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Cuckold Stories


Girlfriends wild night out

A cuckold tale about sharing my girlfriend

This is a story about a surprising turn of events with my girlfriend. Pip and I met on a night out, some 5 years ago now. We are living to together and have a healthy sex life, nothing to adventurous but fun all the same. We still enjoy nights out togethe...

Martín calls part three

Meeting Martin part three

Please read parts ons and two first. As I bent over the bottom of the bed , Martin told my husband to strip and show him his little white cock and why I needed Martin’s black cock . Martin then told My husband to take his black cock and guide it between m...

Wife finally realises her ' Real' sexual desires

Several months of abstinence from the swinging scene revealed just how frustrated my wife was.

It had been several months since we, as a couple, had met anyone to satisfy my wife's ‘ cravings’ for sex and my humiliation having to watch her have it, we had the odd fumble together but other than that nothing. I thought our adventures together were ov...

A suprisingly enjoyable Eurovision Night

Discovering the pleasure of a big one after enjoying her big toys

After a girls night catch up Alexa returned home and plonked her self on the couch next to me, ready to spill the gossip of all the shenanigans that had been ongoing in and around her friends lives. Some interesting, some mundane and then the last bit whi...

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Valentines Party

Expectations of Valentine’s 2024. My wife and I are booked to go to a swingers event in central London on 14 February 2024. This is the build up and my expectations of the evening. Enjoy.

My wife, decided that we would go to a swingers ball on Valentine’s Evening. In preparation for the event we organised lingerie for her. Push up bra, stockings and suspender belt. No knickers. She had lost so many pairs from previous full swaps I stopped...

Cuckold with a difference

A surprise look up on our profile leads to wife being dominated with a difference

After our last session with the Americans who literally fucked and stretched the pair of us to the limit, my wife more so, those guys knew exactly what they were doing!, whilst reading some of the comments on Carl's profile, we weren't their only conquest...


Our second full swap

Wife gets more adventurous and takes things to the next level

My wife secretly organised a couple for us to meet. A bisexual lady and her husband - a tall blonde and athletic man. I tell the story from my perspective. You and I met for dinner at a restaurant bar in London and I thought it was a regular date night. O...

Hot hotel Threesome

Hot sexy fantasy about a threesome/cuckold with my wife and a random guy

We were spending a night at a hotel, it was late, after a night of dinner and dancing we were back in the room ready for some naughty sex. Sarah was on the bed, naked, blindfolded with her hands tied, we had Barry White playing a bit loudly but I still he...