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I have been chatting to a woman and a man online.  The woman seems to have stopped chatting, but the man is still chatting but not getting closer to arranging anything. 


Anna gave me her attention this morning. She says she is having lunch with Sally while I'm away.

"Does that mean you're going hunting?" I asked. 

"You make it sound like we are out with a gun, when it's us that will get speared."

"Just be careful." 

"We will be. Did you arrange anything?"

"No, the woman has gone silent and I think the man has a fantasy."

"Poor luv. It's so easy for me."

"You have a cunt."

"Do I, remind me."

I rolled on to her and slid in.

"I like your spear."  Anna complimented me.

"I like your cunt."

"Shall I have Sally waiting when you get home?"

"Would I say no?"

"No, you're a greedy man."

"Are you complaining?"

"No way."

Anna breathed in my ear as she came closer, then we both came.

I exchanged messages with a few guys, hoping that a lady or couple would say hi.

I had about 10 guys on chat. In the end it came down to a 69 and the guy from earlier in  the week, I gave up on him.

I met the 69 for coffee and went up to my room. We undressed, undressing a guy does nothing for me. 

"You're up quick." He told me.

He was soft and never got really hard, but I sucked at his cock and balls then licked his ass as he sucked my cock.

"I've never had that done before."

"But is it unpleasant?" I asked as I wanted him.

He never answered so I pushed a finger in and sucked a ball with his cock in my hand.

He was sucking on my cock when he came spurting over himself. 

We chatted,  I was as vague with the truth as was he.

I pinged Anna and got no answer so I suspected she was hunting with Sally. So I went for dinner and a walk.

About nine I picked up the phone and found another message. After a few exchanges I gave up  not a single picture on the profile and wants all of ours.

Time to rest.


I checked the mailbox this morning not much, why do people start a conversation and not make progress. 

No meets arranged so I am off to a Club and hoping to meet two couples who said they would be there.

I found this club when I knew I was traveling. 

It's not much, but the people are great.

I was early and so were a few others. I started talking to a fruity lady, she had my sense of humor and I asked her if she kissed. She said yes and to prove it we kissed. Open mouthed and sensual. 

"We need a bed." I informed her.

We hurried to a room followed by two more guys. She removed her glasses and we started at it. Kissing squashing naked bodies against each other. Then I was in her, banging away. She never stopped kissing.

I lay beside her kissing and finger fucking her. A second man, Dave was kissing tit and took over finger fucking. Then he fucked her.

There were two more men in the room by then but they never made a move.

We went back to the main room and continued to chat. Soon we were joined by her newly arrived friends which is when I discovered my fruity lady had an escort.

A little later I discovered a blue condom in my pouch when I deflowered another lady and helped another bed her a bit later.

I walked back to the big bed and discovered 5 men with the fruity lady. She was fully surrounded. I went back to the main room.

Just before I left I went to the big bed again.  She was with two men. We all had a blow jb.

Her escort came in and told her she had a quarter hour. 

"What shall we do?" She asked.

"Have  good snog and see what we can do we the result."

My cock hardened and I fucked her on her back. We both came snogging and fucking.

"That proves one thing?" I told her.

"What is that?"

"I don't last a quarter of an hour."

She laughed, we seemed to make each other laugh. "You did alright."

She turned to snog the other guy with two more looking on. Then a blowjob, most of his cum in her mouth. 

She turned to me for a last snog. I licked up the cum off her face that missed her mouth.  I think she liked that. 

I helped her find her clothes scattered around the club.

We exchanged site IDs and she was gone. I'm hoping she will be there in two weeks and that my plans will remain in place. 

Tomorrow I will be home.


There was a young lady at our meeting, I wish I had met her away from work. I would have made a play for her.

Seven pm.

As I pulled up I found Sally's car but no sign of Anna's. 

"Hello" I called as I opened the door. 

Sally came to meet me in a lime coloured something that almost totally fail to obscure her tits and even if it had been thicker would have exposed glimpses of her cunt as she walked.

"Where is Anna?" I asked.

"Getting fucked I think."

"You never left her with a stranger did you?"

"No. She knows him." Sally informed me a little annoyed that my concerns were distracting me from her.

She pulled at my belt.

I gave her a kiss and we made it to the sofa.

She dropped my trousers,  I lifted her lime thing and drove my cock into her.

She came twice before me, which did surprise me.

I went up to change, all I managed was to strip, Sally took me as a cowgirl.  Her garment tickled my stomach as she moved.

Anna arrived as we were drinking coffee. She dropped her bra on the back of the sofa.

"Any for me?" She asked.

"Coffee or sex?" I asked.


"I'll get it." Sally left us.

I lifted her skirt.

"Where are your knickers?"

"He kept them."

"If you leave knickers behind every time you will bankrupt us."

"Am I a bad girl?" Anna asked, lowering her head and biting her finger.

I opened my robe and she dropped her skirt. I sat her on the sofa, she opened her legs I saw her gapping hole and I fucked it.

"You're loose."

"I've been fucking."

"Sally told me."

Sally had put down the coffee and was rubbing Anna's tits.

I came, sat back on my feet and watched them kiss.

"Are you up for more?"

"Not right now?" I answered. 

"Let's get food sent in. Then you can take us to bed."

Anna checked the site while we waited.

"Who is fruity?"

"I fucked her last night." I responded.

"We have a friend request and some very explicit comments."

"Let's see." Sally demanded. "Lol yes, we have got to meet her. Does she have a man?"

"No but she knows a few."

"I bet she does."

Anna typed a message. "You sound great. Happy you gave Tony an amazing time. He has not stopped talking about you."

Written by Tony

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