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"Did you see the comment about bedding the doctor on our last story?" Anna asked.

"I did, that would not be professional on her part and not nice of us." 

"Did you want to?"

"It was a fantasy when I was wanking."

"I knew it. My fantasy is not have to use condoms."

"We can do that with our friends." I reminded Anna.

I slipped into her.

"No, really not worry about condoms. Anyone I wanted." Anna continued as I worked my cock in her.

"Like an island to keep all the vanilla away."

"Yes and bi-women between 20 and 30."

"I like the sound of that, bi-men between 20 and 30, all bottoms."

"O no, 30 to 40, older men know what to do and some tops for my bum."

"Versatile 20 to 40, some for both of us." I conceded. 

"So you want me to be used by how many."

"A couple of hundred, and not used, I expect you to select who you want and use them."

"Hundreds, that will keep us busy."

"Busy like this?" I asked, continuing to move inside her.

"Like this with someone, licking your sticky spunk from a pussy."

"So you want me about?"

"I do, don't you want me?"

"You know I  want you Anna. The island is a fantasy, we have a real life, which I wish to spend with you."

".....but we are going to that hotel." Anna confirmed as she came.

"Yes we are." I pumped deeper.

"I want to use condoms at the hotel."

I drove my cock home and let go my load. I remained plugging her cunt.

"We should enjoy that hotel to it's full extent."

"You don't mind after what the doctor said."

"It's just for two weeks."

"I would love to have those two weeks bareback, full of stranger's cum."

"That island fantasy does turn you on."

"Well, yes it does, what about you?"

"We have bareback friends, when you are pregnant we will have them all over."

"...and we can just do it with them all."

"We can. Anna, I would like to just fuck around bareback but its not safe."

"I know. Do me again."

I started to move again. Soon we were squelching and there was cum between us. 

"I love the feel of cock, but your cock most."

"Why mine?"

"It's your cock silly, do you like my pussy more?"

"I like you more."

"You don't mind me and others?"

"I positively enjoy and encourage you to play with others."

"Uuhhh." Anna came. "I love you."

"...and I love you." I filled Anna once more.

As we lay in each other's arms Anna told me. "When I've had my baby she will not be our doctor."

"So you fancy her?"

"You said you thought about her as you wanked."

"Yes I would fuck her, would you eat my spunk from her?"

"So you want her bareback?"

"Not if she is too promiscuous, but I would fuck her."

"Do you think she is married or bi?"

"You better ask her."

"Not yet." Anna finished the conversation and climbed on me then added. "If she had you like this I could suck her tits."

"...or fuck her husband."

"I've not seen him, but I would fuck so you could have her."

"You are too good to me."

"I know."

Written by Tony

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