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Holiday Stories

Holiday Cuck

Wife Experiments on Holiday 3

Linda meets Matthias

This is the 3rd part of my story of how my 50 year old wife explored her sexuality on a holiday in Crete, a couple of years before covid hit. In part 1 Linda came around to the idea of fucking another guy since she was on holiday and went on a date with h...

Holiday Cuck

Wife Experiments on Holiday - Part 2

Linda enjoys her new sexual confidence

This is the 2nd part of my story of how my 50 year old wife explored her sexuality on a holiday in Crete, a couple of years before covid hit. It was Sunday morning, the morning after Linda had gone on a date with Karl, a German who was staying in the hote...

Holiday Cuck

Wife Experiments on Holiday

Linda agrees to extramarital sex, when far from home

After reading stories on here for years, I thought it was time I contributed. This is a true story, about something that happened when my wife Linda and I were on holiday in Crete a couple of years before covid. First, a bit of background. I was in my mid...


Holiday lock down

Lisa and Carla started to kiss and play with each other.

Covid didn't cause the first time we were in iscolation. Greg and Trev wanted me to join them on holiday. Greg was organising it. He had a good reason, he was trying to get his girlfriend and her mate on the same holiday. I wasn't keen as I could see two...


Holiday swap that went wrong

Jodie was on her knees being spit roasted by two well hung black men.

Don't you just love a holiday fling. Jodie and I were on holiday in the Bahamas and we soon made friends with a couple of similar ages to ourselves. This was far from our first holiday like this or either of us having a fling. It was an 18-30's holiday an...

Cap D'Agde 2021 Sunburn....the last night and the morning after!

Loving Kiwis - my last play at the Cap with an unexpected return.

For those that read my last story, set at the beginning of my week. I am skipping forward now to the end of my time there. Of course there was much fun during the week - the cute little Finn who wanted me in her ass, the Belgian, the other Belgian, the go...

the naughty couple

whicked couple

our first and last sharing

My story isn’t; exactly exciting I guess but I’ve been bursting to share it with you since it happened. In 2019 my wife and I went on holiday to Portugal. We stayed in a nice little villa close to the sea. At the time, I was 48 and the wife was 45. She ha...

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Sandra Gets Her Tits Out

Nobody knows us here, and you have nagged to see me fuck another man

Another re-tell of a great episode from another member. These events took place in 1998............. We'd gone to the south coast for a relaxing holiday. The boys had got into university and now at the age of 53, we finally had some time to ourselves. My...

Tony & Tania

It started with a holiday swap

Flirting leads to weeklong rampant sex

My wife Tina and I are both 45 and have an active sex life with other people but it was my wife’s desperate need to scratch and sexual itch that led us here. We had joked for some time that it would be fun to find out what it was like to sleep with someon...


Memories 4

One step further

Thank you for your interest in my previous posts. Thanks to my Irish grandparents, I was cursed by being given a girl's name, Noreen. I have never found out why. Fortunately, my middle name is Michael, much less embarrassing, but my friends call me Mike....


Holiday Fun

An unexpected turn on holiday

The holiday was going great, the apartment was fantastic, the food was good and we hadn't seen a cloud in the sky for the three days that we had been here. We spent all day relaxing round the pool and drinking. At about 5ish we would go back up to our apa...

Paul D

So I have been married to Wendy (W) for 25 years, she is 48 I am 45, we live a nice comfortable life mainly as a result of W’s career in running a business, we have never had children and my jobs have always played second fiddle to W’s career, I am fine w...