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My night out, the second Saturday of each month.I have asked my wife to come to clubs before, but she says no. It's been two years since I've been to a club. I changed into a towel.

There were not many in, I took a walk around and found a woman on a high padded bench, a man finger fucking her and another wanking. The man between her legs invited me over to wank on her tits. "You can wank on her tits but that's all." Her husband.

Nothing much was happening and she did look good laid out totally naked. I stood beside the second guys, I hoped she would wank or suck me but she never did.

"Don't splash her face, just her tits."

I wanked away, the other guy was ahead of me, he splashed his load over her tits and walked off. 

"He didn't even tidy up after himself." The husband was unhappy.

I dumped my load over her tits and the husband handed me some tissues. I took the tissue and put them down. I mixed the two deposits together, the slick mess spread over her nipples. I kissed and gently sucked her tits. Then kissed her lips. She liked it. My hand continued to work her tits as we kissed. She kissed back. My hand went south to work her bean. I looked at her husband who watched as I fingered her bean. I pushed my fingers into her pussy still slimy with mixed spunk and kissed her. I think she came and I know she gushed, she said it was the first time she gushed. She was embarrassed. Her husband mopped up her gush and I cleaned her tits.

Her husband exchanged site account details with me as she showered.

It was Monday that I got a message on the site with a phone number, phone between 9 and 5. 

I phoned at half past nine. It was a female voice. "It's Jenny we met on Saturday." She sounded furtive, a little excited.

"I know how are you?"

"Can I see you?"

"Of course, when were you thinking, tonight?"

"No, this morning or tomorrow morning." That sounded like the husband never knew, but that was her business.

"How about eleven? Where?"

She gave me her address and I booked myself off for the rest of the day.

She opened the door with a tight dress that showed the curves of her body. "Come in." She shut the door quickly behind me. She smoothed her dress pushing her hands down  over her hips. " That was the first time I gushed."

"I hope you enjoyed it, you seemed a little embarrassed."

"I was." She blushed.

"How do you feel now?"


"....because you want to try something new?......Without your husband knowing?"

"Do you mind?"

"You're a beautiful woman, what do you have in mind?"

"I don't know, I want to feel like I did."

I kept my language as soft as I could, "Would you like me to play with your pussy,  to masturbate you or make love to you, or just masturbate over you?"

"Not the last thing."

"Shall we go upstairs and see what you like?"

"OK " the answer was non committal.

Her bed was freshly made and tightly tucked in.

"Shall I take your dress off?"

"Please" she was following my direction. I unzipped her and her dress fell away. She stood in her heels and hold ups. I undressed "Lay on the bed."

I sat close to her on the bed. "Tell me to stop at any time." She never answered."Any time, do you agree?"


I touched her breast. "You have beautiful breasts. Such dark nipples."

"Thank you."

Her nipples grew to my touch, I kissed them and wetted them with my tongue. She shivered as I blew over her nipples. I kissed her lips and my hand moved to her pussy. I licked my finger and touched her pussy. "If you want me to do what I did you need to open your legs." She did.

I felt her bean, she started to fidget and moan softly. "I want to make love to you, can I?"

"Yes please."

I kissed her pussy, rolled my tongue over her bean. She was passive but she came moaning. "I am going to get a condom now is that alright?"

"Yes please."

I rolled the condom on and slipped into her. It was the first time she truly reacted. Her hands searched my body as I gently fucked and kissed her. She came  once before me, I came and I pulled out to eat her. She came moaning.

"Will you come again?"

"I hope so." I rolled another condom on and slipped back into her. We fucked and we came together.

"That's not what I meant."

"You should have said stop."

"I could have but I did not want you to. Can I phone you again."

"You can but I can't drop everything every time. Will you tell your husband?"

"No, please don't."

"I just want to know in case we meet at the club."

"He liked that it made him very hard."

"Good" I kissed  her and she dismissed me.

I hope I will have some phone calls.

Written by Tony

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