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Last weekend we told Anna's parents that Anna was pregnant. This weekend we are having a party.

They are our BB friends, but we are being extra careful. We asked them all to take a std test within two weeks of our party.


Sue and Paul joined us at three, Sally arrived at seven. By the time Sally arrived Anna and Sue were well filled.

Sally's arrival revived Paul and myself.

Lotty and Eva arrived shortly after that, Paul and I found ourselves in the company of five hungry woman. We were unable to keep them all occupied at once, but they were able to keep each other happy.

By nine o'clock four more bodies arrived: Gary, June, Simon and his new live in Mandy. I had not met her before, but since she was shagging Gary and Simon we may as well fuck her bareback. Paul was first at June, Simon and Gary were seized by Totty and her wife Eva. Mandy was quick to engage Sally, leaving Anna and myself the only couple playing with their own partners.

That never lasted long. Anna peeled Sally off Mandy. Anna knew what, or rather who I wanted,  Mandy.

I kissed her, felt her hand go to my balls. She slowly descended to the floor keeping her light grip on my balls. I followed her down and fucked her. 

Mandy called out. "I've been fucked Simon." I was still pumping my cock in and out of her.

"Who got the first bang?" Simon asked from somewhere.

"Tony." I told her.

Mandy repeated my name louder as I filled her chamber. I raised myself on my arms. Sally was soon between us kissing Mandy. I surrendered Mandy to Sally.

Anna took me in her arms.

"Thank you." I whispered to Anna.

"Your welcum lover." Anna replied a little louder.

I took Anna on the floor where I had just fucked Mandy.

By the time I filled my wife, everyone had changed partners.

We paused for drinks and food, but there was touching and kissing.

Then we all drifted off to brew. I think Anna went off with Gary. I took June to one of the spare bedrooms then took her missionary and doggy.

Totty arrived and sucked my cock. June slipped away and Totty got my cock up her pussy.

"Are you on the pill?" I asked her.

"No." She made that no sound seductive.


I found myself in bed with Mandy and Simon in the morning.

I turned to Mandy intent on getting my cock in her. Somehow I ended up fucking Simon. Mandy knelt next to Simon handling her own tits and running her hands over Simon and myself.

I filled Simon's ass, hoping for Mandy next, but Mandy turned and left the room, her naked ass wiggling.

There was no real breakfast but I think we all had breakfast, and drifted off for more sex. Saturday had no real structure. We moved between partners, ate snacks, and possibly drank too much.

Sunday was not different apart from ending sooner.

By the time everyone left there was just Sally, Anna and myself left, and we could not move.

We fell asleep, with me between them. 


In the morning we kissed, cuddled and had breakfast. I thought I would be doing more, but that was all I could manage before being off to work.

By ten am I started to think about work.

Written by Tony

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