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Last weekend I had two ladies in bed, and out. Last night was Anna's turn to have her cock.

Friday is busy at the club, so she had lots of choices. We sat in the chill room and Anna eyed up the talant. 

"How about him?" Anna asked, pointing at a man gazing at a woman.

"It's your night lovely."

"Do you think he is Bi?"

"That doesn't matter, this is your night."

"I enjoy seeing you fuck."

"Thanks hun."

"I love you."

"Pick another, you know you want to."

"One for me and one for you?"

"Two for you, maybe one of them for me."

"How about him there?"

"Is that the two you want?"

"Yes please." Anna kissed me.

"You get his eyes off the other woman, I'll get the other one."


"My name is Tony." He looked at me. "Would you like to fuck my wife Anna, she is chatting that man up in the corner."

"Are you serious?"

"If you don't mind sharing her?"


"No, just three cocks."


"Condoms and you do what you're told."

"What I'm told, what do you mean?"

"Relax, you can leave anytime you like."

"All set Anna?"

"Very set." Anna said, rubbing the man's cock through his towel.

"Let's find a room."

"What are your names?" Anna asked.



"That will do." Anna accepted. "Which one of you likes cock?"

Ron, the man who I picked up, looked worried.

"Anna, don't tease him." I instructed.

"I'll suck it to fuck you." Mat offered.

"Good boy." Anna congratulated before kissing Mat and feeling his cock.

"I'm not sucking your cock." Ron complained.

"No one is asking you to." I told him.

"Let him out." Anna decided.

I re-locked the door behind him.

"So I suck his cock then fuck you?" Mat asked.

"No you fuck me, but get me off first. Then we see." 

Anna pulled Mat to her. I watched them kiss as Anna wanked him and he fingered her. He pulled his wet fingers out and rubbed her tit. My cock was hard thinking about Anna getting fucked.

"69" I suggested.

They went at it. Often I join in, but this time I just watched.

Anna bent her back as she came then she bobbed her head till Mat came.

Anna beckoned me and we kissed.

"Good?" Anna was asking about the snowball she gave me.

"Very nice." I answered.

"Mat likes a blow job."

"Is that right, Mat?"

"Yeah Anna is great."

"Try Tony." Anna encouraged.

I took his cock in my hand and lowered my head.

"Just relax Mat, think of me." Anna told Mat. 

I knew she was kissing him and running her hands over his body.

"Let it cum baby. It feels good." Anna reminded Mat.

Mat flooded my mouth and I snowballed Anna.

"Was that good?" Anna asked Mat.

"It was OK." Mat admitted.

"Now you fuck me." Anna informed Mat.

Anna spread herself on the bed.

Mat moved towards Anna.

"Condom" I reminded him.

He pulled a condom on and fucked her. Anna pulled his head to her's as he trust in and out. He pulled out with a full condom and reached for his towel.

"You only want to fuck me once?" Anna asked.

"You want more?"

"Lots." Anna answered.

I took Anna Doggy and finished her cum, then another and I filled her.

"Want to clean me up?" Anna offered.

Mat looked at her leaking cunt.

"Haven't you cleaned a cunt?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, but it was me who put it there." Mat said.

"Don't you want to fuck me again."

"It's just spunk."

Anna guided his head to her cunt. He started, then got more enthusiastic. Anna screamed with delight.

"Fuck her Mat."

He pulled a condom on and this time she came first.

"Nice Mat, do you want me again?"

"All night." Mat confirmed.

"Suck Tony's dick for me."

Mat froze there speechless.

"Suck Tony and we can fuck all night."

Anna helped Mat bow his head to my cock. He started sucking and licking my cock.

"Keep going, then you can fuck me." Anna encouraged Mat.

"It's good, Mat."

Mat jerked away as I came.

"Well done." Anna congratulated Mat.

We fucked ate cunt and cock for the rest of the night.

Mat and I were 69 when there was a knock at the door telling us it was closing time.

We made our way towards the front though empty corridors,  Mat rush out.

Anna asked. "Your name is Bret?"

"That's right."

"Can we fuck?"

"We are just looking up."

"So no instructions, who's we?" Anna asked, pursuing her pray.


"She can have Tony."

"Who can have Tony?" Karen asked from behind me.

The thought of fucking Karen revided my cock.

"Why not Bret, you can have me after." Karen continued.

"Do you fuck every night? Anna asked.

"When we are on the same shift, but we have never played with customers." Karen commented. 

"I have." Bret admitted, removing his shirt. 

"Are you up for it Karen?" I asked.

"I can see you are." She replied looking at my bulge. 

By the time I got Karen naked and on her back Bret was fucking Anna. He was on his second condom by the time I came once and deflated.

"Is that it hun." Karen asked sympathetically. 

"He been fucking all night." Anna excused me.

Bret pulled out for the third time.

"I think you need some rest Tony." Anna was right.

"I think I will tell Mat the next time we go to the club." Anna confided as we drove home.

"He was that good then?"

"Very, and he has something for you."

"It was meant to be your night."

"It was." Anna leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "I like bi men."

"...and bi women."

"I adore bi women. I like sharing you."

"I like sharing you."

Written by Tony

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