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Cheating wife Stories

cheating wife

Ruined by huge cock

my wife ruined by huge cock and owned

I had this fantasy about seeing M get ruined by a really huge cock, and here is how it came true. I got chatting with Mark on SH in the ‘fuck my wife’ chat. I shared pics of M, and he shared pics of himself. It was huge. A real monster. I immediately imag...

Dominated wife

Meeting at the pub turns into total domination

We met at the pub near us, M and I sat on some high stools around a small table set back from the bar - both a bit apprehensive and excited. She was wearing black heels, black lacy underwear, and the short black silky dress that I had shown you online and...

Friday evening whore

He shows me what a total whore she can be.

I found this guy on SH that you liked the look of, We invited him round for drinks on a Friday evening, It was a little awkward at first, But we had a bit to drink then sat down to watch a movie on the sofa with you in the middle, I couldn’t wait for thin...

Maureen's tune up

Afternoon with Maureen

Each time I've found myself waiting in the same space sitting in my car on Maureens road. I'm surprised that after a few years that the neighbours haven't become suspicious yet. As I watch Alan drive away in his vehicle I make sure he doesn't see me. As A...


My name is Gloria, but my nickname is Glory, which seems unfortunate since I now know what it can mean on the scene. I will take you back 5 years. I am married with no children and I was away on a course. The evenings were social and a visit to the bar wa...

I fucked a friend’s wife and she left the evidence for him.

I got inside to grab the beers and without any warning his wife, who had come in behind me, just lifted her top to show me her tits.

I met this guy when I started a new job, we hit it off, became friends and hung out at work all the time. We always planned on getting together on the weekend for some beers but it was always hard to set up as he had 2 kids and a wife. A couple months wen...

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My mate Mike and I had been out one Friday for a couple of beers and were joined by MySue my wife. We had another beer and she had a large red wine. Sue said we should be going as we needed to get home before the wine kicked in. The 3 of us got in the car...