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Orgasm Stories

Danny boy

Amazing pregnant sex.

fucking a pregnant women with her husband and my wifes blessing.

Thanks Welsh bull for your story and I agree, weird shot goes on out there because I’ve experienced it. My swinging lifestyle started and ended over a 5 weeks period at the beginning of the year and was a total surprise. My mate’s wife was pregnant and ab...

Clair's chuckhole husband

I pay for my wife to fuck another man

She doesn't know I filmed her

My wife Clair is 36 with what has been referred to as an hourglass figure. She’s attractive, has large DD breast and wide hips. On more than one occasion a stranger has come up to me in a club and jokingly pleaded with me to let him ‘borrow’ my wife. In t...

Beth and Will

Watching my wife cum with her favorite lover.

I really wanted this to happen and she couldn’t be more accommodating

He was very handsome. Divorced, upmarket, educated. Fifteen years younger than Beth. Quite well endowed. Twenty-five years younger than me. He adored Beth. Truly adored her and very excited whenever he fucked her. That made her feel like she was eighteen...

Tony T

helping fuck his wife

The problems with a younger wife.

This isn’t about swinging but it is about how a 10 year long ‘fuck buddy’ relationship started and is still going strong and why I never re-married, so let me explain. At the time this started in 2010 I was 38, my good friend who I’ll call Brian was 58, h...

Kelly T

A married woman's secret life 5

Ruined by a dirty old man

I think this is my 5th or maybe my 6th confession to you on my secret life, I’m not sure. Due to lock down my hotel stays have been limited, we’ve had one or two with nothing much to report but just before we locked down again I had what I can call the st...

Shez & JJ

Peeing & Wanking’s not everyone’s cup of tea

I was bursting for the loo , I squatted but pissed my jeans and panties

This happened a few years ago with my then boyfriend , we were in the early stages of our relationship, yes we were in a sexual relationship but we were still taking it one step at a time. I was still nervous but JJ was very patient and understanding anyw...

Andrew T

Shy Susan

from a shy wife to a slut in one party

My wife who I’ll call Susan (not her real name) and I had been married for 5 years when this in December 2019. She was 26 and I was 27. ‘Susan’ is 5’5” and has an amazing figure with the prettiest face you could want to see. But she was painfully shy, in...

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Kelly T

I haven’t written for a while, mainly because I haven’t been away a lot and the few times I did go nothing much happened, except I let a guy put his tongue down my throat and have a suck of my breasts before I got bored and told him to go away. But I did...

Kelly T

Married womans secret life 4

Tables turned on me and fucked all night

On the 15th I told you the 3rd of what are many of my ‘life events’ and promised to tell you about the one that got me into trouble in work so here it is and rather than ramble on about how it came about I have decided to give you the shortened version. I...

Jerry and Lily

Box fit is stress release ...........and more

I asked could I lick her nipples as she fingered herself

Twice maybe 3 times a week I keep fit , I like the box fit and HIIT , at the box fit I bumped into a work colleagues wife ( lily ) she was in her early 30s and I could see she was fit . The boxing style “Tabata” style work out was 20 secs on 10 off , so i...

1998 wow 👋

My friend Lisa was my “frig off buddy”

Watching Lisa’s hand in her panties got me off

In my late teens in Uni I had a close friendship with Lisa , we also became “frig off buddies” , we would masturbate together , with our eyes closed or watching porn. I am a noisy cummer , with alcohol we would strip off to our undies and then let our fin...

Andrew T

desperate women

Its amazing to be single at my age

I guess the title ‘desperate women is unfair. What I was trying to say was that you always think of guys hitting on women but its always been my experience that women are quite capable of hitting on men and in the most unexpected circumstance and with all...


Control & Denial

A Master Dom, controls and denies his sub orgasms until...

It had been so long since Master had let her cum, she was now laying on his bed, bound, and waiting. Her wrists were firmly attached to the posts of the bed. There was not enough slack to allow her to touch herself at all. Her legs were bound, bent at the...