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Fantasy Stories


Naughty warehouse trip

Pick up package....

You arrive at a warehouse to pick up your package. You enter the reception but there is no one there, after a few minutes you wonder around trying to find someone. You wonder into the warehouse and see a young lad sat on a forklift truck and approach him,...


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Fantasy and desire

Sally loved her stay with us at the hotel and she adored Leboo. The hotel is more of a club. You have to be introduced, we introduced Sally, Tony knew the owners before they went into the hotel business. If we had to pay full price we could not afford it....


Happy Birthday Darling

We always spend birthdays to gether but apparently not this time

Sen and I love buying each other gifts, not for birthdays or Christmas, no we have never bothered with them but especially of late we love to buy each other sex toys and me being a bit of a pervy hubby, I have only recently found that I love wearing sexy...

A fantasy about _loz_ public fun

Meeting _loz_ and playing in public.

I travel a lot for work and on this occasion found myself on the train to Manchester. I was sat on my own in a carriage with not many people in, minding my own business. The train stopped at a station and the usual people got on and off, I watched a blond...


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"Did you see the comment about bedding the doctor on our last story?" Anna asked. "I did, that would not be professional on her part and not nice of us." "Did you want to?" "It was a fantasy when I was wanking." "I knew it. My fantasy is not have to use c...

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Silly Billy

I couldn't believe that my wife could take his big cock

I could see his cock going in and out with the remnants of a broken condom on it.

How stupid was I. I had all these fantasies about watching my wife getting fucked by another man. On telling Raven about them she just brushed it off, although it did seem to improve our love making that night and the rest of the week. Every time I raised...


First time Fantasy

Finally succumbed to curiosity

I’ve always been straight, sports playing gym going type of guy. Good stocky build and muscular legs. My story starts with chatting to a guy called Jonny on a dating site after liking his picture he was ages with me (nearly 40) and had a good six pack. We...


My wife sucked as I watched

Our shared fantasy was perfect

I’d waited nearly 2 years for this moment. My wife was looking at me with her pale blue eyes, she’d never looked so gorgeous as she stroked the semi hard black cock in her hand, her lips inches from the growing, dark head of this long, thick cock. She gla...

John Boucher

Daddy's Good Girl.....

How my wife got her reward PART 1

She was 48 and size 16, a MILF if ever there was one, a business woman who earns well and likes to make herself look her best. Anyways after being married some time she made a mistake with another man kissing him when she was in her late 30’s when drunk a...

Another visit to the naturist spa

I’ve now become a regular and was able to enjoy an audience

I have been visiting the naturist spa on a regular basis and have got to know a few others who go too, including a guy who I have been meeting away from the spa. We arrived late afternoon as it was getting busy I suggested we try to go to a room then befo...

My First Visit to The Naturist Spa

Having tried the nudist beach I was keen to experience a spa

Having been to Fairlight a few times now I had been interested in going to a naturist club or spa and experience what it was like to be closer to others. I love to be looked at and was really turned on at the thought of lots of men, and women looking at m...


My Brother Fucks My Girlfriend

My Girlfriend Is a Freak

So this will be my first story I will be writing about me and my girlfriends naughty fantasies that we turn into real life. My name is Tony and I am 25 5’11 and my Girlfriend name is Rita 24 and 5’3 32DD. She has lovely pair of tits that I love to slap an...