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Maddie asked me to stop by her place on Friday. 

“Sugar?” Maddie asked as she put the tray down.

“One thank you.”

Maddie placed the tea in front of me.

“How did you and Anna start to swing?”

“We met on a beach and my wife invited Anna to our room.”

“So you were swinging with your wife, how did that start?”

“We both had lovers, I more than my wife, Anna and her boyfriend was the first time my wife and I went to bed together with others.”

“So, you just did it because she wanted to?”

“No, I wanted it long before. Maddie, don't judge your husband on me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Not every man wants to see his wife have sex.”

“What do you think I should do?”

“To introduce Will to swinging?”

“Yes, what do I do?”

I took a sip of tea, and thought. 

“First you should know what you are risking and be prepared.”

“Go on.” 

“If you ask him he may not trust you again. He may say yes when he means no, or no when he means yes. If he says yes, and means it, he may not like it when it happens.”

“So what should I do?” Maddie asked.

“If you really want to see him fucking other women, be honest and tell him what you want. If you want to keep him and not risk him leaving, don’t swing.”

“..or don’t tell him.” Maddie offered another option.

“Or not tell him.” I confirmed.

Maddie moved closer.

“Will will not be back for hours.”

I put my hand around the back of her head and pulled her to me. We kissed and her hand slotted between my legs. I mushed her tit. Her hand pressed against my cock.

“I want that in you.”

“Come on then.”

Maddie got up, took my hand and led me upstairs.

“Do you like a woman in a dress or slacks?” Maddie asked.

“A loose dress, so I can get to her pussy.”

“Zip darling.” Maddie invited as she turned and lifted her arm, revealing a zip.

I pulled the zip down , which gave her enough room to pull it down with a wriggle revealing her tits then shaved cunt.

“Nice and smooth.” I congratulated, running my hand over her cunt.

“Anna and Fria were shaved.”

“That is them.” I took my shirt off as Maddie pulled my trousers down.

Maddie ran her hand up and down my erect cock. 

“Will wanted to know why I did it.”

“What did you tell him?” I asked as I stepped out of one leg.

“I fancied a change.” 

“What did he say?”

“He said he liked it.”

“That’s good, sit on the bed.”

I pulled the other leg out and pulled my socks out.

I went down on her cunt, smooth and wet.

Her legs wrapped around my shoulders. I continued to tongue her, rolling over her clit and pushing into he cunt. Her feet kicked my back as she came.

“Want my cock now?”

“Yes please” Maddie cooed.

“Back up, all the way onto the bed.”

I slipped my cock in.

“Did you enjoy Anna at your pussy?”

“Yes.” Maddie exhaled as I moved deeper into her.

“Anna said she was you first.” I was picking up tempo.

“Yes, Yes.” I was not sure if she was encouraging or answering my question.

I pushed in deep. Her legs came up again and locked me in please. Our tongues tangled and hands traced each other’s bodies.

I came but never stopped. 

“I’m leaking.” Maddie observed.

“I know, my balls are wet.”

Then she exploded. Her arms wrapped tight around me and her ankles crossed behind me.

 “I enjoyed that?”

“So did I.” Maddie admitted, slowly relaxing her grip on me.

“I’m still hard, do you want more?”

“If you have it.”

“On all fours.”

“Where do you want it?” I asked placing my cock at her backdoor.

“I don’t know.”

“Let’s go here.” I pushed my cock down and plunged back into her cunt.

“No, the other place.” 


“This is tight.” I eased in slowly.

“It’s alright, but gently.”

I did as I was asked.

“That is strange.” Maddie commented.

“Good strange.”

“It’s better now you are in.”

I moved slowly, with my hands on her hips. She came followed by myself.

We both collapsed on the bed.

“Thank you.” Maddie said.

“There is no need to thank me. You are a good fuck.”

“A fuck, is that what I am?”

“What do you want to be?”

“I don’t know.”

I held her. Her head on my shoulder, her body pressed to me, one leg over me, her leaking cunt pressed to my hip.

“Can I come over sometimes?”

“Anytime you like.”

“You better go, I have to change the bed.”

“Do you want a hand?”

“No, it’s fine.”

I left, hoping I had not pushed her too far.

Written by Tony

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