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Sally has come again this weekend. She arrived this morning, we had lunch and we went to bed.

Anna insisted on cooking so we went downstairs in loose clothing. Anna was in the kitchen.

"When are the builders starting?" I asked.

"I don't  know. Can't you wait for me to move in?"

"I'm just wondering."

Anna kissed the top of my head from behind the sofa.

"You can stay whenever you like Sally." Anna informed Sally, still behind us and running her hands over Sally's tits.

Sally held Anna's hands to her. I slipped my hand under Sally's loose top. Anna kissed Sally.

A bell rang from the kitchen.

"Don't move." Anna instructed dashing away.

I did move. My hand continued up inside Sally's top, in search of naked tit, which I found. Sally leaned in and kissed.

Anna returned and pulled my cock out of my elastic waistband. I was enjoying a kiss, a tit and a mouth on my cock. The kitchen bell went again.

"Dam." Anna protested and rushed away.

When she returned Sally  was wanking me. Anna pulled Sally's top off and felt her tits. Anna pulled her own top off as she walked around the sofa. She took a tit in her hand and kissed Sally. Sally pushed Anna trousers over her buttocks. I pulled them clear of naked Anna.

Sally fingered Anna. I stripped as naked as Anna. Sally noticed and her hand made way for my cock. I knelt in front of the sofa and fucked her. 

As I fucked Anna Sally stripped and returned to the sofa. Sally and Anna kissed. I fucked Anna and rimmed Sally with my finger. Anna came just before I filled her.

Sally fingered Anna as I pulled out. As Sally kissed and fingered Anna, I started to fuck Sally. They stopped kissing, but Anna was still being fingered. Anna started reaching for Sally's tit and ass. I pounded Sally and let go into her cunt.

My cock was still in her when Anna came to Sally's finger. I twitched my cock in Sally. Sally moved forward and I was out.

We had dinner in our trousers. I was at the head of the table with a topless woman on each side of me. We loaded the dishwasher and went back to bed.

"Do you have a man for Anna?" My question was for Sally.

"Just those from the club." Sally answered.

"They are OK, but it's nice to have proof." Anna commented.

"Proof?" Sally asked 

"Spunk in the cunt." Anna explained.

"Anna loves a sticky cunt." I expanded.

"She loves my cunt full of cum." Sally was dropping her softer term; pussy.

"I'm happy to help with that." I volunteered.

"Most men are." Anna condemned fifty percent of the population.

"If you have any other supply?" I conceded.

"Paul, Simon, Leboo, that other man at Jane's party." Anna listed.

"What about those we fucked with Adam and Lyn?" I reminded Anna.

"What about Leboo?" Anna repeated dreamerly. 

"What about him?" I asked.

"You should have been there Sally."

"Could we go?" Sally replied.

"We may be able to get away for a week if we take the laptops?" I suggested.

"Leboo's massive cock." Anna said wistfully.

I rolled onto Anna and shoved my cock into her, I fucked her hard and fast.

"Is that jealous or rage darling?"

"Just proving I can get you off."

"I know, you always do."

Sally got attention from us both and we fell asleep.

Written by tmann

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