...

The Discrete lad

Stories from the hotel

An insight into the really shocking things that happen in our hotel

I love the stories but some of the doubters out there would be shocked at what goes on in the rea world. I love the stories from the guys who work on board the cruise lines and I know for a fact that what they are saying does go on because I work in the h...

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Barry and Amanda

Our first time

My wife's first and best shag with a stranger.

Hi all. I’m Barry and my wife is Amanda, I’m 51 and Amanda is 45. We’ve enjoyed reading some of your stories and have decided to take the plunge and send one of our own in. We want to tell you how our ‘swinging’ lifestyle stated 5 years ago. Its not a wil...

The dirty boss

Another boss fucking the secretary

The secretary fucks clients for me.

This is sort of a basic boss fucks secretary story but it’s how it started and how it continues that is so hot. I’m a single guy, I’m 45 and own a factory that makes clothes but mainly lingerie. We’re not a big concern as we make luxury items. We are actu...

Tony & Tania

It started with a holiday swap

Flirting leads to weeklong rampant sex

My wife Tina and I are both 45 and have an active sex life with other people but it was my wife’s desperate need to scratch and sexual itch that led us here. We had joked for some time that it would be fun to find out what it was like to sleep with someon...

Tony T

helping fuck his wife

The problems with a younger wife.

This isn’t about swinging but it is about how a 10 year long ‘fuck buddy’ relationship started and is still going strong and why I never re-married, so let me explain. At the time this started in 2010 I was 38, my good friend who I’ll call Brian was 58, h...


Suzie tries a stranger...

Following years of wishing and planning, my wife takes a stranger.

Let me start right at the beginning. This absolutely true account happened about 9 years ago, when my wife was 40 years old, and I was 42. Suzie (her real name) had married me in 1992 and we were very happy; we both worked hard in our demanding profession...

Nigel and the Mrs

our first swap

Courtesy of the boss

Some time ago, just before the original lockdown my wife and I were invited to a party, a party of four. You see, we had decided to try something outrageous and naughty to spice up our lives. We had decided to swap. In fact, we had made the decision about...

Annon wife 45

From a woman's pint of view

Husband opens up a new me at his cost

I notice that most of these stories are from men, about what they get up to or would like to get up to and I have decided to tell you about my sex life, the sex life of a woman. I’m a 45 year old married woman and already my two children have gone off to...