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Masturbation Stories

Women masturbating and men masturbating is a self-exploration of physical pleasure. It can unlock arousals that have never been experienced before and add an extra enlightenment during sex.

Typically masturbation happens when alone, as a planned or spontaneous private relief, but it can also happen with others whilst watching porn or in an adult environment such as a sex cinema. Seeing or catching a partner masturbating can also be an erotic experience.

Have you let a partner catch you masturbating or have you been caught masturbating by someone else? Write your erotic story here.

My good deed.

Dirty phone call

I settled back into my comfy chair to watch the news on TV, a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. My phone went. It was almost midnight, who would call me at this hour? 'Unknown caller', announced the screen. I answered it. "Hello?" No answer, just heavy bre...

Sunday morning

A quickie before breakfast.

Sunday morning. My wife, tousled from sleep, but as desirable as the day we met, more so if anything, lay on her right side, raised on one elbow, watching me wank. I like to wank, she likes to watch. She loves what she calls; "The joyous explosion." of sp...


Self Care

Me time

Lying in the bath, soaking in the bubbles, as I wash my body my thoughts run away with themselves. Feeling the cold tingle of shower gel as I wash my breasts, makes my nipples harden and I gasp a little. Of course I continue to rub my breasts, caressing t...


Recently divorced Sarah was in need of some fun in her life. Her children had all grown and flown the nest, she wanted to spend some time on herself, for herself. She had signed up to an art class, she was looking forward to getting stuck in as she had en...

More hotel window fun

My hotel was on a main road and people on the top deck of busses could see in.

If you have read any other stories of mine, you would know I travel whilst working. On this particular day I was in Chorley and staying in a hotel that is part of a pub. My room on the second floor looked out onto the road. I noticed that double decker bu...

After our tour of Arundel castle, with extras, we drove back to our accommodation joking about louise being touched up by a total stranger. Once inside louise said she was going to shower and l settled down to watch TV. After her shower louise came out of...


I'm a wanker!

I love wanking, always have and it turns out my missus does too!

I need to keep this story on track, no Ronnie Corbett monologue deviations here, for those of our generation that is. You see I (Cab) have so many stories about wanking I could go from one to the other with ease and before long you would have no idea whic...

We are both in our 60's but like many others have found our sex life is still fantastic. This started with a day out at Arundel Castle all very innocent until we started chatting to one of the guides. She was an American,around 50 called years old called...

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Public hands free cummming in town

I was bored and so decided to go into town with my toys and clamps.

It was a wet Wednesday in early winter and I was sat in my house bored to death. Nothing on and no one to meet, I had been watching exhibition porn for the morning and was getting pretty horny. I decided to get my toys together and go for a drive to my lo...


Is this cheating?

Meeting with an old fwb was always going to be risky, but it was one of our sexiest experiences

Since I was 18, Tom has been my fwb and we’d get together whenever either of us were single. Over the years both of us have moved around the country, had a string of different partners and he even got married - but we’ve always remained friends. Friends w...

Working From Home

Never expected that!

Molly has a habit of having an afternoon play, however, one morning she was feeling a little hot under the collar. She was sat in her home office which overlooks the front of her house on a busy main road which is set back and has a hedge around it giving...

Kasey & Me 💋

I was caught pleasing myself by my boyfriend sister

I was pleasuring myself I opened my eyes and kasey was doing the same watching me.

Me and Harry have been a item for about 18months or so , we’ve had a on and off , good and bad relationship but one thing that was the glue to our relationship was the passion. We had a great sex life in and out of the bedroom, we liked to dabble and we a...

Secret stroking

Furtive fun on a bus

When I had my first job I always caught the same bus home. It was usually crowded so seats were often scarce. There was always a neat elderly man on who had twinkling eyes. One night the only seat left was by him. 'You can sit here,' he said. We became qu...