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First time Stories

first time

It was not long after we caught Carol and Irina that they went out with Carol's friends. I dropped Irina off just in time for Carol to share a taxi with her. "Don't keep Carol out too long." Jeff instructed. "He's joking." I explained. They got looks from...


The Day After

I learned that it was not only men who could give me pleasure.

It was the morning after the party. Sharon and I slipped away. "It looked like you enjoyed the party." Sharon observed. "I don't believe what I did yesterday, it was all a dream." "It was no dream, you have given a lot of men a lot of enjoyment." "They ga...


First threesome

My friend introduces me to his more dominant friend

Part 3 After that memorable night where my friend finally dominated and sissified me, we now met on a regular basis and we're more daring with each other, well mainly him!. By now my then girlfriend had moved away to university so I had ample free time to...


A lesbian surprise

How we caught Irina and Carol

Jeff and I came in from the shop and found Carol and Irina on the sofa. There was coffee in front of them. Jeff put his finger to his lips. Suddenly I knew why. Carol and Irina were kissing. I could see they were hugging and touching but could not see muc...


Meeting Paul's friends

and my surprise 😮

"I have some friends coming this weekend." Paul told me. "It will be nice to meet your friends." I replied lying close to his warm body and feeling damp between my legs. "They are very close friends." He continued cautiously. "That's nice." I remember him...

First time Bottom

Finally plucked up the courage....

After a lot of soul searching and a few missed opportunities I finally plucked up the courage to get on with it and bottom for the first time. I've only ever had relationships with women and it'll always be that way. I just can't fall in love with guys, b...


A fantasy realised, or just a fantasy about a fantasy realised?

It was only supposed to be a fantasy but when I got home...

I’m Sen, an incredibly horny 60 year old with long hidden and erotic fantasies that I would once never have dreamt of telling my rather conservative toy boy of a hubby (Cab), Well he’s 59 but he’s a toy boy to me. Something happened over Christmas which c...

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My brothers wife needed taking in hand

She was a bitch to my brother and needed a good seeing to. So I did it.

She was a total bitch. Emma my brothers wife. She treated him like dirt. James do this James do that. James why haven’t you… She might have been a bit of a stunner, but at what price. I caught up with James for a quick drink at the nearest pub to his hous...

The Dinner Party

Jan said that she flashed her boobies at Mardi Gras for some beads

We have never been to a formal dinner party. We had eaten with friends many times, but this was very different. Jan's friend Annie had just moved to a new house nr Aylesbury. Annie and Jim's first house with a separate dining room. Half an acre garden at...


My first squirt

It’s all about finger work…

Firstly, I’ll just say that I love getting fingered. When I’m playing on my own I’m all about making my clit throb but when I’m with a partner all I want is their fingers to plunge inside my pussy and stroke the sweet spot until I cum. I was sexually acti...


Accidental Anal

An unexpected night for me

Although this happened a long time ago I'll never forget my first experience so I'll write this as best as I can remember, I hope it invokes memories of your first experiences. This happened unexpectedly when after a night out on the town with my long tim...