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Cuckold Stories


Friday evening whore

He shows me what a total whore she can be.

I found this guy on SH that you liked the look of, We invited him round for drinks on a Friday evening, It was a little awkward at first, But we had a bit to drink then sat down to watch a movie on the sofa with you in the middle, I couldn’t wait for thin...

Wife seduces new neighbour

New neighbour takes more than an interest in my wufe

We noticed a new neighbour had moved in a few doors down, a single woman by all accounts, a newly divorcee in her mid 30s quite tall and leggy ,shoulder length dark hair, basically kept herself to herself. We had noticed a few times she would be ' casuall...

Karen gets used and I get a show

My mare Karen enjoys a good servicing from a young stud

Fella’s if you’ve not had the joy of seeing your wife being fucked by another man yet, you need to get onboard! There’s nothing quite like seeing your Mrs face as she takes a nice big cock. I’m pretty average and although can put a smile on her face on th...

Email from a cuck couple about our meeting last month I thought I would share

last thing to tick off our list was cuckolding or in simpler terms, letting another man fuck my wife.

WE HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO DO IT My wife and I in our 50`s had done most things at this point in our relationship, we had fulfilled most of our fantasies and the last thing to tick off our list was cuckolding or in simpler terms, letting another man fuck my...

Trucker gets his pleasure

A look turns into a touch

My wife and I have been involved with other people in our sex lives for over 15 years. We started meeting couples but discovered that we both enjoyed it more if she met men on her own as I discovered that I actually had strong feelings of being cuckold. S...

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Finding Me a new slut

The early days of the sluttiest friend I ever had

This will probably have to be a two-parter if people want to hear it all. This relationship started fun but became stressful in a strange way. If you have read my other accounts with Maria (silver medal nurse), you will have heard how a long-term fun fuck...

The party

Wife finally reveals just how far she'd go to humiliate me to satisfy her cravings

Part 5 My final act of humiliation, or so I thought, was only hours away and one that we both would remember for a very long time. We finally arrived at peters county house, the drive packed with expensive cars with people milling around the grounds, we w...