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sex toys

Just for Charity

My wife was in the stocks and being fucked at both ends.

Diana and I were in our late thirties and enjoying life. Diana couldn’t have children and I was never fussed about having any. Not to say that we didn’t like kids. On the contrary we both loved playing with other’s kids. We had been into swapping and prog...

Wendy n Frank

Horsing around

He pulled Wendy's but plug out and then her duo balls and replaced it with his cock.

I told you last time about Wendy's diaries and her fantasy to be raped, well while reading her diary there was a piece that had made her day regarding her butt plug and her Duo balls. Upon asking her about it, this was what she told me. One of the reason...


Debbie's Betrayal Part 2

The aftermath of seeing my bride to be being arse fucked naked in a back alley

I woke in the morning feeling terrible having slept fitfully after my discovery the previous night. Having gone to offer my beautiful 43 year old fiancee Debbie a lift home after a reunion evening she'd spent with some former colleagues, Deb had phoned me...

Dave M

Happy to help out

Rosa just removed her pink panties and sat on the Sybian and wound the controlls up high.

I had coveted my mates wife from the first day I met her. Rosa was sexy, smart and really good looking. I was pretty sure that Ernie knew I wanted her. So it surprised me when he asked if I could help with a repair on a piece of electro-mechanical equipme...

Trevor T

My wife, Hope, was cheating on me.

Now I was suspicious and opened the door to see the back of Rob as he slowly thrust his cock up into my wife's pussy.

I had been married to Hope for almost three years when by a chance encounter with an old mate I discovered that she had cheated on me when we were engaged. The conversation went something like this, " Whatever happened to that horny little slut you was kn...

Fun time :-)

Babysitting pleasured herself watch my sex tape

Watching her with her fingers in her panties was turning me on

Here’s a story I would like to rekindle & share - I am a 36 year old divorced mother of 2. For the past 3 years I have used a daughter of my friend to babysit for me when I either go to the gym or out socialising.“ I’ve changed the names of my story ) JJ...


An auction find

She whispered that she wanted the sex toys.

I was at an auction house and had seen several Lots that took my fancy. The main ones were mixed lots and were packaged up and just listed a few of the items in them. I was after the electrical items in the lots. I had already bid on one lot and lost it,...

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Horsing around

Valeria rode the horse around my workshop

I was in my workshop when my daughter yelled at me that there was someone at the front door for me. The visitor was quite an elegant looking woman in her early forties at a guess. I asked what she wanted and she answered, "Darren tells me that you can man...


She rode me like her Sybian

My daughters friend offered me her pussy

My wife asked me to go to our daughters house and have a look at her electrics as they were suffering the mains tripping out at various times. I had a few days off and I rang my daughter to tell her that I could take a look in Tuesday morning. Elisa told...