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A long shot

He smiled and said that would definitely be a good idea for me to come along too, as she would be the only woman - and some of the men could get a bit handy!

We've dabbled in swinging over the past 8 or 9 years. Usually, it's only been soft play with another bloke. Sometimes we've met a guy a few times depending how we've all got on. On one occasione she 'really' liked a bloke and went all the way. That was re...

HOT AND FUZZY Part 0 - Prelude.

A threesome and a promotion? The new sergeant just can’t catch a break

HOT AND FUZZY - Part 0 - Prelude. So this was my second foray into writing erotic fiction and it is of course a homage to one of my all-time favourite films HOT FUZZ. It probably helps if you’ve watched that as this will hint at spoilers. Also all the pla...

One night, two ladies and a whole lot of cum

two young lades discover how to become the center of attention

This was a story told to me about a very “naughty” sexual encounter when the lady in question was a little younger than she is now. As I was not there, and I have filled in some of the blanks the work has gone under the “Fiction” banner. We all remember t...

Buisness Trip

A wife is sent on another boring buisness trip, which turns out anything but boring.

Hi my name is Rachel, I'm a 50yr old buisness woman around 5' 8" tall, strawberry blonde hair and an average build for my height with proportionate sized breast. My work sees me on many trips representing my company, so I'm away from home and my husband a...

Hotel Encounter – Chapter 2

Follow on to "An unexpected set up" Hotel fun again

Reading "An unexpected set up" first might make this one make more sense. Rod got in contact with me and asked if I was free for a meeting during the week, different hotel, small hotel set in the middle of countryside. As it happened I could be, being mos...

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John Boucher

Trip Home

My wife visits her past

I was a special birthday for my wife, let’s call her Jane, leaving her 40’s behind so I thought I’d book something nice to do. She comes from a small Market town so I thought it would be a good idea to take her back to her roots for the weekend to reminis...


Sharing Grace

I watched my girlfriend have sex with another man after a game of spin the bottle got out of hand!

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched my girlfriend, the women I love, being lead naked to bed by another guy. It was a strange sight. Made even stranger by the fact I was so turned on. I met Grace over a year previous in the gym, it was when they had j...


It all starts in the evening

Problems with a company vehicle leads to a chance encounter

My Vehicle dies on me on my way home, I've got an Hour travel to go but I'm stuck in the ass end of an A road through the Forest of Dean. Which means typically theres no signal (you know how the mobile companies claim 95-98% coverage? Well I'm in that 2%)...