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Lyn went to collect Anna and Adam from Gatwick. I did not expect them to come but I'm very pleased. 

They found it cold here after years in such a warm location. I lent them both warm coats. 

Lyn and I flipped a coin, Lyn and Adam got the big bed, Anna and I got the small bed.

They never got the bed to themselves straight away. We had a little 4sum. 

It was the first time I slept with Anna on my own in a room. In Fuerteventura we were all in the same room. We were able  to use her back door. Lyn has never wanted that. Anna and I could whisper and fuck how we liked.

We talked about clubs, she said she would like to go to one

The following day the three of them went shopping while I worked. One thing about COVID is I started working from home. On Thursday I had my normal meet. 

That night Anna asked what I was doing.

"I went to see a lady."

"Will I meet her?"

"Do you want to?"

"Of course, I  want to meet all your women."

"Do you?"

"Meet them, share you with them, play with them if they will."

"How do you know you will like them?

"You fuck them they must be nice."

"You're too trusting."

"I trust you."

I turned her on her back and fucked her.

Friday over dinner we chatted.

"How about going to a club?" I asked. 

"O yes let's do that." Anna said with unusual excitement. 

"You three go, I'll stay home." Lyn said.

"I'll stay with you Lyn." Adam never mentioned Anna or myself. 

"So it's just us then." Anna confirmed. 

"Tomorrow then." 

"What should I wear?"

"Anything that comes off easy."

Saturday Anna and I arrived. 

"What do we do?"

"Let's start with the hot tub."

There were not many in, we had arrived early. We settled into the tub.

"Tony, I want you to be my master tonight." She told me and snuggled in.

"Your master?"

"Yes Tony. I will do whatever you say with whoever you say."

"I've not done that, I believe there should be a safe word. My loving master. Say that and everything stops."

"My loving master. Tony, you must test my boundaries."

"Do you have any?"

"You will have to find out."

A man joined us in the tub looking at Anna.

"Do you fancy him?" I whispered. 

"That doesn't matter, master. I will do as I'm told." She whispered back.

"Sit on my lap Anna."

"Yes Master."

I handled her tits for the man to see. "What is your name?"


"What do you think Frank?"

"Very nice."

"Sit on the side, Anna and show Frank what he wants to see."

"Nice pussy." Frank commented. 

"Want to fuck it?"

"Too right."

"Let's get a room."

"Frank is going to fuck you Anna." I told her as I fingered her.

"Yes Master."

"Give her a good fucking Frank. Use a condom."

Frank gave her a reasonable seeing to. Then I fucked her. Frank had left by the time I finished. 

"Is that what you wanted?"

"I want you to be my master. Do with me what you want, Master."

I fucked her ass.

"I may let a man have that."

"Any cock in any hole you want, Master."

We went back to the tub and joined a couple. We got chatting to Sue and Mark.

"Would you like to play?"

"May we Master?"

"Shall we find a room?" I offered. 

"Anna do as Mark tells you."

"Yes Master."

"Will she do anything?" Mark asked. 

"Unless I Don't like it."

"I think you will like Anna." Sue commented. 

I took Sue in my arms, kissed her and fingered her. I had seen Anna fucked by men many times and never worried, but her playing slave worried me. I did not know what she would put up with playing slave. Even with my head buried in Sue's pussy I was listening.

Sue came and I was pleased to be able to see Anna playing the Slave. She called Mark sir.

"Ride my cock." He told her.

"Yes Sir." She rolled a condom on him and settled on him.

"Make sure you give him a good time Anna." As I rolled a condom on myself.

"I will Master."

"You can have her back door if you like." I told Mark as I slipped into Sue.

"Yes please." Mark replied.

"May I Master."

"You may."

"Thank you Master."

I was happy, Anna was enjoying. I sunk deeper into Sue. Enjoying our 4sum. Sue had a little more padding than Anna. We all fucked.

"Do you like cream pie Mark?"

"Not my thing."

There was a man wanking as we finished. "Anna suck that dick ."

"Yes Master." Anna knelt at his feet and bobbed her head.

"What do you think of that?"

"Better in her pussy."

"Anna suck my cock."

"Yes my Master." She kept her bum up.

"Get a condom and you can have her cunt." He couldn't get it on fast enough. He did not last long and left.

"Anna, I'm locking the door."

"Yes Master."

I kissed her pleased she was now just my lover, not my slave. I kissed and felt her used pussy.

"Did you like them using me?"

"As long as you enjoy being used."

"I enjoy being used by you darling."

I sank into her. Drilling her pussy and planting my seed deep.

We got home late that night, Lyn and Adam were in the big bed.

"Can we go again?"

"Yes, but next time not as my slave."

"Didn't you like that Master."

"Not as much as seeing you controlling men."

"Do you want to be my slave." She felt my cock and reached further round. "If you were my slave I would have men fill you." She kissed me pushing her finger in.

"I don't have to be your slave for that."

"I would like to see that."

"That's why I love fucking you."


"You're a liberal."

"Is that what I am." She said climbing on me and sliding her ass down my cock.

"You're a beautiful fuckable woman."

"I enjoy sex."

"I noticed." I commented.

"So do you. You like lots of pussy, and you like used pussy. You can fuck anyone in front of me, and I will fuck for you." She came , she was ahead of me. "You like having my cunt used don't you."

"I do, use and full."

We both came. She fell flat on me dragging my cock from her ass.

"Am I a dirty bitch?"

"You are."

"Do you like a dirty girl?"

"I like you being dirty."

"Not any dirty woman?"

"Almost any."

"Fuck me."

I did.

Written by Tony

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