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Claire’s laying on this double bed in a flat in Brixton, totally naked with two black men having had there way with her. Claire stands up and asks where the bathroom is, and Jason points her down the hallway, where she disappears. Jason and Sean are talki...

Anon Jane

A shameful secret

The secrets of a wife in need.

I’m not sure if this is classed as swinging but I’m having a bit of excitement that would be considered ‘wrong’ in normal circles and I need to share it with you. I’m a 45-year-old happily married woman. I have two grown up boys. I love my husband very mu...

Antony B

the ultimate cockold

I’m a pathetic cuckhold but I cant’ stop.

Like most people, I’m going to keep my identity a secret and I hope you will understand why. I and my wife are both 23. She is a very attractive red head with very pale skin and quite nice sized and firm breasts. I know men look at her and I know what the...

pretty boy

I've got myself into trouble.

shaggign dads partner is so wrong

Hi everyone. I’m Jack, I’m 23 and I have a lot of success with the ladies because according to my mates I’m a ‘pretty boy’. I don’t get it myself but a guess I’m good looking and because I have long blond hair they call me pretty buy. I’m not going to tel...

Dan and Clair

how we started

Almost railroaded into sex.

Our swinging sex life started when I went into business with another couple who I will refer to as outrageous and demanding in more ways than one. I’m Dan, I’m in my mid 30’s and married to Clair who’s the same age. Clair had always been quiet and reserve...

Nigel and the Mrs

our first swap

Courtesy of the boss

Some time ago, just before the original lockdown my wife and I were invited to a party, a party of four. You see, we had decided to try something outrageous and naughty to spice up our lives. We had decided to swap. In fact, we had made the decision about...

Andrew & Clair

our first time

From boring to fuck fest in seconds.

My girlfriend and I have just had ‘an experience’ which may be the start of a new lifestyle and it was so hot that I want to share it. I’m Andrew, I’m 28, my GF is Clair and she’s 26. Clair is pretty, she’s quite slim with small breasts but the thing is,...

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I don’t regret it

University learning curve

They invited me back because the were up for more fun ........I was game

19 years old , I so wanted to fit in , but I knew nothing about life , I wasn’t a virgin but the messy part of sex freaked me out , then one weekend a group of us a went out “on the lash” , cheap uni pubs and bars , I made the effort and I got noticed , 2...

Annon Dave

me and the girl next door

Wife arranges the time of our lives

I’m 45 and married. My wife is sexy and full of fun and it was her that started this all off. We live next to a couple who have a daughter. I’ll call her Emma. At the time, Emma was turned 18 about two weeks before all our fun started. It was my wife that...


Virgin pussy meets mature cock.

Fornication, copulation and propagation - my virgin threesome!

Hi there I'm Tessa and my experience relates back to when I turned 17. My friend Pamela and I were both virgins at that time. Pam is a slim 5ft 6 brunette, short shoulder-length hair and similar colour pussy pubes. She has smallish breasts. I've long blon...

Tony T

Never too old for good sex

57 and actually asked for sex by a 23 year old

At 57 and 55 respectively my wife and I have just started a new part of our life that is exciting and invigorating. The first part of the story is very long and boring so I’m going to skip a lot of the lead up to it and get the exciting part. My wife is 5...

Andrew T

We were tricked

Boy who came across as gay talks his way into our bed.

My wife and I are in a three-way relationship that I think we were tricked into, let me explain. I’m Andrew, I’m 34 and married to Sandra who is 35. My wife is a very attractive woman with short ginger hair, freckles over most of her body but the best thi...

Helen K 45

the perfect gift

My little secret present from my husband

This isn’t swinging but I want to tell my story anyway. I am a 45 year old married woman, my family has left home and have homes of their own and I had been feeling old. My husband is a wonderful man and constantly tells me that I am a beautiful woman. I...

Anon Steve

Pandora box

Our secret arrangement but so so wrong.

It was my wife who was always the ‘naughty one’ wanting to role play which led me to blindfolding her, tying her up and pretending to be a burglar who find her and enters her. That led to us actually arranging to meet a complete stranger who we met on lin...