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anal sex

My first time part 2

My visit to Terry had turned into something unexpected. By the morning I'd not be in doubt of my sexuality

Part 2 Terry got up and put his dressing gown on to answer the door, my heart now racing at what might be. He turned round, his demeanour changed abruptly, he told me ‘ go clean yourself up , we have a visitor’. This sudden change in Terry was something I...

The mother in law

husband working away she lives in the same house as the M-in-law who takes advantage of the lonely younger woman

"See you in three months." Mark leant over to give her a quick kiss before walking down the path to where the taxi sat waiting. He lifted his hand to her before stashing his bag in the back and getting in the car. Nancy waived until the car was no longer...



I funked her sister

We were settling down on the sofa. "Do you remember what happened after your night out with Carol?" I asked edging sideways towards my admission. "Yes you sucked Jeff. Are you saying you liked it?" "It was OK." I told her. "You said I could have your sist...



Sleeping over

"Are you enjoying making movies?" Lucy asked, as she removed a pot from the oven. "It's a lot of fucking." "Yes, hours, but?" "...but its not the same as…." "...making love?" Lucy completed. "I was going to say fucking for pleasure." "What is your pleasur...


Another swing

I had two men and a woman

We had taken a Hotbed, and been invited to dinner by our hosts. I put on stockings and a matching bra. "Should I wear knickers?" I asked holding up the small black lacey matching knickers." "Are you intending to take them off?" Paul asked. "I am, if no on...

Wife tricks me into breaking the rules

A moment of weakness results in both of us being reminded to Obey

In the days after my wife's little surprise, there was a lot of texts bouncing between her and the jamaican, Making plans for us was her only explanation, adding, he knows what you tried to do so expect the unexpected. That made me feel somewhat uneasy as...

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The casting coach

and bed and shower

My boyfriend was a gambler and had once again lost money playing poker, more money than we had. I had a job filling shelves which I hated and since I was leaving the loser I had nowhere to live. Could anything be worse than creditors knocking on the door...

The next morning

Unexpected early morning pleasure

Part 5 After that unexpected evening ending up as the party cum slut Steven said I could stay in the spare room to recuperate after taking his and his friends cocks. I was told everyone but Mike had left, a sudden slutty thought about the situation crosse...

My first time

My friend takes a chance , one that'll change my life forever

Although this happened a long time ago I'll never forget my first experience so I'll write this as best as I can remember, I hope it invokes memories of your first experiences. This happened unexpectedly when after a night out on the town with my long tim...