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“How is your husband Maddie?” Anna asked.

“He's well.” Maddie answered in a flat voice. 

“He's very handsome.  Show Fria the picture.” Anna continued. 

“We shouldn't be doing this.” Maddie complained.

“We are not doing anything Maddie, just having lunch.”

“and you are not our doctor now.” I argued. 

Maddie looked around and leaned into the table. “I'm not saying I want to but, if we did…” Maddie looked around again. “ do you do it?”

“How would you like to do it Maddie?”

“If we did visit, you know, how would it go?” Maddie asked, for the first time in the year we have known her less than confident.

“We could have dinner, but we don't have to.” I offered.

“How do you start?” Maddie whispered. 

Anna took up the conversation. “Someone starts to touch someone. Fria could touch Will. Would you mind Will holding Fria or me?”

“I think it will be exciting.”

“Then Tony can touch you. Will can't object if he is already receiving attention.”

“I suppose not.”

“Are you sure you want to involve Will?” I asked.

“No, I'm not sure.”

“Are you sure you want to be involved?”

“Can we do it now?”

“Of course we can.” Anna jumped in.

“Right now?”

“Right now.” I confirmed. “I'll get the bill, and see you there.

“Fria has gone with Maddie.” Anna told me as I reached the car.

“Whose choice was that?”

“Mine, she needs to find the way.”

We arrived as Fria was letting Maddie in. Fria came out to help.

“OK Maddie?”

“What happens now?” Maddie asked. 

“We go upstairs,  if that is what you  want.” I offered.

Maddie did not answer.

“Not all of us.” Anna softened the apparent shock. 

Maddie looked at Anna.

“Just the two of us?” Anna enquired.

Maddie nodded without speaking.

“Come with me.” Anna said softly. 

We gave them time to close the door on our bedroom before putting Claire down then went to Fria's room and left the door slightly ajar.

“I never expected that.” Fria admitted. 

“What did you expect?” I asked helping her undress. 

“I expected to have Bill, while you had her.”

“I think he likes Will. Do we have to find you more cock?”

“I can do that.” Fria assured me as she pushed my shirt off.

Fria sat on the bed and I pulled her underwear off, revealing her shaved cunt.

I took hold of her well formed tit and we kissed.

“You have wonderful tits.”

“I like your bedroom talk.”

“I like your bedroom action.” I told her, putting two fingers to her.

“Don't make me make too much noise.” Fria cautioned. 

I pushed my cock into her and started to move.

“I'm not responsible for the noise,  only to ensure you enjoy.”

“I always enjoy your cock.”

“Just my cock?”

“You're nice.”

I pulled her leg up, passed my hand over her buttocks and ran a finger along her valley, over her anus. 

“I like your fingers as well.” Fria recalled, then came.

I pumped some more and we came together. 

We were in each other's arms when Anna opened the door. “Join us.”

We crossed the hall and found Maddie on the bed. Her tightly trimmed cunt was partly obscured by her own leg.

I sat on the bed and she turned to look at me. I placed my hand on her hip. She held my hand there and rolled on her back. Anna ran her hand up the inside on Maddie’s leg. The legs parted. My hand moved to her wet Bush, evidence of Anna's tongue. I kissed her as I started to finger her. Her body arched as she came.

I started for a condom.

“You don't need them.” Anna told me.

“I get tested regularly for my job.” Maddie explained. 

I did not need more. Her cunt was relaxed and very wet, easy to enter. I felt ridges inside, she was excited, her tissues were erect. Anna had been busy.

Once I was between her legs Maddie was eager to take pleasure and she came quickly.  Her body was full of energy, pulling me to her and pushing her cunt against me.

She came again but I was still desperate to cum. I spilt into her and started to deflate.

I left her and Anna went down on her pussy, licking up my cum.

Maddie pulled Fria to her, Madden kissed her. Fria was not returning the kiss.

Watching them on the bed hardened me, I rescued Fria, with my cock up her pussy doggy style. 

Maddie released Fria and I pumped away. Anna worked her way up Maddie's body, they kissed and Maddie licked her lips. Fria came just after me.

We lay there.

“Can I shower?” Maddie asked.

“In there.” I point at the bathroom. 

Maddie returned with a towel around her.

“You don't need that Maddie, not any more.” Anna observed, pulling the towel away. “Do you have to go?”

“Yes I do, sorry.”

“Don't be sorry you are leaving, be happy you came.” I told Maddie.

“I'm very happy. Can I come again.

“You can, bring Will if you like.” Anna invited.

“I don't know about that.” Maddie said, pulling her knickers on.

“Do what you need to do Maddie.” Anna confirmed. 

“I know you want to meet him, I just don't know what he would do.” Maddie continued pulling her bra around,  leaning forward and pulling the straps over her shoulders. 

“Don't worry, don't tell him.” Fria suggested. 

“That is my plan for now.” Maddie admitted, pulling her tights on.

“You are welcome anytime.” Anna repeated. 

“Zip me up.” Maddie turned her back. 

Anna gave Maddie a hug and kiss on the cheek. Fria followed suit. Maddie turned to me. We hugged.

“I have to go.”

We saw her out.

“I like her.” Anna said after closing the door.

“Did you snowball her?” 

“I did, she liked it.” Anna confirmed. 

“She did like it.” I agreed.

Written by Tony

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