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Thursday 19th

Good news today. Anna missed her period 2 weeks ago so we made an appointment with the doctor.

"That's cold." Anna complained as the doctor squeezed lubricant onto her stomach.

"Sorry, try to relax. Let's see what we can find. Even if you are pregnant we may not see anything so early." The doctor cautioned.

"What is your first name?" Anna asked as the doctor moved the scanner around.

The doctor hesitated before answering. "Maddie."

"That's pretty." Anna continued.

"I think we are lucky." The doctor said.

"I'm pregnant?"

"Look right there. That is a few cells embedded in your womb. We could have easily missed that."

"It's so small." Anna commented.

"From which mighty oaks do grow." I continued.

"It's from your mighty oak." Anna squeezed  my hand and smiled broadly.

Maddie looked embarrassed. "It's 8 or 10 days. You are due in October."


"You're going to be waddling around Austria." I told Anna.

"..and you are free to play next week."

"Play?" Maddie asked.

"Fuck around." Anna explained.

Maddie turned red.

"Sorry we did not mean to embarrass you."

"You never."

Saturday 21st

We were taking a preflight drink when Anna slipped away to the toilet.

A woman at the other end of the bar looked down the bar, towards me. I took a sip of my drink.

She sipped her's and placed her chin lazily on her fist.

I did the same and raised a finger.

She did the same and bit it.

I bit my finger and sucked.

She sucked and ran her finger and around it around her glass.

I ran my finger around my glass and took a drink.

She took a drink and then wrapped her long hair around her finger.

I twisted my finger around my very short hair to little effect.

She smiled.

Anna appeared behind her. Anna whispered to her.

The woman shook her head.

Anna joined me.

"You know you ruined my chances?"

"O, yeh, where would you have done it?

"I would have thought of something."

"I bet you would, but she was only playing."

"That's What I was hoping for."

"Can't you wait a few hours?"

"Guess I will have to."

Anna looped her arm in mine.

We were met by Kim at the airport.

"So this is Anna? I'm Kim. I see you are traveling lite, well you will not need much. We have another couple arriving, let me buy you a drink, but I must get back to the gate. How would you like to be known?"

"Anna and Tony?" I asked, looking at Anna.

Anna nodded.

"Anna and Tony."

"Kim seems nice." Anna commented over our drinks.

"I hope the hotel lives up to their hype."

"I expect it will."

"Anna and Tony, this is Jake and Jill. Are you ready to leave?"

"All ready." Answered Anna. "Hi Jake, Jill, nice to meet you."

"Good morning." They answered together, eying us up.

"After you." I offered and watched Jill walk ahead.

We arrived at the hotel and were shown to reception. Kim rang the bell on the desk. A window slid open and an attractive woman opened the door. We stepped in.

"This is Jake and Jill."

"Good morning, I hope you enjoy your stay here. May I have your passports? Please have a drink." The woman said, waving at a tray of glasses.

"Find a ring that fits, it will be your door key. May I have your passports?" Kim asked, standing behind the desk. "Don't forget your drink. Hold your ring there."

Kim pushed a few keys on the computer, and pulled her dress off. She was just as I remembered her. "This way, leave your bags, they will be in your room soon.

On the way to our room we could see the garden from the third floor corridor. A naked couple passed us.

"Hold the ring to the door, much easier than a card, yes?"

"Much, and not much chance of losing it." Anna commented.

"You have a lockable wardrobe using the same ring, drinks cabinet, private tub, and extra bed outside."

"This is more than I expected." I commented, tossing my shirt on the bed.

Kim opened the glass doors onto the balcony. "We have upgraded you. Look at the view. Everything in the hotel is included. The beach is rocky, you can swim from the left of the pier, the boats use the right. You can order the hotel boat if you wish to go down the coast, or hire a car. The beach is public, but not many come here. If you want to play with non-residents, use the room on the beach."

Anna joined us naked. "It's lovely."

"Are you both playing safe?" Kim asked.

"Except with half a dozen special friends." Anna confirmed.

"Are we still special Tony?"

"You are if Anna says so?" I defaulted to Anna.

"I trust your judgment." Anna answered. 

"You are still special."

"Good." Kim stepped closer to Anna. "Do you see the barman?"

"Yes." Anna answered with interest.

"His name is Leboo, he and his wife are the only ones we play bareback with. Namelok will enjoy Tony in her, but you must try Leboo, he is so long he always hits the spot, a one shot wonder, but he always gets me off."

"Really?" Anna questioned leaning into Kim and adding. "Tony always gets me off." Looking over at me.

"I know, but you should still fuck Leboo." Kim continued as she placed an arm around Anna.

I watched Leboo busy at the bar. His black skin glistened in the sun. He was taller than me.

"If his cock is that long Annaโ€ฆ" I let the thought hang.

"...I should fuck him." Anna finished.

"Would you like to meet them tonight?" Kim asked.

"Why not?" Anna wondered.

"Here or our place?" Kim asked.

"Here." Anna decided.

"Just the six of us." Kim confirmed.

"Six?" Anna asked.

"Us five and Joy." 

"Kim and Joy are Bi." I reminded Anna.

"So is Namelok." Kim informed us. "One last thing, Dolphin is your maid. Would you like her to knock before she enters, or would you like to her to catch you fucking?"

"She can cum in whenever she wants." Anna replied placing enficence on cum.

"Staff are not required to play in any way, but it is not forbidden or unknown."

We unpacked and went down to dinner.

"The red plates are meat, light blue chicken,  dark blue fish, white milk products, yellow eggs and green from the garden. Did I get it right chief?" Joy asked, calling over my shoulder.

I turned and gave Joy a kiss. "Joy this is Anna, Anna meets Joy."

"Tony has told me all about you." Anna informed Joy.

"All good I hope?" Joy replied.

Anna looked around as she selected her dinner. "Tony says you are very good."

"Thank you Tony."

"I must let you have dinner, build your strength up."

All tables were set for four, to encourage mingling. Some ladies dressed for dinner, suspenders and bra or short negligee that hid very little but most were as naked as they were all day.

Namelok, Joy, Kim and Leboo arrived together, Leboo with a pair of Champagne bottles 

"Shall I open them?" Leboo asked?

"I'll show you where the glasses are." I offered, allowing my eyes to linger on Namelok.

Namelok is almost as tall as me, she has tightly plaited hair. Her eyes were on Anna.

We drank champagne and chatted. Kim whispered something to Anna, who took a step closer to Leboo. He placed an arm around her. Anna held his cock. 

I kissed Namelok, I'm not used to kissing without bending my head down.

Anna was soon sucking on Leboo's cock. It was long.

Namelok took a few steps to the bed, Kim and Joy took glasses from us. We went down on each other. Then I heard Anna compliment Leboo as he sank his cock into Anna. I turned and started to fuck Namelok, still finding it strange fucking such a tall woman.

Kim and Joy fondled each other and watched the four of us.

"O my god." Anna celebrated as she came. 

I looked across at Anna and Leboo, his cock was limp. Kim went down on Anna who continued to enjoy.

I injected my load into Namelok and looked down at her smiling face, smiling up at me. Leboo took her tit in his hand and said something in a language I could not guess at.

Namelok answered in English. "Tony knows how to fuck."

I pulled my hard cock out and they closed in 69 on each other.

Joy sat on me and sank my cock into herself. "Just as I remember!" Joy commented.

"Wet and hot."

"Hot and hard. Anna is a lucky bitch."

"Less of the bitch." I admonished.

"It's OK hun, I'm a bitch on heat this week." Anna announced pushing Kim's head into her cunt.


"I am! I am!" Anna replied to my accusation.

Joy took her load. "All yours Kim." She was handing me off.

I never had a chance to move, Kim was on me and soon after Joy and Anna were drinking from each other's cunts.

I pulled Kim to me and kissed her, she ground her clit on me. Her lips pressed against my lips. "O'fuck, I love fucking you both."

"You like Anna?"

"I like fucking her."

I came just after Kim. She remained sat on me. 

"Do you have enough to fuck your wife?" Anna asked.

"I always have something for you Anna." 

Kim lifted herself from me. "And I get to lick you from three cunts."

Anna gave me a quick suck, then forced herself on me.

"Lucky bastard, four cunts Tony." Kim commented.

"He's had more." Anna informed.

"I know." Anna replied. "Are you sure you got some for me."

"Keep going and find out."

"You greedy bastard."


Anna pressed her body to mine and kissed me.

Anna worked hard bouncing on my cock. Finally I burst into her. She fell on her back. Kim and Joy smothered Anna with kisses and soon joined by Namelok. I dragged myself to the sofa and watched the mass of female flesh rything on the bed.

Leboo joined me, offered me champagne and sat at the other end.

"Your wife knows how to fuck." He told me.

"They all know how to fuck."

By the time the ladies had finished I was rock hard again. 

Kim kissed Leboo. "Do I get that?" She was holding his cock.

"Tony?" Namelok asked.

I took Namelok on the bed as her husband fucked Kim beside us.

As soon as I grunted my load into Namelok Anna pulled me to her. "You know what I want."

Anna knelt on the bed looking at Leboo eating Namelok. I fucked Anna's ass.

Sunday 22nd

We went to breakfast about 9am. The only meal that had a real time was dinner, the rest kind of blended into one another.

Over the next two weeks we fucked most of the guests and some of the staff, Dolphin caught us four times and joined in three times. Dolphin had short blond hair and a tattoo of a dolphin on her right leg, just above her ankle.

Saturday 4th

"We are going to miss you two. We hope you are coming back." Kim asked.

"We will miss being here, but we have a baby on the way, so it may be some time." Anna observed.

"We may be able to help with that."

"How?" I asked.

"You never saw the old hotel, we are revamping it. We will tell you when we finish our plans." Joy continued.

Joy and Kim were seeing us off at the airport. Anna and I both got kisses from Joy and Kim.

"You want to go back?" I asked.

"You bet I do." Anna confirmed.

Written by Tony

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