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Thursday  11th May

We spent the night at an airport hotel. We did find a couple In the hotel. We met them in the bar, but we settled for pizza in our room. We said good night to the couple.

Friday 12th May

We got to the airport early and had breakfast, then did some window shopping.

There was a dark haired woman looking at jewelry with a white vale clipped to her hair. The vale declared she was a bride to be.

"Congratulations, may I kiss the bride?" I asked.

The woman turned around a little confused.

"Sorry hun. Tony can be cheeky. Are you on a hen party?" Anna interrupted.

"Yes." The woman recovered.

"I hope you have found a man like Tony. Is it a man?" Anna asked.

"Yes it's a man?" 

"Have fun on your trip, I hope you have lots of condoms." Anna declared.


"You're going to have fun, lots of sex." Anna explained.

"We are going to make sure of that." Another woman joined the conversation.

"You should all have fun. If you're coming to Atlanta I'd lend to Tony."

"I'm tempted to change flights but I better not." The new woman confided.

The new woman kissed me on the cheek. The bride was looking embarrassed.

We never got any fun with others on Friday.

Saturday 13th May

We picked the car up and took the long slow road out of Atlanta to our first stop in Cherokee. A nice little town at 600 meters. No fun but a lovely place for a short visit.

Sunday 14th May

We started our drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are not many people about so not too many to tempt us.

Monday 15th May

It's raining but not bad.

Tuesday 16th May

Foggy, the trees are giving way to pasture. Virginia is a friendly place, people talk, but no one took our fancy.

Wednesday 17th May

We had a nice high bed, so Anna laid on her back. We like looking at each other as we fuck  but missionary is no longer an option and sisors is also uncomfortable for Anna. So raising her open legs and looking at her bump. I bent my hard cock to her cunt and slowly eased in. She bit her lip.

"I think you like that." Anna commented. 

"You know I like that."

"Will you like my cunt after baby is born or should I have a cesarean?"

"I've fucked mothers. Your cunt will be just as fuckable and you're more than a cunt."

"I know love. I'm  being silly."

"You're worrying and there is no need."

I continued to move, my horizontal cock rubbing inside her trying to get vertical. I filled her and further movement pumped cum from her.

"You like that." Anna stated.

"You know it."

"I do." The do was followed by a uh, "oh stop."

I pulled out still standing between her legs. I held my slimy cock and wanked a load over her belly bump.

"You're a dirty man."

"I know."

"I like dirty men"

"..and I like dirty women."

"You don't mind dirty men either."

"True but I like dirty women more."

"Get out the way I have to pee."

Thursday 18th May

A slow start after a little doggy.

The promised rain has not arrived so it should be a nice day for sightseeing.

We got to the hotel, the oldest inn in America, it is claimed. 

We found our room and I suggest a short walk down the street but Anna want to stay in. 

I discovered why in three quarters of an hour. There was a knock on the door.

"Can you get that?" Anna asked as she headed for the bathroom. 

"Luna." I welcomed the woman I met in New York.

I opened the door to let her in.

"We finally meet." Anna commented cheerfully She had not gone to the bathroom.

"Hello" Luna replied to us both, looking suspiciously at Anna.

"It's so nice to meet you." Anna confided. "How was your trip?"

"I thought you said you could not meet." I asked. 

"It was not as busy as I thought. I was not sure, when I was sure, Anna convinced me it would be a nice surprise."

Luna was not sure she had done the right thing. 

"Would you like some wine?" Anna asked.

"Please,  yes." Luna was beginning to relax. 

I took Luna's bag and put it in the large closet. 

"I'm not drinking." Anna explained touching her belly and handing wine to Luna and myself. 

Luna sipped her wine looking at Anna.

"How far are you?" Luna asked.

We discovered in January,  so just over 5 months." Anna informed Luna and put an arm around me.

Anna took Luna's free hand and placed it on her belly.

Luna seemed to relax.

"Have you been having fun?" Anna enquired. 

"Fun?" Lune asked, puzzled.

"Sex, Anna is asking how many men you have seen."

"O, no one since you." Luna confided.

"Daring, you must be looking forward to bed. Good men are so hard to find, but that has been months." Anna commented. "Are you on the pill?" Anna added.

"Yes." Luna answered coyly. 

"And when were you last tested?"


"For STDs."

"After Tony left, I thought I had better be sure." Luna confessed looking at me apologetically. 

Anna put her glass of coke down and took our half finished wine. "So there is no need for condoms, is there? Do you think Luna?"

"I suppose not" Luna answered.

I kissed Luna and held her in my arms. There was a moment of indecision. 

"I enjoy seeing Tony with women." Anna yold Luna as she pull Luna's zip down and retreated to a chair. 

Luna kissed me as I slipped a hand in the gap left by the zip.

I stepped away and pulled the dress off her shoulders,  it fell to the ground, she was naked.

"Suck his cock." Anna directed gently. 

Luna pulled at my belt pulled my trousers down and started sucking. I pulled my shirt off.

"Take Luna to bed." Anna continued. 

Luna backed up to the bed, looking at me, not Anna.

I stepped on the bottom of my trousers and pulled one leg free, then the other. I followed Luna to the bed and lay beside her. She was on her side looking away from Anna. 

We kissed as I handled her buttock. My cock was aching with desire for her cunt. 

"I want you." I told Luna.

"I know." 

I turned her on her back and slipped my naked cock into her.  She kissed me passionately then buried  her head in my neck. 

Anna sat on the bed, she was naked. I continued to fuck Luna. Luna came just before me. 

"Was that good Luna?" Anna asked.

Luna faced Anna with me still in her. Luna nodded her head and licked her lips, then swallowed. I lay on the other side of Luna.

"Do you feel cum between your legs?" Anna asked.

Luna nodded her head and managed something that sounded like mmm.

Anna rubbed my leaking cum.

"Oh yes, that is good Tony leaking. Don't you like real cum in you? I do." Anna informed Luna.

I pushed my hand into the mix of pussy, Anna's hand and cum.

Exactly why Luna came again and came again I don't know, my finger, Anna's or just the new experience. 

"Tony should fill you again." Anna observed. 

Anna gave me space and I took Luna again sinking into a hot well lubricated cunt. I supported myself on the head board looking down at Luna taking the odd glance at Anne.

"What about you?" Luna asked looking at Anna.

"Tony can fuck me anytime, enjoy him while you can. I like seeing him fucking you."

I flooded her chamber and gave room to Anna, who resumed fingering Luna.

"This visit is all for you. Relax and enjoy everything." Anna told Luna, the kissed Luna gently on the lips. "You kept Tony company in New York. This is your reward. You have a nice pussy."

Anna kissed Luna and Luna raised her head as Anna pulled away.

"Ride Tony so I can see more." 

Luna almost reluctantly mounted my shaft. She rose and fell a few time and cum started to drain down my cock and over my balls. 

"This is for you remember grind your clit, he will last longer and you will get more enjoyment." 

"I thought you wanted to see?" Luna responded as she changed her movements. 

"I can see you."

Anna ran her hand over Luna's tit and I felt cum draining down my crack. Then they kissed. Luna seemed to for get about me as she caressed Anna. Then they parted and Luna came.

"Now you can give Tony his turn." Anna allowed.

I looked at Lรนna above me, she was gazing at Anna. Anna had won Luna. 

"I can see that magnificent cock in you."

I looked down and saw the lower half appear and disappear as Luna rose and fell. Then I came. I was still kind of hard by not fully.

Anna bowed her head to my cock and sucked. 

"Help me clean the messy cock." Anna asked.

Anna changed position as Luna started work then returned to my cock. Their cheeks touching as they please my cock.

"No good, he needs a rest." Anna conceded. "Do you need a rest?" 

"No, I want more." Luna confirmed. 

"Lay back." Anna instructed. 

Luna lay on the bed. Anna gently pulled one leg open and the other leg obeyed. Then Anna kissed Luna's pussy and went to work.

"O God, that is wonderful." Luna declared with no response from anyone.

Anna was in a perfect doggy position and my cock was hard again but I left Anna to fully concentrate on Luna. 

It was after Luna had come twice that I slipped my cock into Anna's juice wet cunt. At first I was controlled but as Anna lifted her head I banged away. I came, felt myself soften but I was still hard enough to keep going. Anna came and I left her.

"You crafty bastard." Anna condemned me as she lay on her back and opened her legs. "Am I leaking Luna."

"Yes." Luna responded gazing at Anna's pussy.

"That is what you looked like. Do you want to do anything?" Anna invited. 

Luna did not reply, she tentatively bent over Anna and licked.

"Be careful of my belly." Anna cautioned. 


"You can tongue harder, just be careful of baby." Anna continued. 

I did nothing except watch.

Anna came with a loud uh. Luna straightened.

I kissed Luna and asked. "Was that good." As I fingered her pussy. 

"Very good." Anna informed us both.

My fingers were soon replaced by my cock and Luna came just before a new load emptied into her.

By that time I needed a rest. "Shall we find dinner?"

We walked two blocks to a touch of Italy. It was the only place within walking distance. 

When we got back to our room I fucked Luna on the edge of the bed and we started over.

Friday 18th May

I woke up spooning Luna who was in turn spooning Anna.

I tried to sneak out of bed but Luna turned held me and I fucked her on her back. That woke Anna who softly wished us "Good morning."

I delivered my load and rushed to the bathroom, knowing Luna did not get everything she deserved. 

When I returned they were kissing and Luna was responding to something going on under the sheets.

I sat in the chair and enjoyed the view.

"What time is it?" Anna asked as they parted.

"Eight thirty." I replied. 

"That's late, will we miss breakfast?" Anna asked.

"We were up late." I reminded them.

"You were up us both." Anna reminded me.

We grabbed coffee and donuts from the hotel, the only thing on offer. Then went to the next town for a walk around and lunch at a cafe.

Back at the oldest Inn in America we fucked and finally went down to select from an expensive and very restricted menu. We stopped at the bar for a drink where we found the drivers of seven sports cars who were staying the night. 

"Do you fancy any of them?" I enquired.

"No." Luna replied in disbelief. 

We went back to the room.

Saturday 19th May

We missed breakfast and went to the little breakfast place we had lunch the previous day. Anna road with Luna.

The waitress delivered our drinks from memory.

After breakfast we said goodbye. 

"If you are in England you must stay with us, we will introduce you to our friends if you like." Anna invited. 

"I will." Luna replied. 

Luna gave Anna a peck on the cheek and a longer proper kiss for me. She opened her car door and abandoned herself to temptation. She snogged Anna and drove away.

"Did I do OK hun?"

"We all did fab." I leaned across the car and kissed Anna.

"I hope she visits." Anna confessed.

Sunday 20th May

I will not bore you with the next few days.

Saturday 27th May

The holiday is almost over and we have been forced to keep our own company. 

Atlanta Airport is a bit of a pain to get around and there is not much in the way of shopping. 

It will be Sunday by the time we land. 

Sunday 28th May

Anna wanted a rest before going home so we booked into the Travelodge. 

Monday 29th May

Sally was waiting for us.

Written by Tony

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