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Tony has been telling you about our adventures, but he did not tell you everything about last week, he did not tell you what I did.

When I met Tony he got me as a fully formed slut, but we have both changed since then. We are now planning a family, but you will know that if you have been following us.

Last week was Tony's birthday and I set him free to fuck around. (Yes I do say fuck and cunt, that is not Tony putting words in my mouth.) Tony got to fuck some of our friends and two cunts at the club. For my part, I only have his cock, he wants to be a daddy. Tony encouraged me to find a cunt to play with, or as he says lady, he is sweet till he gets to bed then its all cunt and cock.

By Tuesday I was longing for his cock in me, any cock even in my ass. I can't have condoms in my cunt because there is spermicide on them, and can't have naked cock in my ass in case spunk leaks into my cunt. That's a thought, I will come back to last week shortly.

"Tony, you know the doctor said I should not use condoms and we don't want to risk spunk from my ass getting in my cunt?"

"Yes Anna, have you got an idea?"

"Darling, would you mind if my ass was fucked with a condom."

"We should have thought about that before, shall I invite Sue and Paul?"

"No, we will do it together later. Thank you darling.

Now back to last week. On Tuesday I went to a bar with a large pride flag on the wall. It was mostly women but some men. My eye fell on Carol, she was tall and slim. I walked over.

"Do you cum here often?" I asked.

She looked me up and down. "Not often, how about you?"

"I'm here on business, I just need some company."

"Just company?"

"More if I find the right person." 

"Person, or woman."

"Woman, I have a deal with my husband, no cock."

"That's good for me is it?" She touched my hand.

"It could be." I turned my hand over and ran it up her naked arm.

Her hand ran over my shoulder. I held her tit in her tight dress and we kissed lightly.

We had another drink in a corner. After some naughty chat we left.

In my room we undressed each other.

"You're beautiful." Carol told me.

"So are you." I told her, running my hand over her now naked tits.

Carol flattened her hand over my cunt and pressed a finger against but not into my crack. I kissed her.

"I want you." I informed her.

"I want you."

We got to bed. Our arms and legs wrapped around each other. 

Most men like to fuck hard and fast like a piston, I like that sometimes, but not often.  I like my cock nice and deep, rubbing against my g-spot and grinding my clit.

That is not what happened with Carol. We touched lightly and gently lifted each other to the warm damp clouds of the high atmosphere then bounced along with heaven just in sight. We held each other there for half an hour.  When I came it felt like a million rose petals gently falling upon me.

Carol came just after me and we held each other, gently floating back to earth.

The next time Carol came to my room the same thing happened. I have Carol's number and will use it one day.

I don't think a man could do that unless he gave up his own enjoyment. 

Now I will take Tony to bed, and let him read this later. I hope reading this has given you enjoyment,  remembering it has given me a warm glow.

Written by Anna

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