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"You said you would see me every Thursday." Jane complained. 

"You can come and stay with us sometimes." Anna attempted to console Jane. "..and you have Mike, you like Mike."

"I can see you most Thursdays." Mike confirmed. 

"It's not the same." Jane complained instantly, regretting saying it. "I'm sorry Mike."

"I understand." He said putting an arm around her without trying anything. 

There was an awkward silence filled only by Anna putting her arm around Jane.

"How can I come to see you?" Jane asked.

"You can stay with us, we could have some girl time  you could bring Mike. Would you like to spend whole nights in a foursome?"

"I suppose so." Jane agreed reluctantly, opening her blouse. 

Mike and Jane each took a breast.

I felt out of it, sat on my own and guilty,  after all I had said I would meet her every Thursday,  now I was moving away.

Jane said "If you promise to remember me I suppose you can do me."

"I will remember you, I couldn't forget a woman like you. I will look forward to your visits."

"I'll make sure he does not forget you." Anna assured as she took her arm away.

Jane pulled her skirt up revealing her pussy. I knelt on the floor in front of the sofa and sank my cock into her. Anna worked one breast and Mike the other, each taking alternate kisses as I fucked Jane. As I pulled out Anna started to finger Jane. Jane ignored Mike and kissed Anna and grabbed her breast through her t-shirt. 

Jane came, Mike pulled a condom on and started to fuck Jane. Anna pulled her t-shirt over her head and Jane grabbed a tit.

Anna reached out a hand towards me. Anne had a handful and was kissing Jane as I lifted her skirt and pushed into her ass. Mike was hammering Jane, Jane came.

"Do you have to use that rubber thing?" Jane asked Mike.

"I don't know, do I?"

"No, you don't!" Jane answered. I did not tell Jane it would be the last time I fucked her without a condom.

Mike went into her again. I was glad Jane was extending Mike's rights. Jane lay back on the sofa. Mike lay on her and fucked away depositing his first ever load deep in her cunt.

"More" Jane demanded as Mike left her.

"On your knees." I told Jane and took her ass. She was tight, but not as tight as she was when I first took her bum.

"You need a condom, we are trying for a baby." Anna informed Mike.

He fucked Anna on the floor in front of me. 

I came in Jane and turned her over, I descended on her pussy and licked at Mike's leaking cum. I heard Anna cum just before Jane. 

I hated the hurried way we always left Jane, but she had her timetable. Mike drove away.

As Anna and I drove she asked "Did you fuck her bareback the last time?"

"Mike fucked her pussy I did her bum. I did not want to tell her it was her last bareback from me."

"You did the right thing. Mike will enjoy Thursdays now."

"I will miss her but not as much as I missed you at the end of each holiday."

"You're stuck with me now."

"I think I'm a lucky man."

"You are lucky because you are a nice considerate man"

Written by Tony

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