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First day in York,  my work partner is across the hall. Looks like my options to play are closed.

We went to York for dinner.

Anna called to say she has a  doctor's appointment to talk about pregnancy. 


Work work and I'm a dull boy. I have not found anyone who would like to meet, so I spent the evening with the lady I am away with. Nice boots but no chance to get them off.

Anna said she has a cold, I wonder who she caught that off and if I will get it next.


I have a sneaking suspension that some female accounts are men. Now I know some men are like that but not as many as I seem to have found? 

It looks like another day of abstinence. I'm looking forward to Thursday and going home.


Back home today. Then off for a long weekend in London on Friday. That will be fun. 

When I got home the house was empty,  an hour later I was catching up on work when Anna got home. 

"God I've missed you." She announced as she entered our office pulling her top off.

"Not here." I insisted and pulled her to our bedroom. 

There was no foreplay, just my cock straight into her juicy cunt. 

"Poor boy did you not get any?"

"None at all." I continued to bang her.

"That woman is not very generous is she?"

"She is faithful."

"She does not know what she is missing."

"Don't tell her she may change her mind."

"Perhaps I like the thought of you stripping a vanilla and fucking her infront of 60 people so I can lick your spunk out of her."

"You know you are a dirty bitch?"

"I know."

That may have turned her on because that is when she came. I had to wait a bit longer as I continued to bang away at her she came again. 

"Do you fancy her?"

"No, she is not my kind."

"Really, she is young and female."

"She is vanilla and married."

"The doctor wants to see us together." Anna changed the subject.


"I have made an appointment after we get back from London. My blood tests will be back then."

"Then we will see what he says."

"She." Anna kissed me.

"She, that's nice."

"You are impossible,  but I love you."

Written by Tony

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