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"Anna needs rest, you should go home." Maddie told Sally,  Fria and myself.

"I'd rather stay." I told Maddie.

"The baby is fine, Anna just needs some rest. We will keep an eye on her. You really should go home." Maddie suggested. "Anna needs sleep, there is nothing you can do."

"I will drive you home." Fria told me.

"We can come back in the morning." Sally added.

"There we are, all agreed." Maddie summed up.

Faced with three women I succumbed and accepted Fria's offer to drive me.

"We must buy you a car for your duties." I told Fria.

"Thank you." Fria told me, parking outside the house.

Fria offered me a glass of whisky.  She kept one for herself and sat beside me.

"Anna will be fine. You heard the doctor, she said Anna just needs rest." Fria comforted me.

"And observations."

"That's just doctors, it is the way they say she will be in good hands."

Fria put an arm around me. I took a swig of the whisky. 

"You are a very caring, good man." Fria offered and kissed me on the cheek. 

When I took another mouthful of whisky she put her hand on my leg, still holding the whisky.

I looked at her. "Would you describe Tim as a boyfriend?"

"I would not. That was extremely sweet of you, asking his intentions. I know what men can be like."

"We can be less than honest to get sex."

"You are better than that." Fria offered her lips.

I kissed her and she kissed back.

"I want to scream like Sally screams."

"Then you must trust me."

"I trust you."

"Then no more of this." I took the whisky from her hand and placed both glasses on the table. "Let's go to bed."

"No rush, let me undress you."

I pulled her hair from her neck, touched her shoulders and kissed her neck. Fria rolled her head towards mine and her hands moved to cover mine. My hand moved towards her buttons and I opened them one by one. Fria twisted her head and we kissed. I held her breast with one hand and pulled the zip on her skirt down and the finial button opened. I turned her around and pushed her blouse off her shoulder. 

I reached around her body and released the clasp on her quarter bra. It was white and matched her knickers. We were still kissing when I pushed her knickers down. Her pussy was shaved. She stepped out of her knickers and shoes.

"Do you want to lay on the bed?" I asked.

She nodded and climbed on the bed. I undressed watching her watch me. 

Her nipples were raised. I ran a finger around a nipple and her erectile tissue responded. Fria shuddered,  I kissed her. I ran my hands over her body returning to her nipple. Each time I returned she gasped. My hand began to run over her pussy. She opened her legs and I allowed a finger to move between her pussy and leg. Her body jerked. 

"You can touch me." 

Her hand began to search my body. I blow across her nipple.

"Huh, huh, huh." She responded and her body jerked again. 

My finger pushed into the pussy and moved to pull back her hood. I touched her clit. She pulled me close to her and we kissed. I moved away.

"Don't go." She begged.

"I'm just getting a rubber."

Fria let me pull the condom on. I pushed into her. She came almost immediately. I began to move. Fria pulled her legs up. I continued to pump.

Fria changed languages, but it was clear she was enjoying it. I came quicker than normally. 

I held her as she shuddered and slowly came down from her high.

We were still on the bed in the morning.

"Will you tell Anna?" Fria asked.

"I will."

"What about Sally?"

"I don't have to tell her. She may tell others and she may want you."

"Sally may want me?"

"She likes men and women."

"O" she seemed surprised. 

I rolled on to her and then remembered a condom. I kissed her and reached for a condom. 

I slipped into her and began work. Fria responded by hugging me close to her. I came on her second cum.

"Let's get breakfast and get to the hospital."


Written by Tony

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