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I was not going to write about this week but Anna set me free to play. Anna will be away for a week, but we said goodbye this morning the way lovers do and she loaded her car.

"Remember you play up to Thursday, but stay in on Thursday your birthday present is arriving and it will not fit through the letterbox. Mummy and daddy are coming over next Sunday and we are going out to celebrate a late birthday." Anna reminded me.

"Off you go. Have a little fun."

"I have my toy, go to the club and see if Sue and Paul are free, but remember to be home Thursday."

I kissed her goodbye and watched her drive away. Anna had given me 4 days to play, then recharge my balls for her return on Saturday. We were staying close, if not exactly following the doctor's plan for a child; save my sperm for Anna and only her.

I sent a message to Sue and Paul on the site.


I went to work. When I got home I arranged to see Sue on Tuesday and planned to go to the club on Wednesday,  then I shall be good.

Anna phoned in the evening as normal. 

"Did you have fun today?" Anna asked.

"No, how about you?"

"I have my toy, no, really I told you to have fun birthday boy. I wish I was with you darling. "

"I wish you were."

"Say hi to Sue tomorrow."

"I will, you two have been planning things?"

"No, just keeping an eye on you."

"So who have you got watching me on Wednesday?"

"No one, what are you up to?"

"I thought I would go to the club. Why don't you find someone?"

"No, I'm saving it all for you."

"See if you can find a lady."

"I could do that."

"You could!"

"I'll see if there is a rainbow bar."

Anna started searching.


I called in at Sue's.

"Paul is working late, let's go upstairs." Sue suggested.

We kissed and slowly stripped each other. I slipped my naked cock into her, looking into her eyes. We had both cum once when we heard the front door go, and there was a wet patch on the bed.

"Paul is early."

I was still banging away when Paul entered the room.

"Tony is here."

"I can see that. More cock for you."

"Sloppy seconds for you." Sue managed to say between surges of pleasure.

"I'm looking forward to getting Anna on her back again." Paul commented as he took Sue. 

"Why do you two like this?" She asked before Paul picked up his tempo.

"It's hot watching you getting fucked."

"What do you like, Tony?" She asked.

"Seeing Anna enjoy and having you."

Paul came quickly and buried his head between Sue's legs.

"I know why you do it." I informed her.

"Because one man is never enough."

"So you're glad I seduced you."

"I am." Paul said coming up for air and starting to finger fuck Sue.

"Yes, I am. I don't know why I took so long." Sue panted.

"It was not for lack of me encouraging you." Paul said chuckling with the sound of fingers in a wet pussy filling the room.

Sue came and asked for a break.

We went down for a drink of rum.

"We have a lot to thank you for" Paul offered.

"I do." Sue confirmed, extending her drink away from her, draping her other arm around me. Her clammy pussy rubbed against my leg as she snogged me.

Paul took my glass and I felt Sue with both hands.

"Take it." Sue said, holding her glass out.

Paul took the glass and I began to lower Sue onto the sofa.

"O, no you don't. We are going to bed."

Sue ducked out of my arms, avoided Paul and headed for the stairs.

"Looks like we have a runner."

"It does."

When we got to the bedroom Sue was not to be seen. We stepped in. The door slammed.

"Got you." Sue announced as she shoved us both on the bed.

"Trapped." I admitted.

"But who wants to escape?" Paul asked.

Sue descended on my cock. Paul ran his hand over her buttocks and fingered her pussy.

"I like a wet cunt." 

"Guests first." Sue affirmed.

She climbed on.

"Let me back a bit."

I pulled myself fully onto the bed and Sue lowered her pussy onto me. Paul took a breast in his hand. His hand was slick from a sloppy pussy. 

Sue rolled her pussy finally allowing me to cum.

She threw herself flat on the bed and offered herself. "Now you can have me Paul."

Paul lay between her legs and fucked hard. There was not much room for me between their closely entwined bodies so I just watched.

We both went round twice more and went for supper.

After supper Sue slept between us, after some more filling.


I was still at Paul and Sue's.

Anna texted me and I replied with a call.

"Morning Tony." Anna answered.

"Did you go out last night?"

"No, but I think I have found somewhere tonight. How about you?" 

"I am going to the club, just to see if I can pull without my beautiful lady."

"You will, I fell for you."

"Have fun tonight."

"I will try and I will phone you in the morning." Anna hung up.

On my way home I went to the club.

"Is Anna getting fucked?" It was Fred, older than me but he had a young wife.

"She is away on a trip, as I understand it she is at a lesbian club."

"So you were lonely and came for a bit of pussy. Come and help me out with Poppy."

Fred normally only played with couples or females, I suspected he wanted to score points to get at Anna again.

"What do you say Poppy?"

"Both of you would be better."

We left the room with a few eyes on us.

Fred locked the door, it was a small bed, with a dim red light. We took our towels off with Poppy in the middle. There was no space for more than three.

"Fuck her up." Fred instructed. He made room getting off the bed and started wanking.

I pulled a condom on and slipped easily into Poppy. Poppy embraced me. I began to pump, enjoying her nipples rubbing my chest. 

Then I felt what I expected, a hand on my balls. I continued to pump, making longer thrusts. Fred's finger trailed between my buttocks. I trapped his finger with each forward thrust. I knew that would be as far as he went.

I filled the condom and withdrew.

"Now I'm going to fill you. On your knees."

Poppy knelt and sucked on my cock. Fred started banging away. I stepped back and watched. Fred grunted and reposition himself starting to fuck harder. 

"There you are, freshly filled."

I climbed on the bed and started to eat pussy, feeling my cock engulfed by Poppy's mouth.

Fred reached over me feeling Poppy, his limp cock rubbing gently on my side.

I came once in her mouth after she came twice. Coming to oral is unusual for me. Fred refilled her and we went to shower.

I joined 10 men playing with a pair of ladies, rather hungry ladies. I have to admit I rather the male female balance is more equal, but I fucked them both and sucked some cock.

I spent half an hour in the hot tub and went home.


Anna phoned and reminded me to stay in.

I worked from home, not sure when or what was being delivered. By six pm I thought nothing was arriving.

That is when the doorbell rang.

"Sally, come in, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Are you alone?"

"Yes, Anna is on a trip."

"Good, this is for you." 

Sally allowed her long warm coat to fall open at the top and pulled a small envelope that was tucked close to her breast.

I took the warm envelope and found a plain pink card inside. It read 'Tony my darling, I cannot be with you. Sally has agreed to be your birthday present.' I looked up to see Sally, she was holding her coat out and dropped it to the ground. Sally wore red high heeled shoes, hold ups and a red bodice with black trimming. Her breasts were pushed up and partly hidden, but her pussy was on full display, shaved and attracting my attention.

"Turn the card over." Sally admonished.

'I have put Sally on our bareback list. Please enjoy. Happy Birthday. Love Anna.'

"Do you know what this says?"

"I helped write it. You have me, what are you going to do with me?"

Sally placed an arm on each of my shoulders. I pulled her to me and kissed her, feeling the firm strips in her bodice.

"Is this thing comfortable?" I asked.

"No it's not."

"How do we get it off, undo the laces?"

"No, here, unzip it." Sally informed me, pulling at some valco revealing a heavy duty zip.

Sally took a deep breath and I pulled at the zip.

"That's better." Breathing more easily.

"Why  do you wear something like that?" I asked, holding her breasts.

"Men like it."

"I'd rather see you breathing and see you."

"Is that what you want, just to see me"

"I have other ideas,  would you like a drink?"

"No." Sally said slowly, shaking her head, with a wicked smile.

"Then it will have to be my other idea."

Sally never answered,  she could not, my tongue was in her mouth. 

She pulled my shirt out of the back of my trousers and pushed a hand in. I breathed in loosening the fit of my trousers, then breathed out trapping her hand. 

"Hey." She complained. 

I pulled my stomach in and pulled my belt open. Sally pulled my trousers down and felt my hard cock.

"Bed, you know the way."

Sally turned, received a light tap on her bun and I followed. 

Sally was just arranging herself on the bed when I arrived with no shirt and holding up my trousers. 

I pushed my trousers down and sat on the bed. As I tried to rid myself of my trousers Sally pulled me back and sucked at my cock. I pulled her cunt to me and licked. Eerrmm came from cock.

Then she was gone, her legs flew over me as she sat on the edge of the bed. I shuffled sideways and slipped into Sally's open cunt, for the first time with nothing between us.

I pounded her, filling her but knew she had not cum. I dropped to my knees and rubbed my tongue over her clit.

"Oh yes." Sally came.

I fucked her again. Turned sat on the bed to finish taking my trousers off, but was stopped by a leg crossing over my body.  Lips on my lips and a hand pulling my cock into position. Sally drove her cunt onto my cock  and sat up.

"You have spunked me up." Sally commented. 

"It's running down my balls."

"Do you mind?"

"Not with you sitting on my cock."

Sally yelped and started to bounce. 

I came.

"Now you can give me a drink."


"Anything that will get you in bed Tony."

"Of course."

We had drinks and found a few things to eat and returned to bed for the night, it was two hours before I was aloud to sleep. 


I had not woken up next to anyone other than Anna for longer than I could remember apart from Sue. I slid my cock into the woman in my arms.

"Not there." Sally advised.

"Morning Sally." I remembered, repositioning my cock.

"Good morning Tony."

I started pumping with a hand on her tit. When I filled her she was just rising to her cum. I pumped a few more times, she started to leak and I reached around her to work her bean lubricated by my spunk. She came. We lay there with my cock in her.

"If you were not spoken for I would be after you."

"You can have me whenever you like."

"That is not what I meant and you know it."

"Perhaps you should share me?"

"Perhaps we should. Be a darling and get my overnight bag from my car, the keys are in my coat."

I showered quickly, dressed and fetched Sally's bag.

Sally was cooking when I got back.

"I can do that, your a guest." I told Sally as I texted Anna 'Good morning."

The phone rang.

"Did you enjoy my present?"

"I did thank you, very much. What did I do to deserve you?"

"I have no idea."

"Can I hand you to Sally, I'm plating breakfast." I handed the phone to Sally.

I heard one end of the conversation. "Devineโ€ฆ.I was leaking all nightโ€ฆso much spunkโ€ฆTony Anna wants you."

"I know," I took the phone. 

"Sounds like you both had fun."

"We did, thank you, lover."

"When I'm pregnant you can fuck her as much as you like, but save it for me to then."

"I'll be a good boy."

"Really, lol. See you on Saturday."

"I look forward to it."

Sally pulled my head to hers and snugged me. "To next time." She said over her shoulder.

"Bring a friend."

"Man or woman?"

"One of each, so long as they are Bi."

"I may do that."

I went to work.

"Hi Anna." It was our evening phone call. "You're early today, do you have plans?"

"I do, I'm meeting Carol at the bar."

"Some pussy for you tonight then."

"Yes, pity you are not here."

"Would I like her?"

"I think so, but I will have ask her if she likes cock."

"Why, are you inviting her here?"

"No love, don't wank thinking about it, in fact don't wank, save it all for me."

"I will, have fun."

"See you soon darling."

I put the TV on and surfed.


I got up late and tidied the house for Anna's coming home.

It was three in the afternoon when Anna arrived. "Tony" she called.

"Here" I was expecting to help her with something.

Anna almost burst into the room and dropped her skirt.

"Fuck me I want your cock."

Even for Anna this was direct and sudden, but who am I to complain, there was no one in the house.

I did my best to drop my trousers, pushed her on to the sofa, pulled her knickers to the side and fucked her. I banged away and she came quickly. I had expected to have to eat her.

"You dirty bastard."

"You're the one with stained knickers."

"I missed you, did you miss me?"

"I did, glad you are back." I kissed her.

"Did you get lots of pussy?"

"Some, but it would be better sharing with you. Did you get some pussy?"

"Yes, Carol was blissful. How was Sally now you've fucked her bareback?"

"She left very full."

"I bet she did. Get my bags and I'll meet you upstairs."

I left her bags downstairs and joined Anna in the bedroom.

"Is this where you did the dirty deed?" Anna asked, laying totally naked on the bed.

"Among others."

I stripped and climbed onto the bed.

"And your socks."

I pushed them off and lay between her legs rolling my tongue over her clit, she came twice and I slipped back into her. We fucked, she pulled her legs around me and I tipped her on her side. Spunk drained from her cunt and spread between us. We both came. We lay in each others arms.

"I'll have to compare notes with Sally."

"I thought you'd done that."

"Not since you fucked her properly and spunked her up."

"...and you accuse me of being dirty."

"Ha, we are both dirty fuckers and you know that is why we are together."

Written by Tony

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