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First time Stories

first time

My first squirt

It’s all about finger work…

Firstly, I’ll just say that I love getting fingered. When I’m playing on my own I’m all about making my clit throb but when I’m with a partner all I want is their fingers to plunge inside my pussy and stroke the sweet spot until I cum. I was sexually acti...


Accidental Anal

An unexpected night for me

Although this happened a long time ago I'll never forget my first experience so I'll write this as best as I can remember, I hope it invokes memories of your first experiences. This happened unexpectedly when after a night out on the town with my long tim...


Our first swap

I heard Oliver groan and just knew he had come in my wife's unprotected pussy.

It was a Friday night, and I was out with my best mate Oliver and two other mates. We had been persuaded to go to the lap dancing club. Oliver and one of our other mates went off having private dances. I would have, but none of the dancers particularly to...

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I cuckold a mate

Craig moved closer on hands and knees to watch my cock in his wife

I was out with a mate, and he was getting pretty drunk. Craig asked me to get another round and he would tell me a secret. I told him he had enough and Sandra his wife would already be pretty mad with him. He was insistent that he didn’t care and wanted a...

2 plus 1 makes it even more horney

Secret affair with married man - but his wife knew and we had a 3some

I had never been with a woman but I enjoyed licking and being licked

I arranged to meet a married man …….well to put it bluntly to be fucked , I wasn’t getting it at home and even though he was married I couldn’t miss out , un be known to me his wife knew what was going on and during our meet up I had my First Lady / lady...

The Allotment

men in sheds

It was during the first lockdown that my neighbour Derek asked me if Id look after his allotment for him. He lived next door with his wife, he wasn't that old but was isolating due to some condition he had and was worried about his allotment and didn't wa...


Kate's Second Ever Cock

Our first full swap, and the first time Kate fucks another man

I'm Dave, and this is my 6th true story of my swinging experiences with my wife Kate. The earlier ones are: Kate's First MMF ( - the first time Kate had two cocks all to herself The Long Road t...


Kate & Dave: First Meet

Our first meet (a social one) gets out of hand

I'm Dave, and this is my 5th true story of my swinging experiences with my wife Kate. The first three were: Kate's First MMF ( - the first time Kate had two cocks all to herself The Long Road t...


Ruth: Kate's First Woman

How a female friend seduced Kate

I'm Dave and this is the third time I've written about some of the adventures I've had with my wife Kate over the years. These are all completely true, apart from the names. The first two were: Kate's First MMF - tells of the first time Kate had two cocks...